What crystals to keep in the bedroom

Crystals have been used for centuries as a way of keeping away negative energy from your bedroom. They are often placed on the bedside table, on the dresser, or on the windowsill, their job is to protect you while you sleep. However, when choosing crystals for your bedroom, it can be hard to know where to start. So let’s discuss the best crystals to keep in your bedroom and why!

What crystals to keep in the bedroom, Zazzy Home

This is a good time to mention that it is very important that you never sleep with crystal jewelry- always take it off before going to bed (too much metal around the delicate area of the body could cause some serious problems). So let’s discuss the crystals you can keep in your room to help protect you and bring some extra good energy into your life. Here are some of my favorites:

Clear Quartz Crystal: This is one of the most popular healing crystals out there. It works on every single chakra, drawing negativity from them (in addition to protecting you from anything that might try to come in). Clear quartz also promotes purity, order, and clarity of thought. Put it in a window or at the foot of your bed for protection during sleep (it keeps nightmares away as well!). I use it daily by putting one next to each other (#3-5). If you’re building an altar for crystal healing, this would be a great stone to have on it.

Crystal Cluster: This is pretty much a cluster of all attached crystals, often quartz or amethyst. The energy from the entire piece is stronger than with single crystals alone (often, groups of like stones focus their energies together). Amethyst clusters bring good vibes and keep away bad dreams. Place them on your altar if you have one, under the pillow for sleeping, in a window, or next to your bed as an additional protective layer during sleep hours. They look really cool too!

Crystals Under Your Pillow: Sleeping with crystal jewelry works but putting it under your pillow will send more energy into your body while you rest- especially helpful if you’re looking to find answers within yourself (or get rid of bad dreams). The most popular stone to keep under your pillow is rose quartz, which works in harmony with your heart chakra. It also promotes unconditional love and helps you let go of emotional baggage from the past.

Crystal Candles: Yup, there are candles out there designed to bring crystal energy into your life! These are some really unique items – a real conversation starter- and they work pretty well to charge up other crystals around you (as well as giving off great lighting!). Just make sure that you’re getting the real deal when you buy them- I’d recommend doing some research before buying any candle online just in case. Crystal candles come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but I like candleholders shaped like pieces of rock (it looks cool).

Crystal Candles are a great way to start bringing crystal energy into your life. They look really cool too!

What crystals to keep in the bedroom, Zazzy Home

Sea Salt: Okay, I’m going to admit something: before I got into crystals, I used to sleep with a container of sea salt under my bed. It was just an old margarita glass with sea salt in it – the idea is that if you’re looking for protection while you sleep, then it’s best to keep like items together. So why not put some sea salt below your mattress? Adding in different kinds of crystals can help as well (I’d say rose quartz would be a good choice because of how peaceful it is.) Seal the glass container tightly and tuck it under the bed. Store it in the closet during the day.

Another option is to put a bowl of sea salt crystals next to your bed and place one under the mattress!

Salt Lamp: These are some really cool-looking lamps that use heat from a light bulb to evaporate water out of pure Himalayan salt crystals – they give off a nice, soft glow and warm up any room (roots of negativity near them can be killed as well). When you sleep with crystal jewelry, you want something like this for added protection- so find a way to get one next to your pillow at night! It’ll look great lighting up the entire room too. I’ve heard these can help with allergies, too – just make sure you keep the water inside clean so it won’t mold or get bacteria.

Crystal Wind Chimes: I’m a sucker for these, even though they may not be “crystals” per se, it’s still some amazing energy going on that you can bring into your life. These are great to put in the sunniest spot of your house where any negative vibes would have trouble getting to you (or by a window). The most popular kind is rose quartz because it promotes unconditional love and makes good vibes flow between people. Also, keep them out if you need help focusing at home/work/school (#2) – just don’t let them ring after midnight.

Don’t let them ring at all – you don’t want to wake up neighbors late at night.

Crystal Bowls: These have been used for many centuries to make spiritual music and add positive energy into the air (use your intuition!). It’s better when they’re made of quartz crystal because it vibrates well with the sound, but any kind will do as long as you treat it with respect (don’t throw stones in it or drop it on the floor). Make sure to cleanse crystals after every use! Putting one next to your bed is a great idea- especially if you enjoy meditating. If you already have an object that helps bring chi into your room, then place these where they’ll be most effective.

Crystal Balls: The idea behind these is that they help you tap into your higher self and gain clarity on issues in life. To me, it’s like a crystal ball because it shows you what lies ahead as long as you ask the right questions. Plus, there are all kinds of different ways to interpret what you see, so be creative if this suits your style.

What crystals to keep in the bedroom, Zazzy Home

Crystal balls are very handy when connecting with your higher self or discovering new information about yourself!

Healing Crones: Healing crones are some pretty nifty things- basically, they’re pieces of quartz crystal (or other stones) that have been shaped in such a way that they give off healing energy when placed next to the body. Some examples I’ve seen include necklaces, rings, and earrings. Place one near your bed or wear it next to your body in a spot where you feel some of the most pain/stress (this can be anywhere – like lower back pain). One thing I’ve discovered about crystals is that they will always work on you if you make time for them… so even just keeping healing crones under your pillow is a good start!

