Traditional Vs. Contemporary Rugs: What’s the difference

Rugs are among the oldest household items that have been in use since the 5th century and continue to be used to this date. All that has happened to rugs is how they are designed and manufacturing techniques. To the untrained eye, differentiating the critical differences between traditional and contemporary rugs can be very hard, as they all look almost alike. Nevertheless, looking keenly at the same shows a sharp difference and contrast. This makes it imperative to pay close attention when shopping for these rugs to find the best one to buy for decorating your home.

Traditional rugs are mostly recommended/used in conventional homes, while contemporary rugs blend well in modern designs and concepts. However, since most retailers/suppliers may not know the difference, it is your responsibility to discern contemporary or traditional.

Traditional Vs. Contemporary Rugs: What’s the difference, Zazzy Home

However, telling the difference between traditional rugs and contemporary ones is not that hard, as very little knowledge and practice are required. Buying these for the first time may, however, be confusing, which is why you may need to ask someone who understands these to help you out. The storekeeper, for one, maybe good at discerning between the two.

With a bit of training, you too can tell the difference. Here are a few tips to enlighten you.

What you need to look out for in contemporary rugs is the design and patterns used. Geometric and linear outlines were introduced just a few years ago, hence a distinctive way to identify modern rugs. Patterns used in these rugs are mostly animal figures and plants such as lotuses. This, however, depends on the designer as one may decide not to use any print within the same. On the other hand, traditional rugs follow simple designs, and any imprints are used on the same; they are not as vivid as those in contemporary rugs.

On the other hand, traditional rugs tend to blend in with the environment while contemporary ones stand out. They are pale and do not have the captivating appeal used on rugs designed today. Modern rugs use intricate and optical illusions, which make them even more compelling.

Another distinct difference between these two is comfort-ability. Since no chemical treatments are used on traditional rugs, they are less comfortable and aren’t water repellent or dust-proof. As technology has fine-tuned how rugs are manufactured and designed, contemporary rugs are made using synthetic fibers (olefin and polyester, for example), making them resistant to fire, dust, and even water. This means these rugs are resilient and do last much longer.

Traditional Vs. Contemporary Rugs: What’s the difference, Zazzy Home

The shape can also be used to determine whether a rug is traditional or contemporary. Traditional rugs, for example, are rectangular, while contemporary ones can come in any shape. You can even make a custom order of the same, with shapes ranging from round, oval, square, or contoured. Contemporary rugs can be woven around appliances on the floor, such as fridges, washing machines, and even wall units.

Depending on what your preferences are and your budget, of course, you can get almost any design you need from a contemporary rug. However, traditional rugs can also provide comfort, especially if you are conservative and do love them. The tips discussed above should give you an idea of what to look for when shopping for rugs.

Elegant Contemporary Rugs Fit Any Space

Choosing a contemporary rug is an easy way to update your home with a touch of the latest trend or style. By definition, the contemporary style comprises the most popular styles and patterns of the moment, so it is suitable for any home decor or architectural style. These rugs are generally much less expensive than traditional overpriced antique selections of Persian-style rugs. They come in the latest patterns, newest shades and are made with state-of-the-art techniques and materials. This makes them ideal for any room.

Contemporary styles can change the feel of a room by adding an updated element or focal point. For example, both commercial and residential spaces benefit from a new rug and the fresh look to the environment. Changing the color of a large element, such as a rug, can quickly take a room from boring to inviting, from humble to luxe, or from busy to relaxed. The choice is all yours! There are so many designs to choose from, so any effect can be achieved. People often think contemporary means modern, but actually, it comprises all styles and freshens them up with new or unexpected combinations or patterns.

The process of purchasing a rug is straightforward. You will want first to identify your pattern or color choices. Next, consider the type of room the rug will be placed in to ensure that your choice will fit in with the overall decor and meet your needs. If the room has children or pets, you will want to select easy to clean and maintain materials. Your home need not be modern to accommodate the contemporary style. Mixing and matching styles can result in a pleasing effect if planned carefully.

Buying your rug online is super easy but requires some research to get the best rug at the best price. The internet makes finding contemporary designs easy with just a simple search. Online shopping makes comparison shopping a breeze, ensuring that you get just what you want. Always read all details about a given rug, including information about the care and cleaning of the rug and shipping fees. Finally, you can easily shop by price range, making it simple to stay on budget. Follow the tips above, and you will be sure to make an informed choice that is right for your space and price range.


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