Choosing the best type of window blinds to use in a bathroom is an important consideration as the materials have been shown to be particularly susceptible to damage from moisture. Suppose you are planning on replacing your bathroom windows, it’s advisable to choose shower-proof windows as soon as possible. This guide will look at some of the different types of window blinds and how they can be used in a bathroom.

What are the best blinds for a bathroom, Zazzy Home

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are perfect for bathrooms as they have been specially designed to provide optimal protection from water spills and splashes. Vertical blinds are attached with a series of plastic or nylon cords that allow the slats to open up with a little pressure but snap back into position when there’s too much weight on them. This prevents the slats from being lifted up by water, maintaining complete privacy at all times.

If you’re thinking about using vertical blinds in your bathroom, it’s important to make sure they don’t have any metal components as they could rust over time if exposed to moisture. While vertical blinds are often used in kitchens because of their convenience, the metal components can rust over time if exposed to water or moisture. So if you plan on using vertical blinds for your bathroom, opt for ones that have fabric slats instead to give you peace of mind.

Roller blinds

The most popular choice for bathroom window coverings has always been roller blinds as they’re easy to operate and provide complete privacy by covering the entire window. Roller blind styles vary greatly, but it’s important to wear with waterproof fabric as standard cotton blinds can rip when wet. These days it’s also possible to source waterproof fabrics like polyester, which will not deteriorate after coming into contact with steam or light moisture. The best material would be microfibre polyester fabrics which are extremely soft and durable.

What are the best blinds for a bathroom, Zazzy Home

Vinyl blinds

Another type of waterproof blind is vinyl blinds which look fantastic in bathrooms as they can easily be wiped clean without causing any damage to the material. Additionally, it’s possible to find this kind of window treatment in a variety of different colors, so you’re not simply restricted to white or off-white shades. If you’re thinking about using vinyl blinds for your windows, it’s best to opt for blackout varieties that will ensure complete privacy when needed most.

Overall, there has never been a better time to update your bathroom windows with water-resistant materials like vertical blinds or roller blinds. While many homeowners still prefer traditional curtains for their bathrooms, new advancements in waterproof fabrics and blinds have made it easier than ever to safely update your windows with elegant window treatments.

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