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Things To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Living Room Rug., Zazzy Home

Things To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Living Room Rug.

Are you planning to revamp your house soon, and rugs are at the top of the list? If that’s the case, worry not! Getting the perfect living room rug is not as easy as walking into a store, making that purchase, and leaving. There is so much to consider since it will affect the curb appeal of your living room area, to mention but a few.

Also, people are different, and you must find one that adds a real dash of personality. Living room rugs serve numerous purposes, one being it reflects on how you express yourself. Therefore, you need to choose right; read on to find tips on getting the best one yet.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Living Room Rug., Zazzy Home

It would be best to research some of the factors to consider when looking for the ultimate living room rug. One is the material. You should know that they include wool mix, polyester, wool, polypropylene, hand-knotted, jute, and sisal. Each has its pros and cons; therefore, do not buy them blindly or because you have seen countless homeowners with them. They are as follows:

If you reside in cold areas, wool rugs would be incredible for you since they are warm and solid. They are also great for the winter season. It is not a material to stress you out when cleaning and is fire safe. However, when there are corrosive spills like juice, it won’t roll well. Moreover, it is costly; hence, if you want to buy it, ensure that you plan yourself financially. Also, note that it is inclined to shedding.

Polypropylene, on the other hand, is a human-made fiber that is watertight. Of all the previously mentioned materials, it is the strictest. However, if you plan to have it around a fireplace, it is highly flammable; thus, hold that thought. Another drawback includes the fact that it can change shape when put under furniture.

Sisal could be the one for you since it is durable, which translates to the fact that it is hard to wear. However, when stained, you will have a hard time cleaning it. In addition to that, staining it is as easy as pouring water on it.

Polyester is a material that has a low level of absorbency thus resistant to water-based stains. Despite the fact getting rid of oil stains is a tall order. It dries faster and is unaffected by fading. It is close to a wolf in appearance, in case you want to know how it looks.

Wool mix, just as the name sounds, is a mixture of wool with a human-made fiber. As a result, its shape is consistent all through. Are you looking for the best rug for the family room? This is it for it is sturdy. Also, since it is a mixture of different fibers, it is a less costly option. However, note that its life expectancy because human-made fibers do not last an extended period.

Jute is excellent for people with rural-styled living rooms. They are natural fiber carpets that are inexpensive and decent. On top of that, they come in neutral shades, which are great for minimalistic individuals.

Do consider the rug’s size. This all goes down to where you want to place it or, instead, how big your living room is. Do not make the mistake of buying a rug that is too small for the living room. You should know that there should be about 10 to 20-floor inches from the rug’s edges to the room’s wall. However, you could go for 8 to 24-floor inches, depending on the size of the room. An essential factor in ensuring your living room looks great is to put the rug in a central position.

Moreover, the distance between it and the wall should be equivalent on all sides. For homeowners who want to define the space in their living room and have open spaces or want to layer rugs, the rules differ slightly. Use the area you plan to highlight to choose the size. Also, remember that it is better to go for a bigger-sized rug than a small one; after all, you don’t want to have any regrets whatsoever.

The color is crucial because it should go hand in hand with the living room aesthetic. Choosing the color ought to be the starting point, and the chances are that it won’t be challenging because you have your color preferences. Would you please not go for colors that will make you dread to throw the mat away? Picture how different colors will coexist with the rest of the items. If anything, they should not clash; hence, if you have a bright living room, neutral-colored rugs will suit it best. Moreover, you could select a single color from your living room’s color pallet; it will look amazing!

Something you are bound to forget is maintenance, especially if the rug’s print or color matches your style. Would you please not let either surpass its maintenance because you will struggle to keep it in good condition? You have to be honest with yourself to know how much work you are willing to put into ensuring it is tidy and looks the same all through. For example, flat-weave rugs may need vacuums, or you could beat the dust out of them. On the other hand, some need professional cleaning services, which translates to having the finances for that; this mainly applies to high-pile rugs.

The above points show how you can choose the perfect living room rug. If you were stuck, now you can easily make that decision. Seek advice from professionals when you purchase a rug if you don’t know the one that is fit for you. Remember to plan yourself financially and avoid breaking the bank if you had no plans to in the first place. However, if you have more than enough, feel free to go all out. While choosing your ultimate rug, ensure that it goes well with the flooring too. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight if you can and once you notice any stains, do something about it. This is because if you let them set, they may end up being permanent or give you a hard time getting them out.

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