Rechargeable lawnmowers are a great alternative to gas-powered mowers, but the market is flooded with cheap products that break down quickly.
If you’re looking for a rechargeable lawnmower, you want something reliable and durable. You don’t want to have to replace it every year as most of these low-quality products require.

  • BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX* Cordless Lawn Mower, 16-Inch (CM1640)


    I’ve been using the BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Lawn Mower, 16-Inch for a few weeks now and I have to say that I’m very happy with it. It handles well, is lightweight, and I don’t have to worry about gas or oil leaking on my property. This lawn mower also has a battery charge indicator so you know when your battery is running low and needs to be charged.

    All in all, I’m very impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a cordless lawn mower.The BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Lawn Mower, 16-Inch (CM1640) is a great product for homeowners who don’t want to deal with the maintenance that’s required when using a gas or oil lawn mower. It also has a battery charge indicator so you know exactly when it needs to be recharged.

    This cordless lawn mower handles well and cuts through grass evenly. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now, and am very pleased with this product.

  • BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower with Bike Handle, 15-Inch, 10-Amp, Corded (BEMW472BH)


    The Black+Decker 15-Inch Corded Lawn Mower model BEMW472BH is a small electric lawn mower with a 10-amp motor designed for occasional home use. It is capable of cutting most grass types up to 15 inches tall, such as Bermuda and Zoysia, although it can struggle with taller than normal grass or wet and dense sod.

    This device comes equipped with a side discharge and mulching capability to reduce the amount of cut grass clippings that must be handled after each cut. The deck has six cutting positions on two different wheels: one set forward for trimming around trees, flowers, etc., and another set back for standard mowing.

    This Black+Decker lawn mower has been favourably reviewed by multiple buyers, but others have noted that this device does not do well with anything taller than normal grass or with wet or dense sod. It is also not ideal for people who prefer a larger sized walk behind mower. Some consumers have said this unit makes an annoying noise at certain speeds.

    This product has an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars with over 120 customer reviews on multiple websites.

  • BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower, Corded, 13 Amp, 20-Inch (BEMW213)


    I recently had to get a new lawn mower because the old one was just not cutting it anymore. I was looking for something under $250 and that would be able to handle even my tougher areas of grass. I spent a lot of time reading reviews and comparing different models and finally settled on this one, the BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower, Corded, 13 Amp, 20-Inch (BEMW213).

    The lawn mower has two speeds for mulching or bagging and is made to handle any terrain. It also has a large front wheel that’s great for maneuvering or tackling tough terrain like crabgrass. The electric start makes it easy to get going quickly. And since it’s corded, I don’t have to deal with a cordless battery dying half way through my mowing. The price was reasonable and it has all the features I was looking for.

    The first time I used this lawn mower, I took my time and tried to find any faults that might show up over a few uses. So far, there hasn’t been one problem with it. The electric start worked perfectly and since this is a self-propelled mower, even the toughest patches of grass were no match for me! There’s so much power behind every push, it just glides through whatever is in its path. It also easily gets into corners and tight spaces without sacrificing speed or power.

    Once you’re done cutting your grass, this lawn mower makes cleaning up quick and easy too, thanks to its large rear bag that can hold a whole lot of clippings and the large clip director, which lets me choose whether I want to bag or mulch my grass.

    I’m very happy with this lawn mower so far and am sure it’ll be able to handle whatever kind of lawn work I need to do for years to come. If anyone’s looking for a new mower, I’d definitely recommend this one without any hesitation!

  • Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1Electric Corded Lawn Mower, 25022


    This lawn mower is really easy to use as it has three different functions. It can be used as a mulcher, side discharger, or rear bagger. It also comes with an automatic shut-off switch and an overload protection system. Because of its 20 inch wide deck the grass is cut in shorter lengths that are more manageable.

    I’ve had this lawn mower for about 6 months and I have been very happy with it. I like that it’s lightweight so I don’t have any problems pushing it around the yard which is really nice because I’m not a big guy anymore. The only downside to this lawn mower is that the cord is short so you need some kind of extension cord if you’re doing a big yard or if you don’t have an outlet really close to where you’re cutting.

  • Greenworks 21-Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25112


    This is a great lawn mower, and it runs really well. I like how it has a self-propelled mode that you can use to make things easier. It also has a bagging system, with easy dumping of the grass clippings. The corded power means that this is always available to cut grass, which is really convenient.This thing has a ton of power and can handle even small hills easily. I also like that it is really light. It’s easy to push, though it would be nice if the self-propelled system was an option on one side and not both because you can accidentally engage it while pushing.

    You can fill up the bag pretty quick with this mower. I recommend letting your grass grow a bit before using it so that you don’t have to stop every ten seconds to dump the grass out of the bag. The only thing I wish this machine had was a side discharge chute for mulching purposes; as it is, I end up having to get the lawn rake after cutting or just doing partial cuts so that all my clippings don’t get stuck under the machine.

    All in all, this is a great mower for the price, and I would recommend it to any lawn owner. Greenworks has been making quality products since 2002, including their electric hand tools as well as power equipment like chainsaws and leaf blowers.

  • LawnMaster MEB1114K Electric Corded Lawn Mower 15-Inch 11AMP


    I have an old lawn mower that is not very good. I recently started the job and wanted to impress my boss with a neat looking lawn, so I bought this LawnMaster MEB1114K Electric Corded Lawn Mower 15-Inch 11AMP. It was much more expensive than what I would usually pay for a tool, but it turned out to be worth every penny!

