Things to consider when buying a new toilet seat

Your toilet is one of the most used pieces of bathroom equipment in your home, so it’s only natural that you want to give it a little TLC by buying the toilet seat that best matches your needs.

Before you head off to the toilet-seat shop, though, take a moment to think about what will work for you. Will an attached toilet seat be better, or should you go for something like quick-release? What materials are available, and which ones are right for you? Read on to discover ten things to look out for when buying a toilet seat.

Seat Material and Style

Let’s look at the two main styles: round opening (standard) toilet seats and elongated opening toilet seats. It may sound silly to us, but most toilet seats are round-shaped. Just so you know, toilet seats are measured in inches, not centimeters; a round toilet seat that’s 14 inches in diameter is quite common.

Round toilet seats

Round toilet seats are the common toilet seat style used in most homes throughout North America and many western European countries. They typically have a 14-inch diameter, but they can also be found in diameters ranging from 12 inches to 16 inches. The round shape is more comfortable for children and some adults who prefer to sit right down on the toilet seat without first putting it up or taking it off of the toilet bowl (to use more polite language)—[Note: This was written before Americans began using English everywhere instead of their native languages].

The disadvantage of round toilet seats is that people with large buttocks may find that they jam into the toilet bowl when sitting down. Additionally, round toilet seats are not as durable.

As elongated toilet seats, and over time they may begin to sag or wobble.

Elongated toilet seats

The next most common toilet seat shape in North America is the elongated toilet seat. It’s 15-16 inches long at its widest point – almost as wide as a round toilet seat but longer (which is why some people call them “oval” toilet seats). An advantage of an elongated toilet seat for men with large buttocks is that they will have more room on which to sit without jabbing into the back of the toilet bowl. The added length also makes it easier to clean under and around the toilet rim because you can get closer to the toilet bowl with your cleaning cloth or mop (not recommended for toilet paper).

Other toilet seat shapes

Some toilet seats are less common, and they may be more difficult to find than round or elongated toilet seats. These include toilet seats that measure 12 inches in diameter (standard size for a child’s toilet seat), 16-17 inches long, or 18+ inches long. However, some bathrooms have toilets with unusual shapes such as pentagon, octagon, hexagon, etc.; you will need to purchase a toilet seat designed specifically for that shape of the toilet bowl.

You may also want to look into specialty-shaped toilet seats if you have difficulty finding comfortable seating options on conventional round or elongated toilet seats (e.g., disabled adults who would like an elevated toilet seat with arms).

Material Considerations

Most toilets come with wooden toilet seats or plastic toilet seats as standard items, but they aren’t your only toilet seat options. You can also choose toilet seats made from soft, scratch-resistant plastic with a vinyl toilet seat cover.

You can even get toilet seats covered in molded wood or with memory foam cushioning to give you an extra bounce while sitting down or standing up. Most toilet seats have hinges attached to them as standard, but if you’ve got limited space (under the toilet, for instance), then you can choose a toilet seat that attaches directly onto the toilet bowl rim and does not require any clamps at all.

In addition to toilet seat covers, some toilet seats also come with toilet seat warmers, deodorizers, and automatic toilet bowl cleaners included as standard. If you like an electric butt smoothie every time you sit down, then choose a toilet seat that heats up its surface for added comfort or even one that comes complete with a built-in fan to dry out any moisture on the toilet seat.

The toilet seat has to fit in with the rest of your bathroom décor; however, toilet seats come in many colors that will blend in well with most bathrooms, even if you don’t have a standard white toilet suite. You can choose toilet seats made from wood or molded plastics, and they come in many different colors, such as blue toilet seat covers for boys’ bathrooms or pink toilet seats for girls’ bathrooms. There are pastel colors available, too, so remember that before choosing a certain toilet seat color!

Most toilet seats have hinges attached to them as standard, but if you’ve got limited space (under the toilet, for instance), then you can choose a toilet seat that attaches directly onto the toilet bowl rim and does not require any clamps at all.

In addition to toilet seat covers, some toilet seats also come with toilet seat warmers, deodorizers, and automatic toilet bowl cleaners included as standard. If you like an electric butt smoothie every time you sit down, then choose a toilet seat that heats up its surface for added comfort or even one that comes complete with a built-in fan to dry out any moisture on the toilet seat.

