I’m not sure if you’ve ever looked up to your cedar siding and thought, “Man, I wish I knew what color to paint this thing!” Well, you’re in luck

This article will break down the best options for painting cedar siding so that you can make an informed decision about how to update the look of your home. The first choice you’ll need to make is whether or not you want a light or dark color scheme on top of the cedar siding. Should it be bright green? Dark brown? Something else entirely? There are many decisions ahead but don’t worry! This article will help guide the way!

What color to paint cedar siding, Zazzy Home

A lot of people choose to keep their cedar siding light in color because they want it to contrast against whatever style of shingles they may have. For example, if you have darker-toned shingles then you might consider painting your cedar siding with a shade that’s lighter than the typical orange/red tone.

This can be a great way to modernize the look of your home and make it more aesthetically appealing.

Some people like to go with a dark color for their cedar siding as it will give the exterior of the home a more traditional look, which is why those who choose white shingles often choose to paint their cedar in navy or olive green tones. This gives them a beautiful contrast and is great if you want your house to fit with its surroundings and blend in rather than stand out.

Then there are those who decide not to adhere strictly to either option but mix up both light and dark colors so that they have some depth on the outside of the home without going too overboard with tradition or modernity. These people may choose to experiment with black, red, or green cedar siding and see what they like best.

The great thing about painting your cedar siding is that it is easy to do. All you need is some quality primer and exterior paint; both of which can be found at most hardware stores

What color to paint cedar siding, Zazzy Home

There are several different brands of primers on the market but the one I like most specifically for cedar siding is Chalked. It goes on smooth, dries quickly, and lasts a long time once applied! If you’ve ever used Kilz then you already know how effective this brand is at blocking out the original colors beneath the primer so that when you’re done painting over it your cedar will look better than new!

Now it’s time to choose the color you want your cedar siding to be. I know this can seem like a daunting task, but just remember that you’re painting over the original color so that there isn’t any risk of messing up! You can always try out different shades until you find one that looks good on your home. I would recommend choosing two colors, an accent color and a base color, which you will layer upon each other in different combinations for more depth.

This allows you to go with something familiar while adding an element of surprise for anyone who stops by! Another great trick is to paint your cedar white all throughout but then paint the shingles around your windows or doorframes to contrast against the wood. This will make your windows and doorways pop and add a touch of distinction to the exterior of your home.

What color to paint cedar siding, Zazzy Home

While painting your cedar siding is easy, it’s important to note that you should not paint it in the winter when temperatures are below 45 degrees Fahrenheit or when there is any sort of precipitation in the weather forecast. If conditions aren’t favorable then you run the risk of your paint chipping and coming off much sooner than expected, which can weaken the area around where you painted and lead to bigger problems down the line!

Remember that painting cedar siding doesn’t have to be an incredibly difficult task; just ask yourself what kind of color scheme you want on top of your home before buying or applying any new coats!


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