The Secrets to Achieve the Best Bathroom Lighting

In order to create the bathroom of your dreams, it’s important to pay attention to every detail. The bathroom is a room that we use constantly, and it deserves some extra thought when designing.

The Secrets to Achieve the Best Bathroom Lighting, Zazzy Home

Every bathroom is designed with a different set of lighting goals. Here are some of the most common bathroom lighting needs :

– Luxury bathroom lighting: a bathroom design that brings luxury and elegance to the bathroom while also being functional for daily use. This bathroom needs bathroom recessed lights and maybe even some sconces near the seating area to provide fully even lighting on your face when studying it in the bathroom mirror.

– Glowing bathroom lighting: a bathroom design that makes you feel as though you’re being bathed in glowing light. The overhead bathroom lights are swapped out for something more ornate like chandeliers or a custom-designed pendant lamp from an interior designer. These pieces might be fancier, but they can be installed without too much difficulty if you have access to wiring and other mechanical tools.

– Bathroom makeup lights: a bathroom design that lets you put on your makeup while standing in front of the bathroom mirror. These are bathroom lights suspended from a bathroom light fixture, and they either push against the ceiling or can be installed in between two bathroom mirrors, depending on how much space you have available.

– Masquerade bathroom lighting: if your bathroom is small, it might look even smaller with overhead lighting installations that cast shadows down onto your face. Instead, opt for bathroom recessed lights on either side of a large bathroom mirror so you can study yourself from every angle when putting your makeup on or shaving.

– Spa bathroom lighting: a bathroom design that makes you feel as though you’re visiting a spa after taking a hot bath at home. The trick is to install enough ambient bathroom lights to give the bathroom a warm atmosphere. In addition, the bathroom lighting should be soft, and bathroom recessed bathroom lights are a great choice since they can be installed in between bathroom tiles without requiring any extra effort.

If you have more than one bathroom in your home, don’t assume that you need separate bathroom light fixtures for each bathroom area.

Combine different types of bathrooms or add some decorative bathroom lighting pieces to specific (but not all) bathrooms for desired effects. For example, if there’s one bathroom area where the overhead bathroom lights are especially bright, then consider swapping them out with something else like small bathroom pendant bathroom lights or bathroom ceiling bathroom lights that are designed to provide ambient bathroom lighting.

The Secrets to Achieve the Best Bathroom Lighting, Zazzy Home

Bathroom recessed bathroom lights are attractive choices because they can be installed in between bathroom tiles without requiring much work. These types of bathroom lights also come in different colors and styles, so you don’t have to choose a single color scheme for your entire bathroom remodel.

Consider pairing the type of bathroom light fixture with the mood of each space within your home. For example, if you’re throwing a masquerade party, then consider installing some pendant bathroom light fixtures like chandeliers instead of something more traditional that might clash with the theme.

Find the best bathroom light fixtures for your space.

You need bathroom lights that provide adequate lighting, but you also need bathroom lights that complement your bathroom decor. You may be surprised to know just how many bathroom lights are on the market and how many different styles and combinations you can find. There are bathroom light fixtures made with real crystals or rustic lamps that look like they come right from your grandmother’s house.

There are even bathroom light fixtures available that come in pink, purple, and blue shades for when you want a little bit of color to brighten up your bathroom space.

It is important to keep in mind the size of your bathroom as well as the size of the bathroom light fixture itself when choosing bathroom lighting. For example, you might not want a massive bathroom light fixture that overpowers a small bathroom.

There are bathroom lights that have dimmer switches available for added ambiance, so you can create the perfect mood in your bathroom space.

A few important things to keep in mind when shopping around for bathroom lighting:

  1. Your bathroom light fixtures need to provide enough light without making it feel like an interrogation room.
  2. You’ll want bathroom lights that look good and will match your bathroom decor.
  3. Make sure you explore all of your options before choosing bathroom lighting.

There are bathroom lights available that have old-fashioned designs, bathroom lights that look like they’re straight from a science lab, bathroom lights with dimmer switches, and bathroom lights in every color imaginable. You can find bathroom lighting to suit any taste or need.

The Secrets to Achieve the Best Bathroom Lighting, Zazzy Home

The trick is to explore as many bathroom light options as possible until you find the bathroom light fixtures that are right for your space and your style preferences. With so many different options out there, it should be easy to get the best lighting for your bathroom space.

Choose bathroom lights based on how much light you need.

When you choose bathroom lights, consider the amount of light you need. For example, if you have a bathroom that is quite dark and full of natural light, you might want to invest in lamps with small surface areas that will only emit the right amount of light. On the other hand, if you have a bathroom that is already very well lit from windows, mirrors, or skylights, then you might want to choose bathroom lights with larger surface areas that can shine brighter than standard bathroom lighting fixtures.

You can also decide whether you want to be able to dim your bathroom lights or not. If you decide to go for bathroom lights that can be dimmed, plan on changing the bathroom light bulbs every now and then. The bathroom lights should emit a bright light during the day but not be too harsh so you can have a relaxing bath in the evenings.

The bathroom lighting design process is different from designing your other rooms because of the intensity and frequency of use. Bathrooms are used regularly throughout the year and exposed to water, steam, and humidity. Since bathroom lighting fixtures are subjected to intense moisture, it’s important that they’re made from especially resistant materials such as stainless steel or powder-coated aluminum instead of ordinary plastics or metals.

