The Easy Way To Clean Your Ceiling Fan

Have you bought a ceiling fan recently? If so, have you ever thought about how to clean it or keep it clean?

I know this might sound crazy, but your ceiling fan can be filthy. Dust accumulates on the blades and around the motor housing over time. All of that dust is slowly sucked through your heating unit up into your house, which can make everything feel dusty even if you are constantly dusting. This is because there are tiny pieces of dirt that go airborne with every step you take, turning them into small pieces of “dust” in the air.

The Easy Way To Clean Your Ceiling Fan, Zazzy Home

The best way to avoid having this happen is by cleaning your ceiling fans regularly. It will save wear and tear on your AC system plus reduce how often you have to dust.

This is the best way to clean your ceiling fan:

* You will need a ladder to reach the blades and motor housing of the ceiling fan.

*You will also need a microfiber cloth, water, rubbing alcohol, and paper towels


1) First, put on some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty (like old sweats). Be sure to wear shoes because if you drop anything while cleaning your ceiling fan, it could easily fall between your floorboards which would be hard to fish out! Wipe down everything that looks like it needs some attention first with some warm/hot water on your microfiber cloth. Wipe off all of the dust bunnies that have accumulated.

2) Next, spray some rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel and wipe down all of the blades on your ceiling fan. This will clean off the “gunk” and any dirt or dust you missed with just water. Be sure to pull each blade straight up, so it doesn’t snap off (unless it is made of plastic, be extra careful).

The Easy Way To Clean Your Ceiling Fan, Zazzy Home

3) Take one of your ceiling fan blades and hold it under running warm/hot water while holding down the base of the blade (not where it attaches to motor housing). Hold it there until you see most of the dust leaving the blade. You can use an old toothbrush if you want to do this step, but only very gently because those things are not cheap to replace!

4) Now it’s time for the fun part, reinstalling your fan blades! This might be harder than taking them off because you have to get them lined up just right to go into the little grooves on the motor housing. The best way is to lay all of your blades face down with their numbers facing away from you (if they are numbered). Then grab two blades at a time and start putting them back in place in one fluid motion. Easy peasy!!

5) Lastly, grab your microfiber cloth again and wipe around the metal part where each blade connects to ensure no water droplets are left behind. Then turn your ceiling fan on high ( I usually do this after it’s been put back together) and see that fantastic job you did! 

It is essential to clean your ceiling fans at least once every month. It may take you less than an hour to do, but it can save wear and tear on your AC system plus reduce how often you have to dust (and make sure everything in your house isn’t covered in a layer of filth!).

Congrats, you now know the easy way to clean your ceiling fans. So give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your newly cleaned fan and home without using harmful chemicals (unless you used them).


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