Most people have a favorite bottle of wine that they drink every once in a while. Or perhaps you’re friends with someone who owns a vineyard and gives you the best home-grown grapes to make your own special blend during the holiday season or summer barbecue.

Either way, having your very own special bottle of wine is always nice. But let’s not forget how necessary it is to have somewhere to store all these bottles! Here are three reasons why having an awesome wooden wine rack is essential for any kitchen…

Why a wine rack is a kitchen essential, Zazzy Home

1) Storing Your Wine Perfectly

There are many types of fancy racks that you could put up on your walls around the house, but seriously – what if you move? Plus, there’s something about having this beautiful piece of furniture that fits into the décor of your kitchen instead of looking like an awkwardly placed home accent. Wine racks don’t just have to be for wine bottles, either. Why not store your special collection of scotch and tequila in a liquor rack too?

2) Integrating Décor and Utility

If you really want to make yourself proud when showing off your wine collection, having an awesome wooden wine rack is definitely the way to go. A wooden wine rack can add such a touch of class and beauty to any room while also providing necessary storage space. It’s like they were made for each other! Also, what about when people come over? You’ll totally impress all your friends by showing them how much effort you went to when storing your wine collection.

3) Convenient and Accessible Storage

Let’s face it; sometimes, we don’t finish a whole bottle of wine before the next time we decide to drink it. This is where having an awesome wooden wine rack comes in handy: you can store the bottles horizontally instead of vertically, allowing for more space and easier access to all those bottles! Also, vertical storage wastes space by leaving empty air pockets between each row; horizontal storage doesn’t do this because you can line up three or four bottles against each other on one side without wasting any room. Plus, it looks classy as heck! 😀

Now that you have a better understanding of why it’s so important get yourself a wine rack!

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