The bedroom is a place of sanctuary, relaxation, and an opportunity to unwind after the stresses of the day. Your bedroom should be somewhere you are truly happy to wind down in with your partner or alone. This makes it really important that you invest time, money, and love into creating your dream haven. To make sure your room reflects who you are as a person, it’s essential you furnish your sanctuary with all the pieces that uniquely represent you.

A bedroom without a bed is just unthinkable! A good night’s sleep is key for feeling refreshed in the morning for whatever life throws at us. That’s why it’s vital that when searching for ways to bring some unique character into your bedroom that an iron bed – whether wrought or cast – becomes one of the bedroom essentials.

Why a wrought iron bed is a bedroom essential, Zazzy Home

The main reason these items are so popular is because of their versatility. Whether cast iron or wrought iron, they are incredibly sturdy and stable, which makes them particularly useful for children’s rooms.

Unlike wooden beds that can be damaged by careless individuals, wrought or cast metal menageries provide a little more reassurance when you’re placing your children into bed at night with the knowledge that they will remain in the position you placed them in! Additionally, suppose your child wakes in the night with an overwhelming sense of restlessness. In that case, they’ll find it less fiddly to climb out of when sleeping on a metal frame – this ensures there is less chance of potential injuries when getting out of bed suddenly when frightened or anxious (which remember is also something cast iron beds are great at combating).

Other benefits of choosing an iron bed include the fact that they are incredibly easy to clean, making them far more hygienic than wooden beds. Wood is notorious for collecting dust and hairs that can be unsightly and rather difficult to shift. This means you’re also able to keep your bedroom smelling fresher for longer by just giving the frame a quick wipe over every day; this is another huge advantage as most people will agree that there’s nothing worse than trying to settle down with an obtrusive smell floating around the room!

Wrought iron beds are always composed of solid metal, which means they can really stand the test of time withstanding rust or scratches. Because their structure is so solid, this makes them incredibly popular for older people who may need something stronger than traditional wooden beds – especially if you’re looking at having guests over that could struggle with climbing into an unassisted bed!

The most important part of any bedroom is the bed, not only because it is an integral piece of furniture that lets you relax, but also because it can really bring out your personality. Wrought iron beds are incredibly versatile and stylish pieces that, despite their simplicity, will really transform your existing bedroom décor.

Why a wrought iron bed is a bedroom essential, Zazzy Home

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