The beginner’s guide to tower lamps

A tower lamp is a tall, narrow lamp. A true tower lamp can grow to be more than 20 meters tall. And it resembles the shape of a Medieval city’s lighthouse in many ways. It is wide at the base, narrower in the middle, and then wider at the top.

Adding cool lighting fixtures to your home will make it more inviting to guests who come over. And since tower lamps can enhance your mood, maybe you can call up that special someone you have been eyeing recently and invite them over for some tea or coffee! You could even use these lights in rooms where people congregate the most, like the living room, dining room, or kitchen table area, by stacking two or three of these floor lamps next to each other.

The beginner’s guide to tower lamps, Zazzy Home

If you are thinking about buying one for your home, here are some things that you might want to consider before making your purchase:

1) Location – The location where you will put this type of lamp will determine its size and how much light it emits into your room or hallway. For instance, if you plan to put it in a very big space like an entrance lobby with no ceiling height limitations, you can buy a tower lamp that is almost two stories high. They will give out plenty of light and help create an airy effect in your house. However, if you plan on putting it in a hallway or a big room with very high ceilings, then you might want to consider buying two or more lamps instead. This will give off enough light into the entire space without creating dark areas where one would feel constricted and uncomfortable.

2) Purpose of the Tower Lamp – This is very important because it will determine what type of tower lamp you should buy – one that emits light upwards, downwards, or both. For example, if you want a lamp for your bedroom, crystal lighting might be too bright and not suitable for you. However, if you need lighting in a hallway or at an entrance lobby, then they are perfect choices to go with.

3) Shape of the Room – If your room has a lot of straight lines and right angles, then you can opt to have a linear lighting fixture or tower lamp. However, if your living space is big and round either because it is a circular room or you have a very long hallway, then looking for a chandelier might be more suitable for your area. It will help create an ‘S’ pattern that will give your room great depth and shape.

4) Additions You Want to Make – In addition to clothes, shoes, and accessories, every woman loves getting new additions for her house. And seeing one’s home becoming more beautiful with things that look classy makes these additional pieces even more special to buy! So if you want to buy a tower lamp but are not sure whether it will fit in with your current décor, you might want to bring home additional items like vases and flower pots first. Then check if they look good near or around the tower lamps. You will be surprised how well they blend in together!

The beginner’s guide to tower lamps, Zazzy Home

5) Size and Shape – This depends on how big the space is where you want to put up this type of lighting fixture. If it is a huge reception or hallway, you might need to buy more than one lamp that will give enough light into the entire area. However, if your room has very high ceilings, you should only get small-sized lamps so as not to make dark areas in your house. These are just some things about tower lamps for home use that I could think of at present. There may be other factors that would determine whether or not these lights would work inside your property, but I believe the main ones I have mentioned here must be considered. Buy whatever suits your taste and preference and enjoy owning

6) Safety – This should be a priority, especially if children in the house may play around with these lamps. They should be sturdy enough to hold up even if a child accidentally touches or shakes them. You might also want to consider safety features like switches that automatically shut off the light when it falls.

7) Durability – If you plan on using a type of lighting fixture for a long time, it should be made from durable materials and have a strong build. Do not just go after the look or design of a lamp but think about its quality as well. If used properly, tower lamps can make a big statement in your home because they come in different shapes and sizes to suit every décor theme. However, you should consider all these factors before bringing one home to enjoy years of satisfied use out of it!

8) Bulb type – There are different types of light sources that can be used for these kinds of lamps, such as fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent. It depends on your preference and budget, though some require LED or CFL bulbs while others work with regular light bulbs. Generally speaking, tower lamps with the types mentioned above of lighting sources give off a softer and wider illumination, so they may not be suitable during late nights when you need focused and strong lighting to walk around in your house.

9) Material used to make the lamp – Tower lamps are usually made from metals like brass or steel alloys. Brass lamps are much better because they are also resistant to corrosion caused by seawater which means that their color will not fade even if it’s placed near the beach area, for instance. And if they are made from steel, alloys with chromium are used because it is very durable and strong. They look shiny and glossy for a long time as well. This can be a good option for you if you often bring out tower lamps to the patio area during gatherings or parties!

The beginner’s guide to tower lamps, Zazzy Home

10) The Price – Lastly, determine how much you can afford to spend on this type of lamp. Although they are very attractive and add beauty and light to your home, it is not really practical to buy one that costs a fortune. You can get very beautiful tower lamps within Php 5,000 or less that emit adequate lighting for your needs. Remember that they are available in different brands, designs, and styles suited to different room themes and décor. If you want a tower lamp with an LED lighting source, then find one within your budget range and read reviews about it so you can get an idea of whether or not the quality is worth the price.


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