There a number of reasons you may want or need to redesign your own kitchen; but the most common reasons are that they want their home to appear more modern, fresh and new or simply because they spend so much time in that room they would like there to be more comfort and style added – possibly both reasons will apply depending on whether the owner is looking for initial investment return as well as improved day-to-day living in their home.

What should I start with when redecorating a kitchen?

It’s always important to start any task by planning it out properly and this is especially true when it comes to redecorating. The first thing you need to do is take stock of what furniture, decorations and appliances you have in your kitchen already – be realistic about whether they are really serving their purpose or if they’re just taking up valuable space (which they most likely are).

Next, you need to decide on the overall look you’re wanting for the room; how modern, classic or rustic do you want your kitchen redesigning project to be?

Most importantly though you should try and get an idea of how much money will be spent all together as these things can easily add up to more than you might have thought – mostly because the costs of appliances, furniture and decorations can vary quite dramatically.

The Beginners Guide To Redecorating A Kitchen, Zazzy Home

How much will it cost?

How much money is going to be spent on redecorating a kitchen really depends on your overall budget for all elements of the project; how much do you want or need to spend replacing appliances with new ones?

What style of furniture are you hoping to purchase (be realistic here as really nice, high-quality pieces may come with a rather steep price tag)? Are there any decorations that you’re also planning on purchasing such as pictures for the walls? It’s important not to underestimate these things.

If possible try and get an idea from various shops about what some of their prices will be, especially those for furniture and appliances as they’re going to make up the bulk of your budget.

What about appliances? Do I replace them or not?

For many people, this is one of the most difficult questions when it comes to redecorating a kitchen but there’s no straightforward answer that will suit everyone; if you decide to purchase new appliances then you’ll need to think about whether they’ll still be appropriate and relevant in years to come. For example, if you were thinking about purchasing an all-singing, all-dancing 4 slice waffle maker with built-in radio – would anyone really want or use something like that in 5 years time? Probably not; so why waste money on more ‘bells and whistles than you really need?

Over time, styles change and in some cases, designs will become outdated which could make them unusable or unappealing to the eye. This is why it’s so important to think about whether your new appliances will be relevant in years to come

The Beginners Guide To Redecorating A Kitchen, Zazzy Home

Redecoration is a big deal. Why?

The first and most obvious point to note is that redesigning a kitchen is not something the average homeowner can do well themselves, while you may feel technically competent in many areas it will always be advisable to get professionals in to check over your work or at least as an additional pair of eyes when doing the project.

The costs involved with hiring professional contractors for services such as installing appliances, decorating walls and laying new flooring can seem daunting but if done properly it will make your home more attractive to potential buyers (in other words – more valuable) should you decide to sell up any time soon.

If you are taking on this job yourself either because of cost, need or because you are interested in the project then it is important to take it on as a full-time job for several days to a week at least; your home will be taken over during this time and almost every aspect of your life will suffer.

Rooms will need to be cleared out and furniture moved to different locations, new colors chosen for walls and surfaces as well as deciding how best you want them painted/decorated – all of these aspects require careful planning along with a very clear schedule of when each task should be completed by. A great deal of planning needs to go into every aspect of redecorating a kitchen properly.

The practicalities of redecoration

As mentioned previously but worth repeating here: if you consider yourself an amateur DIYer (do-it-yourself) or not someone who has experience in construction work, you will at the very least be taking on a project that is far more complex than redecorating your home’s living room or bedrooms.

The average kitchen is already extremely busy; you have walls, cupboards, appliances and work surfaces to paint but also wires and plumbing to contend with as well as flooring and of course windows to think about.

It is important not only to consider these practical aspects during the planning stage but also in choosing the materials used so that they will function smoothly when completed – for example, if you choose laminex for the countertops it may make sense to use slightly darker paints on the walls so that it contrasts less with them while you are working in that space.

In addition to these practical considerations, you’ll also need to be aware that some traditional methods of decorating are simply not possible (if you were thinking about painting over the top of tiles for example) – which can make your work much more complex than it first seemed.

Before committing seriously and in detail to a project, get good advice about what materials, tools and equipment will be required to complete the job as well as negotiating with any permanent fixtures which these might affect whilst you are working.