Bathroom lighting fixtures need to be attached securely with wire or clips rather than screws because you might need to move the bathroom lighting fixtures around if you change bathroom flooring materials or bathroom styles.

Use bathroom lights as design elements.

In a bathroom, bathroom light fixtures are also used as design elements, just like in other rooms of your home. You can find bathroom lighting ideas and bathroom light fixtures at any store that offers modern interior designs, such as hardware stores, but it is quite challenging to find distinctive bathroom lamp designs.

So before you decide on anything else, consider what kind of style and look you want your bathroom ceiling lights to have. Is there anything about the current bathroom lighting that bugs you?

Would you prefer bathroom lights with a rustic or industrial look? Or do your bathroom lighting fixtures need to match a specific bathroom theme like nautical?

Next, decide on the type of bathroom light fixture you would want to have. Some bathroom lighting options are bathroom chandeliers that can be used as bathroom ceiling lights, wall-mounted bathroom lights, and bathroom pendant lights.

The Secrets to Achieve the Best Bathroom Lighting, Zazzy Home

Make sure that bathroom lights are easy to install

Installing bathroom lights can be a difficult endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few things you need to consider when selecting bathroom lights, and the bathroom light fixtures you purchase must meet those needs.

First, bathroom lighting should provide enough illumination for grooming and reading in order to prevent accidents that could be caused by not seeing properly. The bathroom must also allow for task lighting such as shaving or applying makeup. These areas of the bathroom also need ambient lighting, so the room isn’t too dark overall. Finally, bath area lighting is ideal because it can help create a relaxing atmosphere after coming home from work or school.

Bathroom wall sconces with nightlight features are great bathroom light fixtures because they provide ample illumination required for bathroom tasks and areas of the bathroom. In addition, because these bathroom wall lights feature a nightlight, they offer ambient light as well.

Another bathroom lighting solution that provides great task lighting is an illuminated bathroom mirror. These bathroom mirrors are equipped with bulbs on either side or in the top/bottom area of the mirror frame to provide task lighting without shadows.

A bathroom ceiling fan with light makes it easy for you to install since there is only one fixture rather than a number of lights. This bathroom ceiling light also helps keep air circulating, to remove moisture, and keep things from getting too steamy. The last thing you want when taking a shower is foggy glasses or a fogged mirror!

If you like baths, this type of bathroom lighting might be the answer. This bathroom light fixture is a bathroom wall sconce that features a built-in bathtub filler to turn your bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

Add some plants or other natural items to your bathroom.

Adding plants to your bathroom is a great way to add color and a sense of nature. Plants can also provide the benefits of cleaner air, better humidity, improved mental health, and more. Add in some natural elements like flowers or candles for a nice touch.

1. Add a little greenery to your bathroom

There are lots of plants that you can add to your bathroom. Some great options for the bath include aloe vera, snake plant, and string leaf philodendron. The aloe vera has medicinal properties when consumed and requires minimal humidity. The snake plant is very easy to care for and will help keep your air clean while adding some color with its long leaves. And the string leaf philodendron will brighten up the room while helping you breathe better at night. If you don’t want any greenery in your bath, try adding some floating candles or flowers instead!

2. Add moisture-loving plants

If you’d like something alive in your bath that requires a little more care, find some plants that enjoy high moisture levels. Some good options include peace lilies, bamboo, and isopodium. The peace lilies will add green to your room while helping you breathe better! Add in the bamboo for extra greenery and then the isopodium for a beautiful accent. If you’re not looking for live plants, add some dried flowers or branches instead!

3. Add humidity-loving shells

If you like to relax in the bath with candles or incense, try using some seashells as a base for them. They’ll help boost the humidity level of your bathroom while also adding color to it! You can even make them part of your decor by placing some fresh flowers into the shells for a special touch. Then, add in some candles to complete the look.

4. Add water-loving plants

If you have a fountain or waterfall feature in your bathroom, try adding some aquatic plants like water hyacinth and java fern to it! They’ll help purify the air while also adding natural beauty to your room. If you don’t have a waterfall feature, use those items on dry land instead so that you can still enjoy their benefits. Add flowers or floating candles if you’d rather not add live plants just yet.

5. Add a few succulents

Succulents are great for bathrooms because they need little light, water, and humidity to grow strong! Add them to your shelves or even arrange them on the countertop for a different look. Add some stones or shells around them (or other natural items) to bring that beachy feel into your home. Use some wine corks as coasters or holders for small objects like cotton swabs or jewelry for something extra. Add in some candles and flowers if you’d like!

6. Add water features

If it’s possible, try adding a fountain in your bathroom! Add an indoor one so that it doesn’t get direct light and requires less space than its outdoor counterparts. They adjust to many different decor styles, so you can add them almost anywhere without feeling out of place. Add rocks or silk succulents at the bottom of the fountain for some greenery while


To achieve the best lighting for your bathroom, you need to ensure plenty of light sources and adequate spacing between them. You might also want to consider adding a chandelier or other decorative pieces if you’re looking for something unique.

Remember not to use too much fluorescent lighting, which can create an unflattering glare on reflective surfaces like tile flooring and mirrors. If all of these details seem confusing, don’t hesitate to ask us about our assistance with designing bathrooms that will be functional but luxurious at the same time!


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