Aesthetics and colours

As well as toilet seats being available in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials they are also available in different designs too depending on their style and intended use. On toilet seats, the three main styles are traditional, round front, and elongated. There is a difference between the toilet seat aesthetic of these styles and the different colors available for each of them.

Traditional toilet seats are shaped with a gentle curve in the shape of an arc, and this curvature can also be seen on their hinges which form part of its frame; these toilet seats have been overtaken by round front toilet seats as more popular toilet seats. They were also known as old English toilet seats in Victorian times because some models were designed to look like wooden planks or boards. Traditionally they are white to blend into bathrooms that have white fixtures and fittings like ceramic tiles and bathtubs.

Round front toilet deliveries originally included the venus toilet seat, designed in the late 1970s. Because of this, it is now a standard toilet seat shape in most homes. They come in a variety of colors, and designs like floral, animal-themed seats for children’s toilet training or to match the color scheme of the room they are situated in – such as pink toilet seats to match a little girl’s Barbie princess themed bedroom.

Elongated toilet seats are becoming more common today with their smooth, unbroken lines being used in new modern bathrooms especially if they also have moving parts and soft close hinges which bring them into the 21st century (which means no more slamming lid). These toilet seats are available in many different colors and styles, too; there are even toilet seat covers that you can fit onto your toilet seat to change its color or toilet seat lid covers that you can fit over toilet seats to give them a different look.

How toilet seats are decorated and the colors they come in depends on each individual toilet manufacturer’s standards, which means they are not all going to be available in every single color made by any other toilet seat manufacturer.

Quick-Release Hinges

A toilet seat with a quick-release hinge allows the toilet seat and toilet bowl to be easily removed from the toilet tank, making it easy to clean. The hinges are also adjustable, so you can change the height of both pieces at once or adjust them individually – perfect if there is more than one user of different heights using your bathroom equipment.

Handy Living offers a variety of quick-release toilet seats in different styles and designs (some include soft closing mechanisms) that will fit most toilet tanks. In addition, the quick-release hinges are color-coordinated with the toilet seat, so you never have to worry about them not matching.

The idea behind these toilet seats is to make it easy to clean all the nooks and crannies of the toilet bowl, especially those hard-to-reach areas that build up dirt over time. In addition, the toilet seat can simply be lifted off and set in your bathtub or shower stall for a more thorough cleaning than just using toilet cleaner around the rim of your toilet bowl or bleach down inside of it.

In addition, if someone in your family has a limited range of motion, these toilet seats will also give them an easier time getting onto and off their toilet. This is because they don’t require putting pressure on the toilet seat and toilet tank to lift themselves up, instead, they just have to pull up on the toilet handle. This is great for people who use a walker or a wheelchair.

Quick-Release Hinges are not bad for your toilet plumbing because when you remove them from the toilet bowl, all the water drains out of it, so there’s no strain on any of the pipes. They also don’t cause damage to your toilet either. The only thing you should be careful about is always making sure that both pieces of your toilet seat (the toilet seat and the toilet bowl) are securely connected before letting go of either one.

The quick-release hinges work best with porcelain toilets because they tend to sit higher than most toilet bowls do. If the toilet bowl is too short, you may want to consider other toilet seat options because your toilet tank could end up sitting on top of your toilet seat when it’s in use. Some people avoid this problem by using two toilet seats at once and switching out the quick-release toilet seat for a regular one whenever they have company over – even if it’s temporary.

Soft Closing Hinges

If you can’t stand toilet seats slamming shut, then soft closing toilet seat hinges are a must-have feature. These toilet-seat hinges slowly close one centimeter at a time when pushed to prevent excessive noise, which is particularly good if you have kids who make lots of noise in the morning or late at night!

Additionally, most people flush their toilet before they go to bed; toilet seats that gently close reduce the chances of getting loudly awakened by your toilet seat slamming shut while you’re trying to sleep.

