If you have ever seen one in person, or been lucky enough to own one, you are surely aware of how breathtakingly beautiful Himalayan salt lamps are. They radiate a warm, pinkish-orange glow that adds a sense of beauty and relaxation to any room they are placed in.

Even though they are not exactly fragile things, they do need a little bit of care in order to keep their best appearance and ensure that they continue to function properly. The following are four suggestions for cleaning and taking care of your Himalayan salt lamp:

Before you begin cleaning your salt lamp, make sure to unplug it and give it some time to cool down before you begin. After it has cooled down, you can begin the cleaning process.

1. Let it soak. If your salt lamp has been sitting around accumulating dust for some time, give it a good soak in some warm water with a few drops of mild dish soap. This will assist in removing any buildup that may have occurred on the surface of the salt. Simply ensure that it is dried completely afterwards so that it does not start to decompose as a result of absorbing moisture from the surrounding air.

2. Make sure to use a gentle brush. If soaking does not get the job done, you can always try scrubbing any stubborn dirt or stains away with a gentle brush like an old toothbrush if that does not work. Again, after you are done, make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry off.

3. Avoid using harsh cleaning products. It is imperative that you refrain from using any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on your Himalayan salt lamp because doing so could cause the surface of the salt to become damaged or even cause it to crumble. Instead, use mild soaps and brushes to clean your teeth.

4. Keep it in a dry place to store it. It is recommended that you keep your Himalayan salt lamp out of the direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place when it is not being used. This will aid in preventing the salt from drying out and cracking as a result of the process.

A Few Parting Thoughts
Himalayan salt lamps are not only aesthetically pleasing but also beneficial in a variety of ways. In addition to that, they have to be cleaned on a regular basis! In this article, we demonstrated the most effective approaches to cleaning a salt lamp, ensuring that it retains its stunning appearance for many years to come.


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