Why you NEED to get yourself a salt lamp – I’m sharing one of my best kept secrets!

Salt lamps are one of the most popular home accessories these days. They are also really affordable, starting at around $15-20 for a small light. But is this item worth it? What’s the benefit of using a salt lamp? And what’s with the leaking? Let’s take a closer look!

Why you NEED to get yourself a salt lamp – I’m sharing one of my best kept secrets!, Zazzy HomeWhat is a Salt Lamp, and why should you have one in your home: A salt lamp typically consists of an electric light bulb inside some container made from clay or other material, which has been dipped into water to dissolve rock salt. The dissolved salt creates ions that can purify the air by pulling smoke or pet dander out from it. Of course, this process can be sped up by heat – but don’t worry – the bulbs are only about 40 watts which is a very safe amount of heat to release!

When you’re looking for a salt lamp, make sure that it’s made from quality materials. I would stay away from the ones made in China or Pakistan as these tend to be low quality and can even be dangerous due to toxicity. If possible, look for one smaller than 8″ high (such as below) so that any leakage wouldn’t create too much of a mess if anything went wrong with your lamp.

Long-term benefits of using a salt lamp include improved sleep and reduced inflammation. They also help reduce allergens like pet hair and dust mites, making them ideal for people.

Why you NEED to get yourself a salt lamp – I’m sharing one of my best kept secrets!, Zazzy Home

What is a salt lamp, and why should you have one in your home

A salt lamp is an inexpensive, low-maintenance light capable of lowering the levels of airborne pollutants from things like smoke and dust in your home. By simply plugging a salt lamp into an outlet, you can slash those levels by as much as 90%!

Salt lamps are also perfect for people living with asthma because they can lower the amount of dust and pollen in your home, which releases into the air when you breathe. The benefits don’t stop there, though, either. Salt lamps help with allergies; they have been known to help with depression and mood swings too! And if you want to add a little something extra, add some eucalyptus oil to your lamp to help you fight off sickness!

Even better, though, is that these lamps have a beautiful, calming effect on the mood. This is because salt lamps are made of Himalayan salt – which has been used for thousands of years to treat many health issues and diseases.

I’ll admit that having one didn’t do it for me at first, but after months of using mine, I’ve seen a real difference in my ability to sleep at night, and I think it helps reduce stress too!

The small ones I have seen in stores can go for as little as $15-20 (USD). They come in tons of different colors too. The thing is, though, many people have complained online about the lamp leaking and leaving a mess all over their homes. Some even say that the light bulb inside actually burned out when using incandescent light bulbs. So what am I doing wrong!? You may ask.

I’ll admit – when I first read these complaints, my heart sunk, and I started to think maybe it was just one bad batch or something, but then there were more and more reports of this happening over time. It turns out that these problems are happening to a lot of people and what’s even worse than that is the Salt lamp companies are refusing to take responsibility for their faulty lamps.

What you need to know about your salt lamp leaking

It turns out that it isn’t a matter of these items being of poor quality. As I mentioned before, Himalayan salt has been used for thousands of years to cure many illnesses and medical conditions, but it has also been used as a dehumidifier. So much so that those little bricks they sell at grocery stores are actually made from 100% pure Himalayan salt!

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy one, though, because these problems do happen – especially if you purchase cheap knockoffs or ones from unauthorized sellers online. Here’s a list of things to ask yourself before you buy:

– Is your lamp made from 100% pure Himalayan salt? – If so, it should be able to control humidity by removing the moisture in the air and killing bacteria, and boosting your mood!

– Did you get the right size for your space? Too small, and it will take much longer to make a difference. Too large, though, and there is no point. Too large can lead to problems like we have seen above. The best sizes are between 1lb (454g) or 2lb (908g). Anything larger than that is just too big!

Why you NEED to get yourself a salt lamp – I’m sharing one of my best kept secrets!, Zazzy Home

– Has it been verified by an authorized seller? Just because something looks good online does not mean it is genuine. There are tons of knockoffs out there that won’t work correctly or will leak!

– Is the incandescent bulb that comes with your lamp safe? Incandescent bulbs can get very hot – primarily when used with a salt lamp. They also use more electricity than LED lights, and they degrade faster too! I’ve heard countless tales of these damaging Lamps over time because people have bought cheap ones online. So if you want to keep yours working at top performance, make sure that it comes with a LED bulb!

So what should you do if you already have one? Well, luckily, changing the light bulb in your lamp may be all you need to do to prevent any leaks – but don’t a cheap incandescent bulb!

You should also check if your lamp is too large for where you are putting it. Since these lamps attract moisture, they can sometimes create condensation (when water vapor in the air cools back down to a liquid). When this happens, the water will drip onto whatever surface it comes into contact with. If your salt lamp has condensation outside of the crystal – then chances are, it’s simply too big for its current location and will need to be moved somewhere else.

