Everyone likes to live somewhere nice and make sure that there is a pleasant atmosphere. Your bathroom should be no exception to this rule; it should be clean, comfortable, and well maintained. The problem is, bathrooms can get full of steam very easily; all it takes is for your hot water tank to break or spring a leak, then the room fills up with foggy mist in minutes!

Why you should get an extractor fan for you bathroom, Zazzy Home

Why You Need An Extractor Fan For Your Bathroom

To combat this issue, you need an extractor fan for your bathroom. These clever devices use natural suction (and sometimes even powered ventilation) to suck out hot air from your bathroom as soon as possible, so it doesn’t have time to turn into dangerous steam. They also help air circulate, so your bathroom doesn’t get stuffy and unpleasant.

What Are The Benefits Of Having An Extractor Fan?

Extractor fans have a number of benefits, from simply keeping the air in your bathroom from becoming too moist to actually stopping mold growth or mildew from forming through condensation or leftover moisture. In addition, they help keep odors out of the room, allowing you to rest easy knowing that anything nasty smells will be pushed outside as quickly as possible instead of being left festering inside where it can cause distress.

This is a particularly important point if you live with others who aren’t aware of these types of issues but need their bathrooms ventilated, too! Nobody wants to find themselves greeted by wafts of stale urine every time they walk into the bathroom!

Extractor fans have a particular benefit for those with breathing conditions or respiratory difficulties, as they can reduce your exposure to irritants and allergens in the air. In addition, they help fight against mold growth and mildew, so you can be sure that all surfaces are kept clean at all times without needing to worry about an infestation (both of which could cause additional problems).

What Types Of Extractor Fan Are Available?

You may think that an extractor fan is an extractor fan; why would one model work better than another? Well, there are actually some significant differences between models – for instance, while most standard units will use an electric motor to power the suction process (and thus can be plugged into a regular power socket to operate), you may want to consider an extractor fan that uses the suction effect for ventilation; these won’t need any electrical assistance, making them perfect for non-electrical bathrooms.

Why you should get an extractor fan for you bathroom, Zazzy Home

What Size of Extractor Fan Do I Need?

This totally depends upon the size of your bathroom; a large, spacious room will require a greater suction power to keep it free from humidity and odors than a smaller bathroom. In addition to size, you’ll also need to take into account the number of people using the bathroom regularly – if it’s one or two individuals, you can probably get away with having a basic fan system that only moves enough air around to remove any moisture and unpleasant smells. However, suppose there are more people regularly using the facility. In that case, you’re going to need something a little bit more powerful – as such, don’t be afraid to invest in an extractor fan that is slightly more expensive but has a greater capacity.

For those who want to take things into their own hands and install an extractor fan unit themselves, it’s important that you:

  • Choose the right size of fan for your bathroom.
  • Ensure that your chosen model has the correct voltage for your preferred installation method (some require mains power).
  • Know whether you need to drill holes in any part of the bathroom as such, as well as if there will be any issues with ventilation or water ingress.

How Can I Achieve The Best Extractor Fan Ventilation?

Once you’ve decided on the size and type of extractor fan which is best suited to your needs, it’s time to consider where you place it within the room – remember that a powerful suction effect won’t be achieved if the air has nowhere to go; as such, it’s important to make sure that your fan is vented through a window or through a hole in the wall (which can then be covered by an exterior vent).

When using mains electricity within your bathroom installation, you’ll need to consider how you’re going to power your extractor unit. While there are plenty of models out there which will connect directly into a standard electrical outlet (and use that as their primary source of ventilation), an increasing number of modern units have been designed with built-in fans and lighting systems – not only does this help create a more aesthetically pleasing finish but it also means that there is less chance of water spilling onto any non-waterproof electrical components.

If you want to make sure that your bathroom is kept in top shape, it’s vital that you invest in an extractor fan. At the same time, everyone knows what a fan does for their home during the summer months. They’re also incredibly useful in winter – when heaters are pumping out hot air and moisture into the room. So rather than suffer from damp walls and windows, keep them well ventilated by installing a modern extractor system; not only will this help improve airflow, but it’ll also mean that there is less humidity and negative smells within the area.

Why you should get an extractor fan for you bathroom, Zazzy Home

So remember:

  • Choose the right size of extractor fan for your bathroom.
  • Ensure the correct voltage so as not to overload any electrical sockets.
  • Drill holes if necessary and place ventilation in the correct places (and leave them uncovered), and invest in an extractor system that has practical lighting to boot.

There are other considerations too. For example, how big is your bathroom? Do you have enough space for one of the larger models? What’s involved in installing it? What type of roof do you need it mounted on (flat or sloping)? Does it suit your budget needs? Will it look out of place in your home? These are all questions that should be answered before making any purchase.

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