Which kitchen countertops for white cabinets

Kitchen countertops are very different from the countertops in most other rooms. Your kitchen is where people eat, so it’s more practical to have easy-to-clean counters than something stylish but hard to clean.

When you’re picking out your countertop, there are three things you’ll need to look for: cost-effectiveness, durability, and how easy they are to clean. Based on these factors alone, here are some of the best kitchen countertops for white cabinets:

Which kitchen countertops for white cabinets, Zazzy Home

If you want a luxury finish that will catch everyone’s eye when they walk into the room, then granite might be your top choice. But, unfortunately, it costs around $3 per square foot (which means it can get expensive if you’ve got a big kitchen).

If granite’s not in your budget, quartz countertops are a fantastic alternative. They’re made of 93 percent natural quartz, so they look just like granite. The only difference is that it costs around $5 per square foot.

One downside to quartz countertops is that they can be more brittle than granite, but if you buy the right type for your needs (and follow proper installation techniques), it shouldn’t be an issue.

Corian is another excellent option – it comes in limited colors (mostly white and grey), but each color looks beautiful on its own or paired with other colors. Unfortunately, Corian costs about $8 per square foot installed. And yes, some people will say installing Corian isn’t worth the hassle, but we haven’t had a problem with it.

If you want to give your kitchen a rustic feel, then butcher-block countertops might be right for you. They’re made from reclaimed wood, so each board is unique and beautiful. Butcher block costs $4 per square foot (which isn’t bad for real wood).

Some people say butcher blocks can get dirty easily, but all you need to do is sweep or wipe the surface when that happens. We’ve never had any problems with this type of countertop when we clean regularly.

Wooden shelves would work well as countertops in a small kitchen where space is limited and open shelving helps keep things looking tidy. Just make sure they’re at least thick enough to work as a countertop (and sturdy enough to hold up the cabinets above them).

Which kitchen countertops for white cabinets, Zazzy Home

We recommend plywood or pressure-treated lumber because they’re both durable and easy to clean. However, they’ll cost you around $1 per square foot.

If you want an extremely budget-friendly option, then laminate countertops are your best bet. They start at about $0.75 per square foot, but you can get fancier colors for a little more money. Just keep in mind that laminate isn’t as heat-resistant as some other options on this list.

So those are our top picks for best kitchen countertops for white cabinets! If we had to rank them, we’d say Corian is the first place, then quartz, and then luan plywood (laminate countertops are last). But they’re all great options.


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