Soft closing toilet seat hinges are much more common in modern toilet designs. In fact, toilet seats that have no spring tension and slowly close all the way on their own (without any assistance from you or gravity) were first introduced by Kohler in 1980. However, toilet manufacturers say they still have trouble convincing customers to buy toilet seats that close gently. We found two manufacturers who said sales of their toilet seats with soft closing hinges were less than 5%.

Part of the reason is that toilet shoppers often say they like toilet seats to close quickly and firmly. Many toilet installers also prefer a toilet seat that slams shut since this helps keep it firmly closed.

If you can’t stand toilet seats slamming shut, then soft closing toilet seat hinges are a must-have feature.

Material Compatibility

Different toilets come with different materials, so check whether the material for your toilet matches that of your toilet seat. Many toilet seats are made from molded materials, such as hard plastic or wood, which cannot be altered by polishes and waxes.

Some toilet seats are compatible with toilet bowls that have been treated with toilet bowl sealant. For example, glazed toilet bowls are sometimes treated with toilet bowl sealant, which prevents the toilet from leaking. However, toilet seats made of materials that don’t bond to toilet bowl sealant can be loosened if they’re attached to a toilet bowl that has been treated with toilet bowl sealant.

If you think your toilet seat might have been glued to a glazed toilet, then your best bet is to replace it. Some toilet seat manufacturers don’t recommend you use toilet bowl sealant because it reduces toilet ventilation.

If your toilet was made from materials that aren’t compatible with the toilet bowl, then you’ve got a difficult choice to make. You can replace just the toilet seat or replace both the toilet seat and toilet.

Toilet seats that have been glued to glazed toilet bowls are often impossible to remove without breaking them. If yours has broken, then our best advice is to replace both the toilet and toilet seat if you’re replacing them anyway!

Heated Toilet Seats

If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of sitting on a toilet and touching a toilet seat when it is cold outside, then you are aware of how uncomfortable this experience can be. Heated Toilet Seats help ensure this never happens again with their ability to warm toilet seats all year round.

A heated toilet seat works by using electricity to pass along heat through these metal bars inside the toilet bowl and relax muscles in the buttocks area,, increasing blood flow and reducing pain associated with sitting on cold toilet seats.

These are not only beneficial for those who suffer from bowel or another type of disc disease but also seniors who may have difficulty getting onto a toilet quickly enough before their body temperature drops. In addition, this decreases the time spent exposed to cold surfaces and helps provide comfort in these cold winter months.

Heated toilet seats come in both wireless and hardwired systems with many features, such as nightlight and automatic power control functions. Before purchasing a toilet seat that is heated, always check the type of toilet you currently own to ensure it will be compatible with your toilet’s tank system.


Toilet seats are generally reasonably priced, so many householders opt to replace their toilet seat when they’re reinstalling new toilets or replacing toilet bowls and then opt to install new toilet seats at a later date if required.

Since toilet seats last a long time, most people don’t feel the need to buy expensive toilet seats. The average toilet seat costs around $20, give or take $5. Some toilet seat manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their toilet seats, which add quite a bit to the cost of each individual toilet seat, but no one really needs them

For example, Bemis sells its popular PlumbingSupply brand of toilet seats for about $10 while its Toto model is shockingly expensive at almost $90Keep in mind that toilet seat hinges are usually the only part of toilet seats that wear down, so you don’t need to buy expensive toilet seats if your toilet seat hinge is still good.

Once the toilet seat hinge fails, it’s time to replace the entire toilet seat since toilet seats with broken hinges won’t stay put and can fall off when people sit on them.

At less than $20, toilet seats are generally a pretty good buy. Just make sure you get the right toilet seat for your toilet bowl and that it fits securely on the toilet bowl with no wiggle room!


When you’re in the market for a new toilet seat, it’s important to know what features are available. You want something that is comfortable and easy to clean. There are many different types of seats on the market today, with some being more hygienic than others.

We recommend finding one that has an antimicrobial coating for a layer between your butt and the plastic (or whatever material) surface below it! This will help prevent any bacteria from sticking or growing on contact – which can lead to all sorts of issues down there…including infections! If this sounds like too much information, just leave us a comment below, and we’ll be happy to explain further as needed.


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