If you wake up every morning to a bedroom that smells musty, then it’s time for some detective work. There are many sources of musty bedroom odors, but the most common is mold. Unfortunately, mold can be found anywhere in your bedroom, and if you don’t know how to fix the problem, you could end up with breathing difficulties or allergic reactions!

This blog post will walk you through what causes bedroom smell and how to make your bedroom smell fresh again!

Why does bedroom smell musty, Zazzy Home

Why does my bedroom smell after sleeping?

When you sleep, your body releases moisture in the form of sweat. As a result, you may find that you wake up in the morning smelling a little funky! In addition, if there is a buildup of that sweat on or near your bed linens, it can lead to an unpleasant smell (especially if you are sensitive to smells).

The best way to avoid that problem is to make sure you change your bed linens every day. It would help if you also kept a clean towel near the headboard of your bed, so it’s easy for you or someone else in your household to wipe down any sweat on and around the mattress.

If you are an incredibly sweaty sleeper, it may be a good idea to invest in specialty bed linens that come with sweat-proofing technology. That way, the moisture is absorbed before it can even reach your mattress and clothes!

Some people also find relief from using dehumidifiers or air purifiers for their bedroom; these simple products help reduce the amount of humidity in your home by pulling out excess moisture from the air.

What causes a musty smell in a room?

There are many different causes of a musty smell in the bedroom. The most common is moisture buildup which can happen for various reasons, including mold and mildew growth.

“If you have identified the bedroom area as being the source of the smell but don’t know where it is coming from, then try eliminating some possible problems such as: -Cleaning your room regularly to remove dust particles that could be causing an odor. -Hiring an expert for help with moisture removal (plumbing leakages).”

Why does bedroom smell musty, Zazzy Home

Check out your bedroom’s ventilation system by opening the bedroom window for a few hours. If you have any items such as old clothing or furniture that may be adding to odor in the bedroom, then place them outside of the bedroom.”

The most important thing about dealing with musty smells is to be proactive about the problem. If you are unsure where it is coming from, then hiring a professional to investigate may be your best bet.

Does a musty smell always mean mold?

Mold is a common cause of the musty smell in your home. However, if you have mold, it is not always bad. In some cases, the mold has a low odor threshold, which means you may not notice it. The smell that you might be seeing is MVOCs or Mold Volatile Organic Compounds. This is when mold releases chemicals that can make your house smell bad but are not dangerous at this stage. Mold can be easily taken care of by doing something simple like leaving windows open to air out your home and wetting down surfaces with water and bleach if needed!

Why does bedroom smell musty, Zazzy Home

A bedroom is often the most humid, damp room in your house because it’s often closed off with no airflow. This means that there may be an accumulation of moisture – and if you live in a high humidity area, this can lead to problems like mildew or even mold growing on surfaces inside your bedroom due to a lack of air circulation¹. So what does this have to do with mustiness? Well, many materials used for bedding (like cotton) are absorbent and will soak up some water from the surrounding atmosphere. When they dry out again, these fibers release odors that might come across as stale or musty smell.

Musty smells are usually associated with a strong, stable, and often moldy smell. You may notice it if you are in a new home or if your home has been closed for a while. If you notice the smell suddenly appearing, then it is probably from decay.

Mold and musty smells can be from many things. It can happen because your home is damp or because there isn’t enough air. Mold and mildew gases make a bad smell. Mold grows when there is water or moisture, but they grow really fast in the right conditions.

If you notice that there is a musty smell, find out where it is coming from. Check the pipes, appliances, bathrooms, or kitchens. If the smell seems to come from one area, like under the sink, then it is easy to fix; just clean the area with warm water and some bleach. Or, if you have some to hand, some lemon juice. The mixture will act as a degreaser for anything other than grime buildup on surfaces where there might be a bad odor coming from. Just pour half a cup of each into an empty spray bottle and shake well together until combined! Then just spray it all over the surface of where there is mold.

Why does bedroom smell musty, Zazzy Home

Are Musty Smells Dangerous?

Mold can make your home smell bad. This is because mold needs a surface to land on, and it needs moisture, air, and warmth to grow. It can be dangerous for some people, like those with weakened immune systems or who have asthma.

Mold spores make up the musty smell, and they can cause a lot of problems in your home. Mold is really dangerous because it harms people’s health by causing respiratory infections or triggering asthma attacks. So it makes sense that you would want to get rid of any mold as soon as possible before it causes more harm than good!

The most important thing about dealing with musty smells is to be proactive about the problem. If you are not sure where it is coming from, then hiring a professional to investigate may be your best bet.


Interior designer and home improvement blogger, Abby has over 20 years of experience in the field. After working as a designer in New York City, she moved to the suburbs and began blogging about her design projects and tips. Abby's work has been featured in magazines and online, and she is always looking for new ways to make her home look beautiful and inviting. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, and hiking.

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