Many people have hot bedrooms, especially in the summer months. This can be annoying and uncomfortable to sleep in hot rooms all night long. It also increases your electric bill because you’re running your AC more often than necessary. There are a few reasons why this might happen- let’s take a look at some of them!

Why is my bedroom hotter than the rest of the house?, Zazzy Home

– Insulation: your hot bedroom might be hotter than the rest of the house because it isn’t insulated well enough. This means that there’s more heat loss from uninsulated rooms, which makes for a hot room. Some insulation is necessary to keep this problem at bay!

– Shading and ventilation: if you have windows in your bedroom without shades or curtains, they can contribute to higher temperatures inside during the summer months. In addition, lack of ventilation also contributes to high indoor air quality (IAP). The best way to solve these problems is by installing window treatments such as roller blinds or shutters with louvres in them so that natural light but not hot sunlight enters into the room and block out direct sunlight coming through open windows.

– Ventilation: the hot air in your bedroom is often caused by a lack of ventilation. One way to solve this problem would be by opening one window for at least 15 minutes each day, which will allow hot air from inside to escape and cool outside air come indoors.

– Air conditioning: another way to fight hot bedrooms might be with an AC unit or through installing overhead fans into unused rooms that can help keep your house cooler overall. This should work well if you live in a hot area that gets warmer than 100 degrees Fahrenheit!

Too much sunlight can be a bad thing.

Exposure to sunlight can cause a hot bedroom, and that’s because of the radiant heat. When the sun shines on objects in your room like furniture or curtains, it becomes hot. And as we all know with hot air rises, this causes hot pockets of air to rise in your room while cooler air flows into them from other parts of the house. The hotter pockets are then warmed by contact with people and their furnishings, which continues convection heating. This makes for an uncomfortable feeling when you step out of bed each morning!

Why is my bedroom hotter than the rest of the house?, Zazzy Home

Is your AC unit up to the job?

Various reasons can cause a hot bedroom, but an AC system is not big enough to keep the entire house cool. This problem most often occurs in homes with central air conditioning systems–a common type for older or prefabricated houses–in which cold air from outside blows into ducts running through all rooms before it gets pushed out at the vents you see on walls and ceilings throughout your home. Newer condos and single-family residences usually have room-by-room units instead.

If this seems like your issue, there are two possible solutions: Replacing the old central system with newer ones that can cover more ground (and hopefully provide better cooling) or adding individual wall units around hot spots such as hot bedrooms.

The first solution is more economical if the ducts are in good shape, but it takes a lot of upfront planning to figure out how big and where you want the new system installed–and then there’s the expense of having someone do all that work for you. On the other hand, the individual units may be cheaper upfront (though not cheap), and adding them requires some electrical wiring skills. But either way, this will likely require professional installation, which can cost anywhere from $500-$1500 or more depending on what your needs are and whether any permits need to be pulled or walls taken down before new ones go up again. Plan accordingly!

Check your air vents.

If your hot bedroom is not a problem with the heating system, then it could be that your air vents are closed or obstructed. Airflow is key to being comfortable in any room; if you close off one vent and open another, there should be an immediate difference in how hot it feels. If this doesn’t work, you might have to look up some DIY videos for help.

Why is my bedroom hotter than the rest of the house?, Zazzy Home

When did you last change your AC filters?

The hot bedroom is a common problem in the United States. It’s not that your home isn’t keeping up with air conditioning demands – it just maybe that you need to change out your dirty filters more often! Dirty, clogged HVAC coils and blowers can lead to hot bedrooms. Cleaning or replacing these components should help bring down the temperature of your hot bedroom, so you are able-rest easy at night knowing you’re sleeping soundly in a cool environment!

How do you know if your AC filters need to be replaced? Hint: It’s not just about the period in which they were changed, but how they are being used. Filters can last anywhere from a week to three months, depending on how much air is being blown out of them and what type of filter it is. For example, dusty or pollen-laden filters will need more frequent changes than heavier ones that don’t come into contact with contaminants as quickly.

You may also want to consider adding an extra filter for particularly dusty areas such as next to the kitchen – where all those pet hair tumbleweeds end up! Nowadays, many manufacturers have created cooling booster fans for these “hot zones” specifically, so homeowners don’t run their actual AC unit full blast all the time.

In Summary: Hot bedrooms come from many different sources – poor design being one of them. But if you see high temperatures in just one room, don’t worry too much as long as you’re following the tips we’ve outlined and there isn’t something more going on. But if your entire home is feeling too hot, it’s time to get in touch with a professional HVAC expert who can help determine what type of heat load calculations are necessary for your unique situation. Then, tell us in the comments section below how you keep your bedroom cool in the summer and enjoy a good night’s sleep.


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