During the full moon (a night of high energy), place a crystal in the window nearest your bed and let it charge with all that pure positive cosmic energy. Of course, it’s best if you can leave it out overnight because you never know when your next opportunity to soak up some good vibes will be, but at least make sure you leave it out for an hour or two so it gets a chance to work its magic on you!

Where Should crystals be placed in a room?

Crystals in a room can be placed anywhere, but the best location is at the back of a room. The reason for this is that most crystals will emanate their energy in all directions, there are, however, some crystals where the energy and vibration are one directional. For example, an Amethyst Point crystal only radiates its energy outwards from its base point (the end opposite from which it was cut) due to how it has been formed by nature. This makes placing such crystals at the back of a room ideal, especially if there is little space between the wall and nightstand or beside your bed etc. Other directionality crystals are Citrine, Aventurine & Carnelian.

What crystals to keep in the bedroom, Zazzy Home

Crystals that work throughout the whole room include Fluorite, Selenite, and Amblygonite Crystals.

I recommend using one of these healing crystals placed strategically in your bedroom to help cleanse and energize your sleep space! Wearing Ocean Jasper helps to bring in calm, soothing energy (just like the ocean!). Hematite can help cleanse and shield your aura from negative energy, while Clear Quartz works well because it’s one of the most powerful healing crystals out there!

How many crystals should you have in my room?

The number of crystals you have really depends on each situation, I guess. Here are some ideas to get you started:

*For having a good night’s sleep, I would say have one or two crystals in your room, more if there is someone else sleeping in the same room. *If you’re looking to tap into your intuition, definitely have at least one crystal by your bedside table – either under your pillow or beside you on the bed. *If you have back pain, I would suggest at least one crystal per side of your body that is aching (so two in total).

A lot of people experience some pretty flirty dreams after wearing rose quartz earrings next to their ears while they sleep! Some crystal users even find this happens when just having them close by in the room.

Some healing stones can be placed directly on top of pain areas, for example, I keep a selenite point next to my shoulder blades as it helps me with stiffness and soreness there. So if your stone isn’t specific for pain relief, it’s more than likely perfectly safe to place right where you need it!

When placing healing stones in the room – try to place them where you’re more likely to encounter their energy during the day and night. For example, if a crystal helps you sleep, I’d suggest placing it somewhere close so you can benefit from its healing energies throughout your slumber!

Other ideas for decorating rooms with crystals:

Crystals placed in window sills or hanging in windows work well since they’ll be bathed in positive moonlight all night long! If you choose this option, make sure to place some sort of covering over it so no one bumps into it while walking by (like at night) – too much shocking vibration could jolt us awake, which would defeat the purpose of our good vibes ;). -Some people like having crystals on their bedside tables as well. -If you’re having trouble sleeping, maybe consider lighting a candle or two right next to your crystal? The warm glow of the candlelight would be a nice addition and might help in relaxing before sleep.

Which crystals should not be kept together?

Why do crystals not always get along with each other? This problem was first outlined by the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. He states that if one considers a large number of apparently unrelated phenomena such as dreams, accidents, weather conditions, and animal behavior, one notices that they all contain odd coincidences. For instance, he mentions that someone had lost two buttons from their jacket on consecutive days and then found them lying beside each other after another two days. Another example is when people lose things in pairs; for instance, I know a couple who lost their house keys on July 1st, and then exactly six months later, they lost their car key, which was lying under the shrubbery outside their house where they left it! Schopenhauer believed that these coincidences exist because all events are controlled by a ‘World Will’ or cosmic intellect that links all phenomena together, the singularity being nature itself. In this way, he explains that what we consider unconnected and random phenomena actually have a strange unity, which forms a great web that coincides with nature’s will.

Schopenhauer believed that his theory was not just philosophical nonsense but something deeply rooted in our everyday life experience. His mind proved that the world is much more than materialism leads us to believe; there is some invisible force influencing every event within it. According to Schopenhauer, this great link between seemingly random events implies that everything in our universe has an effect on everything else and that everything in our universe is connected.

What does this have to do with crystals? Well, let us consider the effect of interference on a salt crystal. We can describe it as follows: If we shine light through two holes exactly opposite each other (one ray going left and the other one right), we will notice an interesting phenomenon called ‘interference.’ This means that if we then place a white screen behind these two rays of light, we will see alternating dark and bright stripes forming than run across the screen like waves. These are caused by areas where the light cancels out whilst others enhance it, just like when you throw stones into the water – this creates ripples moving outwards from the point where the stone hits the water’s surface. The size of these ripples depends on how big the stones are, and in this way, we can say that if one stone is large, then so will be the other, creating a bigger splash. The same applies to light, except instead of thinking about solid rock (stones), we should think about light; it needs something to interfere with.

Similar to water ripples caused by stones, interference in liquid crystal displays is caused by small amounts of impurities within the crystals (called ‘domain walls’) being aligned in opposite directions during their formation, after which they cannot move again due to forces acting upon them from outside. This means that for whichever direction you turn your screen, there will be areas where the stripes show up strongly as well as weakly.


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