    The corded LawnMaster MEB1114K Electric Lawn Mower 15-Inch 11AMP offers many benefits that are beneficial to both professional and backyard users alike. The first thing that you will notice about this piece of equipment is its size. It measures at 15 inches in height, which is much larger than an average mower, but this allows it to cut through tall grass with no effort.

    The LawnMaster MEB1114K Electric Corded Lawn Mower 15-Inch runs on electricity and has a rechargeable battery that lasts for 20 minutes of constant mowing, making the cord practically optional. I have been using mine for about half a year now and have not had any issues. The blade turns on when you press the throttle trigger, and there are three different speed settings available depending on how thick your lawn is.

    This particular model comes with their trademark ‘Platinum’ warranty, so you know that if anything goes wrong they will be there to replace or repair it without charging an arm and a leg.

  • Litheli 20V Cordless Lawn Mower, Cordless Electric 13-Inch Brushless Lawn Mowerwith 4.0Ah Battery&Charger, for Garden…


    The Litheli 20V 13-Inch Cordless Brushless Lawn Mower is a great tool for gardeners looking to make their yard look more beautiful. The battery life is amazing, and the lawn mower never makes any noise when it’s running, it’s also pretty light weight. My only gripe with this product is that it doesn’t come with an extra battery which would have been nice considering the price of the item. Other than that, I really love this lawn mower.

    Everything from the battery life to the noise reduction makes this a great product. The only thing that’s lacking is an extra batter, since one would be unable to complete some yard work without it. Other than that, this is a great lawn mower and I would recommend it for anyone who has a garden they want to take care of on their own!

    This is a great lawn mower. It never makes any noise which enables you to do your work anywhere in or around your home and nobody will know you are mowing your lawn. The charge lasts long enough for me to cut my whole yard (its not huge) so it depends on how big your yard is as well. I have had no problems with the way itfunctions. My only issue is that I wish it came with at least one extra battery so I could do a larger area without having to stop and recharge the one already in there. Other than that, this mower is great!

    If you have a garden or want to make your yard look nice, Litheli 20V 13-Inch Cordless Brushless Lawn Mower is a great purchase!

  • SnapFresh Cordless Lawn Mower, 14 Inch Electric Lawn Mower with Brushless Motor, 20v 4.0ah Battery and Charger, with 2…


    I love this lawn mower! It is so easy to use and does a great job. The battery charge lasts for a long time and it isn’t too heavy. It’s also easy to convert from a push lawn mower to a self-propelled lawn mower. I was really impressed with how easy it is to change the bag on the 2-in-1 Grass Bag, Push Lawn Mower. Overall, I think that this cordless lawn mower is one of the best that you can buy for the price and I highly recommend it!

  • Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower w/Collapsible Handle, 3-Position Height Control, 10.6-Gallon Bag and Side…


    I was finally able to get my hands on the Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower w/Collapsible Handle, 3-Position Height Control, 10.6-Gallon Bag and Side Discharge Chute, 14″/13 Amp, Green from the company after waiting for a few months. I had been really excited for this product to come out and couldn’t wait to use it when I received it.

    When I got the lawn mower home and put it together (which was very easy – all you needed to do was snap on one handle) I charged up the battery overnight and went out the next day to cut my grass with my new Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower w/Collapsible Handle, 3-Position Height Control, 10.6-Gallon Bag and Side Discharge Chute, 14″/13 Amp, Green . Unfortunately, when I pushed down on the handle to engage the blade nothing happened. You are supposed to be able to just press down once and it starts cutting but no matter how hard or how many times I pushed down the mower blade would not engage

    I went back inside and checked the battery to make sure it was fully charged. It was at that point I noticed there was a green light flashing on the charger unit, which meant something wasn’t plugged in all the way or properly.

    Overall, I am not completely satisfied with this lawn mower. It’s so hard to start up and the battery doesn’t last long at all.I would say if you have a very small yard, this lawn mower might be good for that. Otherwise, I would not really recommend it.

  • Sun Joe MJ403E 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher, 7-Position Adjustment, 12-Gallon Detachable Grass Collection…


    The Sun Joe MJ403E 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher, 7-Position Adjustment, 12-Gallon Detachable Grass Collection Bag is a very good product. The price is $199.99 on Amazon, which seems like a good amount of money for this type of product. The product is lightweight and has an easy to use interface that makes it great for both young and older people.

    The product also features a 7-position height adjustment that allows you to mow your lawn in the perfect position.

    The Sun Joe MJ403E 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher, 7-Position Adjustment, 12-Gallon Detachable Grass Collection Bag has received 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon from a total of 9 customer reviews and is considered one of the best products for this type of category. The customer review have all said how happy they are with their purchase and how nice it is to be able to get something like this delivered at such an amazing price with free shipping included. Some customers pointed out that the product can sometimes leave behind some chunks but overall people seem very satisfied

    The only complaint I have about this mower is that I would like to see the bag be bigger so you don’t have to stop every time and empty it. All in all a really good product for people with big yards!

We hope you found this article helpful in deciding which rechargeable lawnmower is the best for your needs. If not, we recommend checking out our blog on choosing a power tool or reading up more on these models of mowers before making your decision. Thank you for taking the time to read our post and comment below!


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