What is a footstool?

A footstool is defined as furniture that is used to bring yourself closer to the ground. They are usually padded, and often have storage beneath them for things like blankets or spare pillows – but this isn’t always the case.

The first known reference to the word “footstool” was in 1598, when it was mentioned in countryman William Harrison’s book entitled Description of England. It has been historically accepted that footstools were devised by people who were either too short or too lazy to sit on regular chairs – they would use these large cushions instead.

Why do I need a footstool?

A footstool can be used for many different things. Here are some of the most common uses:

– Storage space for blankets, spare pillows or other small things you use frequently. For example, one of my favourite features of my footstool is that I often tend to fall asleep with a bottle of water next to me throughout the night – and there’s always been an issue storing it on the ground next to where I sleep.

My footstool allows me to store this safely under cushion, while keeping it close by at all times! In addition, I can also put any spare pillows I may have for me to sleep better on!

– An alternative seating space in your living room. My footstool is located right in front of my TV and couch – and it’s an easy place to sit down when you need a break from the couch or if there are more than two people watching something on TV, that’s where everyone would end up sitting!

– A place to prevent your feet from touching the ground when trying to reach something such as getting a book off of a shelf (if you’re too short) without having to get a chair! It can also be used for reaching higher areas such as kitchen countertops

Where should I use my footstool?

There are many places you can choose to use your footstool. Here are some examples of where it may be best suited:

– Your bedroom – if you have a small bed, but require more space for storage underneath, you could put the footstool on the other side to make up for the missing cushion. This is also great for when people come over and want to sit down or put their shoes on!- Your living room – this is where I use my footstool, as mentioned above! It’s a great place to put it since it provides extra seating for guests.

– The kitchen – this was one of my locations when deciding where to put the footstool. I thought having one nearby would be useful for those times that we’re all rushing around and we need an extra set of hands in order to cook! (which happens quite often)

– The living room – this is usually the number one place I advocate using your footstool in! It’s great as an extra seat when there are too many people that need seating, it provides extra floor space (which is always useful!) and can also function as decoration pieces (e.g. a footstool with a wooden frame and a cute cushion can be looked at as a nice decoration piece!).

How do I choose an appropriate footstool?

There are many factors when choosing which kind of footstool would best suit your needs. Here are some examples of questions you could ask yourself:

– What colour is my home? This determines what style and theme you’re going for! Footstools come in a variety of different colours – from neutral, to bright and colourful. It all depends on what kind of feeling you’re going for in the room!

– How many people will be using this footstool? This decides if it should be big or small enough to sit comfortable on! If it is just meant for one person (e.g. someone who wants it next to their bed so they can store things under) then having a smaller one will be perfect!

However, if there’s going to be more than one person using it (e.g. someone wants a footstool next to their couch for extra floor space and an extra seat), then bigger is probably better!

Where can I find inspiration for where people use their footstools?

There are many places online that provide inspiration as to how you can put your foot stool around the house! Here are some examples:

– https://www.pinterest.com/pin/608948363144090947/

This is a Pinterest page with different styles of putting your footstool around the house – from decorating them, or making them into an actual place tosit!

– http://www.decoist.com/style-and-design/10-unexpected-places-to-put-footstools/

This shows you 10 places within the house that are unexpected locations to put footstools – for example, under your kitchen countertop!

How do I decorate my new footstool?

There are many ways you can decorate your footstool. If it’s either a new one – or if the material is quite plain/boring looking, here are some simple tips on how to spruce up any kind of wooden stools!

– Use fabric of different patterns and colours to cover the seat part. This makes it look less bland, more unique, and also gives you something comfy to sit or put your feet on!

– Add an accent pillow in the same theme as your home (e.g. with a farmhouse style house, add in some pastel coloured cow print pillows!) for extra comfort when using it around the house.

– Make sure that wherever you place your footstool is also inviting – you don’t want to use a blanket over it, or have it in a location where people can trip on it!

– Make sure that your footstool isn’t too big so as to be used for storage instead of seating – if it’s smaller than a regular chair, this should not be an issue.

What should I look for when buying a footstool?

This depends on what your needs are and how you want to use your footstool. If you’re looking for something that will provide more storage space, look out for storage pockets or pouches underneath the seat.

However, if you’re looking for something that is more of a decoration piece than an actual footstool (e.g. to be used as an ottoman), look out for one with an interesting shape or design on it!

And there you have it! Having a footstool will make your home much more comfortable and welcoming to everyone who enters. It’s great if you need extra floor space around the house because having somewhere comfy to sit is always better than standing up 🙂

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