It’s easier and cheaper to “fake it ’til you make it” when decorating a bedroom. Certain upgrades can make your space instantly feel more expensive. The tips are all easy and relatively inexpensive to spend less than a lot on some luxe decorating.

A cheap frame can be made for the most inexpensive DIY frame collection. It can be used to decorate your art and hang your work in a similar frame. DIY hangers are available at The Dollar Store or just buy a cheap frame. The Dollar Store: A place where you can get inexpensive frames. These may not be the best quality but work perfectly for your budget.

Simple ways to freshen up your bedroom that won’t break the bank, Zazzy Home

If hanging up a certain piece of art is difficult, try putting it in an easel instead. This will allow you to face it any way you want and display several pieces at once.

You don’t necessarily need an easel to display multiple pieces, either! Instead, you can buy clip-on hangers from the craft store that are perfect for this purpose.

Cover your walls with tapestries.

No bedroom can be complete without a tapestry or two to add just the right amount of color and warmth. Hang one above your bed, tuck another away in the corner. They make perfect bedroom accessories because they are great for all seasons.

Reposition your bed.

If you have a fairly large room, you can add space to the bed to the window. The bed doesn’t need to lean against the wall to create a cozy reading spot. You can reposition your bedroom so that the window is positioned a few feet further to create a place where you can sit and read a book from the bedroom instead of being forced to go into another room.

Change the lighting in the room.

Try replacing a lamp, throw in some string lights, or adding a suspending lantern or bulb. Simple tricks such as using a less bright bulb in the ceiling light can have a massive impact on how a room makes you feel. Too bright it is hard to relax. I favor not using a ceiling light and instead of using a nice table lamp with a dim bulb.

Simple ways to freshen up your bedroom that won’t break the bank, Zazzy Home

Zhush your pillows.

Over-filled pillows are the gold standard at fancy hotels, so bring that same look home. Hotel stylists do this by buying inserts that are slightly larger than whatever their pillow covers are. Look for ones that are thick and lofty as you can find, and don’t skimp on the number of them. Overstuffed decorative throw cushions are a high-end look in fancy hotels.

Get rid of furniture you don’t need.

Small desks have multiple functions, like a desk that also functions as a nightstand or nightstand.

Diffuse your favorite scents.

Simply adding a new scent to your space can give it new life without breaking the bank. The incense holder or candle jar is aesthetically pleasing too. Adding an incense stick makes it less expensive to get rid of a candle or incense. The best scent is an eye-watering candle and incense.

Bring a plant.

Plants are wonderful! Plants make you feel more responsible for your space and a more responsible human. In addition, growing plants make a room nicer and make your space a focal point of attention, says the author.

Simple ways to freshen up your bedroom that won’t break the bank, Zazzy Home

Add a mirror.

You’ll get more light bouncing around in the room, which can make a room look bigger. If you have your own smartphone camera, you’ll also get a larger room without using it.

Find a way to hide unsightly cords and cables.

Phone chargers and lamp cords can be an eyesore when your bedroom is made up. Use small Command hooks or tape to tuck phone chargers behind furniture and behind carpets. You can also tuck long cords behind furniture or beneath carpets into your room.

Get rid of items that don’t serve an essential purpose.

One of the first things to remove your space are unnecessary items. Sara Barney, owner and principal designer of BANDD DESIGN, said furniture that’s often unused or bulky could be removed. According to Sara Barney, the first thing to remove is too bulky or unused furniture, which can be too heavy or unused. If you want to create a serene space, get rid of unnecessary items!


Interior designer and home improvement blogger, Abby has over 20 years of experience in the field. After working as a designer in New York City, she moved to the suburbs and began blogging about her design projects and tips. Abby's work has been featured in magazines and online, and she is always looking for new ways to make her home look beautiful and inviting. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, and hiking.

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