The best push lawn aerators

The push lawn aerator is a device designed to improve the drainage and support of your lawn. Aerating your lawn makes it easier for water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. This process also breaks up thatch build-up that can occur with regular mowing. Understanding how these machines work will help you choose the best lawn aerator for your needs.

There are two primary types of push mowers: spike and plug.

Spike mowers feature a bunch of tiny, thin spikes that can be adjusted based on how deep you want them to penetrate into the soil.

You can purchase a push lawn aerator in either gas-powered or electric models. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages to consider when deciding which is best for you. Gas-powered models are more powerful, but they do require that you add oil that must be mixed with the gasoline, making them a bit more expensive to operate.

Electric models are usually lighter, making them easier to maneuver, but they tend to be slower and not quite as powerful.

Because you have to push the lawn aerator yourself, you must choose a model that has the power you need without being too heavy for your needs. You’ll also want to make sure that the one you choose has enough space on its frame to hold all of your tools. This way, you can aerate your lawn and use the spike mower simultaneously.

Here are our picks of the best options.


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