Why choose a concrete bathroom vanity? Concrete and stone countertops and vanities are becoming the go-to choice for luxury bathrooms, similar to how quartz was once seen as an exotic material.

We’ve seen some great examples of how you can use concrete in your home recently, like with these pendant lights or this coffee table. You might ask what makes them such a popular alternative bathroom vanity material. If you’re thinking about updating your master bathroom or powder room, consider adding a touch of trendy concrete countertop into the mix.

Why choose a concrete bathroom vanity?, Zazzy Home


What is it that makes this material so appealing?

Read more on why choosing a concrete bathroom vanity is a good idea!

Concrete Bathroom Vanity Advantage 1: Durability

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a concrete bathroom vanity is its durability. Concrete can be used in more than just countertops and vanities. It’s actually the material of choice for many kitchens and bathrooms (and even some living spaces) because it can stand up to water, mold, stains, and other damaging elements that would ruin most other materials on the market today. As an added bonus, concrete also insulates your home, lowering your energy bills during those hot summer months and chilly winter nights.

Concrete Bathroom Vanity Advantage 2: Versatility

When you think of concrete countertops or vanities, chances are you imagine a blank slate – perfect for any design style. Modern Glam, Industrial Chic, Farmhouse Luxe … whatever style defines your tastes, concrete can seamlessly blend into your bathroom and complete your overall vision.

Concrete Bathroom Vanity Advantage 3: It’s Functional

With the industry of prefabricated cabinets on the rise, you’re no longer limited to a simple rectangle with few options for customization. Modern prefab cabinets like those by Project 62 allow homeowners to customize their new vanities – outside of size and shape – with many different materials, including wood, quartz, and even concrete.

Why choose a concrete bathroom vanity?, Zazzy Home

Concrete Bathroom Vanity Disadvantage 1: Price

One of the biggest setbacks of opting for a concrete bathroom countertop is its high price tag. With new cabinet manufacturers producing beautiful prefab vanities starting around $500 (with quartz tops averaging about $300), a concrete countertop can cost upwards of $5,000.

Concrete Bathroom Vanity Disadvantage 2: DIY Installation

Because many prefab vanities are manufactured in pieces and must be assembled by the homeowner, it’s common to see the “concrete countertop” disclaimer for this reason.

If you’re not up for investing that much into your new vanity but still want to create an eclectic bathroom with that high-end look, consider looking into concrete tiles instead. With prices starting around $8 per tile (for 1×1 tiles) and installation easily done yourself over drywall using construction adhesive, you’ll still get all of the benefits of a concrete vanity without breaking your budget!

Concrete Bathroom Vanity Disadvantage 3: Appearance

If you’re looking for a solid surface that’s easy to clean, ceramic tile is probably your best bet. Concrete countertops are porous and may show stains (especially when used in bathrooms). Because of this, concrete can require special sealing or polish for upkeep down the road.

Why choose a concrete bathroom vanity?, Zazzy Home

As you can see, there are many advantages and disadvantages to choosing a concrete bathroom vanity.

Check out our picks below if you want some great ideas to get you started.

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