It’s time to upgrade your shower head.

Believe it or not, there are tons of benefits when you switch out the old one for a new modern faucet; it doesn’t matter if you’re building a brand-new bathroom or updating an existing one.

But what options do you have when it comes to these fixtures?

Well, in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top features in new faucets and how they can benefit you.

Upgrade your bathroom with stunning modern faucets, Zazzy Home

Know Your Options: The Two Major Categories

When choosing fixtures for your bathroom, there are two basic categories that all make up the range of styles available today: Traditional Faucets Traditional faucets are built into the countertop and use a separate spout that projects out.

You would then turn on the water supply connected below the countertop to fill up this spout with water before turning it on for use. Modern Faucets Modern faucet fixtures are built into your sink, making them less bulky and taking up less of your precious counter space.

Benefits Of The Traditional Versus The Modern Variety

On the one hand, traditional faucets are better for replacing existing units since they have more options available in terms of finish, style, etc. Plus, you can opt for more compact versions if you’re tight on space. On the other hand, however, modern fixtures are usually more popular because they come with their own set of benefits that traditional varieties don’t have:

More Customization When it comes to modern faucets, you can choose from a wider range of options when it comes to features. This means that you can select exactly what you need to fit your individual needs and lifestyle.

More Functionality: You also have more options for the faucet’s function, such as dual-function designs. Plus, there are some styles that come with a pull-out wand for easy care and maintenance.

Which One Is Right For Your Bathroom? Figuring out which type of fixture meets your specific needs starts with assessing the layout of your bathroom.

How Big Is Your Sink? How much counter space is available in front of it – enough room for installation? If not, then you’re probably better off sticking with traditional fixtures since they work best when installed into surfaces like marble or granite. 

Upgrade your bathroom with stunning modern faucets, Zazzy Home

The Major Components Of A Modern Faucet

When shopping for these items, the first thing that people look at is the various parts used throughout the fixture, making sure each part is solid and durable. A modern faucet has three major components: the handle, spout, and base plate.

Handle: This part usually includes everything you can see on the outside of your fixture over the countertop. Most handle styles come with one of two types of grips to choose from

Spout: Another vital piece to be sure is high quality is the spout itself since it’s what delivers water into your sink

You’ll find this component in various different styles depending on whatever suits your tastes best: some have solid bases while others use them more for appearance than practicality; if more than one person may be using the sink, a more flexible spout may be a good choice.

Base Plate: The base plate covers the hole where you turn on your water supply and secures the other parts in place – make sure this part is durable enough to hold up to repeated use

So, there we have it. You now know what to look out for when you upgrade your bathroom faucets.

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