Neither time nor money is a bottomless pit and during your planning stages, you should consider whether there is an opportunity to cut costs at each stage, without sacrificing quality or reliability.

For example, if you are planning to replace the flooring in your kitchen – do you really need new tiles or can they be salvaged and cleaned instead?

Will it be cheaper (and better for the environment) to paint over existing cupboard doors than buy brand new ones? Will replacing the hardware on your appliances allow them to function better or does it merely make them look better?

The Beginners Guide To Redecorating A Kitchen, Zazzy Home

Get ready!

The first step to redecorating is, of course, clearing out the old items. If you are hiring professional contractors or doing work yourself then it will be necessary to remove furniture and appliances from walls before they can start working on them.

Packing up heavier items like stoves and fridges needs to be done carefully so that you don’t damage the appliance – for example, if moving a fridge it is usually easiest to open its doors first (if possible) and try not to move it around too much as this can cause condensation under the doors which is likely to lead to mold forming in the future.


Paint and wall covering is always the most obvious part of any redecoration project, whether you paint the whole room or just an accent wall it will make a difference to your space.

If working with professionals again it is worth discussing colors with them before they start work – if doing it yourself consider getting in several samples first of the type of color you want for walls (most hardware stores have these available for free) to test different shades by painting a section on one wall of the kitchen.

This will help you choose what works best for that particular area without having to unpaint and repaint later.


Tiling, flooring and furniture are all important parts of any redecoration project but less discussed than painting or wall covering. Tiles are often used in kitchens to line walls or for the backsplash behind work surfaces; if you are choosing this option there are many different types available with differing prices so it is worth considering how much use the kitchen will get as well as your personal style when deciding on which type is best for you.

The same goes for choosing new floors – hardwood leads to a warmer look while vinyl can be easier to maintain and clean however both have pros and cons so again it is important to consider their practicality before making a final decision.

Decorating large appliances such as fridges and stoves can seem like a daunting task but it really is as simple as choosing the color that you feel works best for your kitchen.

Are we nearly done yet?

The final phase is always exciting; once the walls are clear it is time to give your kitchen a new look and feel, this part of the project should be exciting as you can decorate with whatever colors fit your tastes best – just remember that lighter colors tend to make spaces look bigger while darker colors do often make them appear more cramped and smaller; if you want larger rooms then lighter paint will help keep things open while cooler tones may make things seem moodier in comparison.

Modern kitchens often use painting to introduce a high contrast color either behind the sink or as an accent wall, just make sure it complements your other decor and furniture otherwise you may end up with a kitchen that looks out of place.

Rugs, lighting and artwork help to break up the monotony of large spaces while smaller touches like small vases with flowers can also change your kitchen just enough to stand out.

The only real limit is your imagination; although remodelling or redecorating may seem intimidating remember that it isn’t necessary to replace

The Beginners Guide To Redecorating A Kitchen, Zazzy Home

Make life easier!

The final step in reinvigorating your kitchen is generally more of a luxury than anything else but if you have any appliances like dishwashers or ovens that are not working well then now is the time to get rid of them and replace them with newer models which will save you time and effort in future; this also goes for things like cabinets – simply purchase new ones rather than remodelling old ones as they will likely be better suited for modern needs anyway.

Consider adding in things like up to date appliances, lighting or even a backsplash behind the sink to help make it easier for you to do everything from cooking meals to washing dishes; these luxury touches will not only improve the look of your kitchen but will also make everyday life that much more convenient

The most important thing is deciding what works best for you – it may be remodelling or instead simply painting a few walls, either way, just remember to stay true to your own tastes and style as you do not want a kitchen that looks out of place or feels awkward to live in.

Decorating is supposed to be fun; if possible get someone else involved too so that they can bring new elements into the mix such as decorations from their own homes – this will give ideas for future


If you are ready to start your kitchen remodel then simply follow the steps listed above and use your creativity to make it unique for yourself; one final note is that regardless of what type of budget you want to spend on a project it is always better to get a professional to give you an estimate at the outset rather than spending several hundred dollars only to discover later down the line that changes cannot be made without completely starting over again.

Thank you for reading this guide on how to decorate a kitchen! The next one will have different colours and techniques. I hope it is helpful for your future projects 🙂 Good luck guys! ~Olivia X





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