This makes sense then that some people have complained about their salt lamp leaking all over everything because they didn’t even realize there was anything wrong with how they stored or set up theirs! You would be surprised, though, how many people have had to go through the expense of buying a new lamp – because they didn’t think to take note of all of these things.

How do salt lamps work?

Salt lamps are a form of halogen lamp. So how do halogen lamps work? Halogen lamps, such as incandescent and fluorescent lights, generate light by passing an electric current through high-pressure gas. However, salt lamps don’t look like any other halogen lamp!

Salt lamps come in different shapes and colors. You can find them shaped as animals or as more traditional-looking crystal lamps. They are made out of natural salt crystals from the Himalayan mountains (hence their name – “Salt Lamp”). It’s completely safe to touch the lamp itself because it cannot be broken apart technically or chemically (it’s still salt). Some people even use these lamps to decorate their tables. They’re very versatile because you can use them for many different purposes.

When looking for a salt lamp, make sure it’s made from quality materials.

When looking for a salt lamp, make sure it’s made from quality materials. Some shops sell fake lamps that are made out of salt-less material or plastic. You can tell the difference between authentic and counterfeit lamps by reading the product labels and checking if the company is selling a genuine Himalayan salt (Himalayan salt is the best option because it’s produced in the purest conditions). Also, avoid imports coming from China – they’re cheaper but often low-quality fakes.

If you need any help selecting a genuine lamp, make sure to contact the seller and ask questions regarding your concerns. The best way to buy high-quality lights is by buying from an authorized seller of Himalayan salt (check with the dealer if they are legit). This will ensure that it’s 100% authentic – something that would benefit you in getting a functional and safe product for yourself!

What’s so special about these lamps?

Overall, there’s no denying their popularity nor any valid reasons not to own one! They’re relatively cheap decorative items with tons of health benefits (+ they look cool too!). So what’s not to like when it comes to purchasing a Himalayan salt lamp? But don’t just take my word for it – you’ll be surprised at how many people are raving about these little accessories. Here’s an example of one testimonial on a salt lamp from Amazon:

These lamps were purchased as a gift. They come nicely packaged, and the light is super white and bright. We have a mixture of natural wood flooring and carpeted areas that this will go in, but the nice thing about these lamps is that they can be used virtually anywhere. It emits no odor. The only negative that would keep me from giving five stars is the “neck” area where the cord enters might benefit from more reinforcement.

Another reviewer also mentioned:

I love my new Himalayan Salt Lamp! It came earlier than I expected; it’s nicely shaped and has a nice weight to it. In addition, the light is not too bright, which I prefer for nighttime use.

A salt lamp doesn’t just add aesthetic appeal to your home but offers so many benefits to people’s health, mood, mindset, and well-being as well. And that makes them worth buying and using!


Why you NEED to get yourself a salt lamp – I’m sharing one of my best kept secrets!, Zazzy Home

What are the long-term benefits of using a salt lamp?

The benefits of using a salt lamp are numerous and wide-ranging. Here are some of the long term benefits that you may experience regularly:

– Salt lamps produce negative ions, which reduce the number of allergens in your air

– The warm glow promotes feelings of calmness and relaxation

– They work as good feng shui too! Placing the salt lamp in the front door can help alleviate financial or legal problems.

– They are an effective way to eliminate strong odors from your home. Particularly helpful for those with allergies to animal dander, smoke, or cooking odors

– Place one in your bathroom and see how it reduces nosebleeds, headaches, and the spread of germs.

– The salt lamp also helps to purify the water in your fish tank by absorbing excess nitrates

– And if you have pets, placing a rock near them can reduce their coughing!

These are just some of the benefits that you might experience immediately after getting yourself a salt lamp. There are also many long-term benefits that you might even realize later on.

– Using a salt lamp makes your house look classy and expensive!

– It can reduce the risk of asthma attacks in children because of its anti-allergen properties

– And if you’re an athlete, using a salt lamp may mean fewer injuries since it improves the body’s hydration level and reduces inflammation. Have you ever wondered how they achieve this? Well, by improving blood circulation! Here’s how: The negative ions increase the likelihood of moisture being retained in the mucous membranes so that more oxygen around our body.

This reduces water loss through perspiration which results in better-hydrated muscles and tissues – hence lower chances of injury.


In summary, salt lamps are trendy home accessories that can be a great addition to your decor and life. They’re affordable, they look good in any room of the house, and there’s even evidence that they help improve mental health by balancing out our air quality.

However, it is essential to note that these benefits do not come without some drawbacks or risks- namely, leaking from the lamp, which may lead to electrical fires and high sodium levels for those with asthma.

For this reason, we recommend you use a humidifier instead if you have asthma or have small children around who might accidentally knock over the lamp! Thanks for reading! Comment below on whether you think salt lamps are worth it?


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