What bulb can I use in a salt lamp?

salt lamp is essentially just an artificially created geode. The rock itself is hollow and often contains rough seams throughout the inside. When it comes to lighting, there are numerous options for you to choose from. For example, here’s what bulb I can use in a salt lamp.

What bulb can I use in a salt lamp?, Zazzy Home

1) LED bulbs

LEDs are your best bet by far if you want your salt lamp to emit warm light without eventually melting or overheating. These unique lights don’t get hot like traditional bulbs do, which means they will not be detrimental to your health if placed close enough that the heat could affect you (unless, of course, you touch it). You can find them at most hardware and home supply stores.

What bulb can I use in a salt lamp?, Zazzy Home

2) Incandescent bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs are the traditional type that we all grew up with, and while they’re pretty outdated these days, you could use them in your lamp if you wanted to. Just know that they get very hot and pose a serious fire hazard if not used correctly (infrared heaters, for example, should never be used around flammable objects).

3) Halogen or Quartz Bulbs

Halogen and quartz bulbs give off almost the same kind of light because they both contain elements of what make an incandescent bulb work. These particular lights emit infrared heat too, but since salt lamps do not get *that* hot themselves, this should not be an issue. However, halogen lamps are known for emitting more heat than quartz bulbs do, so if you prefer your salt lamp to get hot, choose a halogen bulb instead.

4) Fluorescent lights

If you need your light-bulb specifically to emit ultraviolet light, fluorescent might be the best option for you because they will help disinfect your salt lamp and give it a bright glow. The downside is that they don’t last very long and often cost more than other types of lamps. However, you can find them at local hardware stores or on Amazon.

5) Candle warmers

Believe it or not, candle warmers are pretty similar to salt lamps in their composition. They also contain hollowed-out rock, which is why they’re designed to hold a candle that heats up and emits light. You can buy these wherever candles are sold or on Amazon.

So, What Bulb Can I Use in my Salt Lamp?

Suppose you want your salt lamp to emit ultraviolet light: fluorescent lights if you need it to emit infrared heat: halogen or quartz bulbs. If you want it to glow: LED bulbs or candle warmers. Make sure the type of bulb you choose is compatible with the socket your lamp’s electrical cord comes out of (you’ll know because many lamps come with two prongs), and be sure to clean up any leaks asap.

What bulb can I use in a salt lamp?, Zazzy Home


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