When winter comes, it could be difficult to stay warm even in the comfort of your home. Some parts of the residence might feel too cold and unbearable due to drafts and other factors.

One solution is to install a large unit that could heat up the entire house, but this would really cost a fortune. However, there is an effective option available for those who don’t want to spend so much on keeping their house cozy during winter: space heaters.

What space heater is best for a cold bathroom, Zazzy Home

If you are considering such an appliance for home, here are some considerations you might want to take note of:
1) Location – The first thing that should come into your mind when getting a space heater, especially for small spaces like bathrooms or other areas in the home, are safety measures. Not only should you choose a heater that doesn’t exceed your budget, but it must also be portable and light enough to move or carry anytime, especially if you need to occasionally transfer it from one part of the house to another.

2) Size – There are various space heaters available in the market today, and most of these items come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on your preference, you can pick units that could either fit in small areas or large spaces. Some units even come with wheels for easier maneuverability and portability.

3) Energy-efficiency – Even though most units run on electricity, some appliances such as oil-filled radiators may require petroleum (or kerosene) for fuel during use. This is the primary difference between the conventional space heater and modernized models, which run purely on electricity.

4) Space Heater Features – some units even come with additional features such as thermostats, timers, and other safety mechanisms that could keep you warm while at the same time making sure that your house or building is free from hazards, especially for homes with kids around.

5) Specialized heating – If you want to enjoy special heating effects such as forced air, radiant heat, or fan-forced warmth, make sure that your heater is either programmable or has the necessary features (such as fans and settings) for such purposes.
In order to make sure that you get the best space heater for your bathroom, there are a few considerations to take note of. The first thing is where you will put it and how much room it will have in its location.

What space heater is best for a cold bathroom, Zazzy Home

If you want something portable which would not be too expensive but still efficient, then a small unit should suffice. However, if you need a large area heated up quickly or with forced air features such as radiant heaters instead of radiators, then go for one that can provide this type of heating need without breaking your budget.

When choosing between oil-filled radiators and electric units only running on power from the grid, keep in mind what fuel system works best for your household and safety measures needed before purchasing.


If you are looking for some examples of great space heaters, here are some we love

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