As of late, more and more people are thinking about their bathroom mirrors. Specifically, they’re thinking about the lighting above them. Most standard mirrors come with a surface-mounted light located directly behind the mirror. These types of lights have been used for decades because they keep costs down and can be easily made to fit any shape or size of the mirror base.

Newer styles for many bathroom fixtures include making use of recessed or surface-mounted LED strips as a source of light that doesn’t take away from the appearance of the room itself.

Why haven’t you got a bathroom mirror with lights yet?, Zazzy Home

There is already plenty of light from other fixtures in bathrooms, including scones over the sink, ceiling mounts near the shower/tub area, etc. In these cases, it’s important to put as little additional light as possible on your face, as it can cause shadows to form around your eyes and mouth.

In the past, fixtures would cast light from both above as well as below onto a mirror. In order to avoid reflection from below, one would need to hang the fixture at least 6 inches about the surface of the mirror in order for this not to be an issue. Adding additional recessed lighting above (again 6-8 inches away) only makes matters worse by creating more shadows across your face when shaving or applying makeup.
Modern LED source lamps are available that use single strips of LEDs attached to keyholes on the side of cabinet frames above the mirror. This allows you to aim lights exactly where you want them without any of them shining directly into your eyes or across the mirror.

Why haven’t you got a bathroom mirror with lights yet?, Zazzy Home

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