If you have a small bedroom, feeling cramped is an easy thing to do! It can feel like there isn’t adequate space for everything you want to store. The truth of the matter is that with just a little bit of creativity, imagination, and determination, even the smallest bedroom can be turned into your dream room. One important key to getting the most out of small spaces is keeping what you use regularly close at hand while keeping seldom-used items hidden away in drawers or cabinets under your bed or behind doors where they won’t take up valuable floor space.

Simple tips to make the most space in a small bedroom, Zazzy Home

This way, you’ll never lose sight of those things that make life easier and you’ll never have to crawl under a bed or roll out a messy old rug just to get what you need. So, whether you live in a tiny one-room studio apartment or a larger but more crowded space like the kids’ rooms at home, here are some tips on how to best use all of your bedroom storage space.
Start with what you already have!

If there’s not enough room for both your dresser and desk, choose either one that works for your lifestyle right now and store things underneath it until you need them. And if that doesn’t work then consider ditching the dresser all together — tuck away everything below your hanging clothes behind doors or inside drawers so they aren’t taking up valuable floor space.

If you have problems with clutter, consider adding a ‘junk drawer’. This can be great for keeping small items organized and out of the way. In fact, the majority of homes already have one built-in: that little space between your stove and counter. It’d probably take an avalanche or two to fill it up! So don’t ignore that tiny bit of extra room in your living area just because it’s not very big — even a junk drawer can help keep things tidy and easy to find when you need them most.

Remember what we said about storing away rarely used items? Well, now is when you’ll put those ideas into practice. If there’s really no space in your bedroom for anything else find some other room in the house to stash the non-essentials. A guest room, bathroom, or even a laundry room can be great places to keep extra blankets, pillows, raincoats, boots, umbrellas – all of those things you need on occasion but without regular use are best placed somewhere else with lots of floor space available.

If you’re really desperate for more space then consider hanging shelves above your bed. It’s not uncommon for people to store unused shoes and other clothing in these areas! This works really well if you have something like an entertainment center that doesn’t have many additional drawers or cabinets underneath it. And if you want to go old school — throw some shoe boxes under there!

If your room isn’t already equipped with shelves, installing them will make it much easier to keep things organized and quickly accessible without sacrificing floor space.
Shelves can be placed over the headboard of your bed, installed across the wall behind the door, or even built right into a corner if necessary.

In fact, if there is one area in which you should spend money on upgrades, building shelving is probably it! Another way to save on storage space without spending too much money is by storing some items underneath your bed. If you own boxes that are filled only halfway with clothes or books or other lightweight materials, these make excellent storage containers for things like blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals.

Simple tips to make the most space in a small bedroom, Zazzy Home

At this point, you might be wondering how to make the most of your closet! If there’s one thing that can really help maximize small closets, it is shelves; particularly shallow ones that take up less space but still provide lots of room to store things like shoes or bags on hangers.

If possible try to place furniture against walls so there is room for traffic flow around the pieces. But don’t discount free-standing furniture — particularly under-the-bed storage pieces and built-in desks that fit under the eaves.

Collapsible hampers are a great way to hide dirty clothes until you can haul them down to the laundry room or drop them off at the cleaners. The mesh ones allow airflow so that things don’t get too stinky, plus, they come in all kinds of colors and patterns!
For kids’ rooms, consider getting floor bed trunks since these take up less space than regular dressers but hold just as much stuff! Also try out cube organizers for your children’s toys instead of big toy boxes because these are easier to move around, provide better access for little hands, and clear away clutter by putting a lid on things like stuffed animals and games when they’re not being played with.

Another option for kids is to consider making an area rug out of bath mats! Drape these over the top of existing flooring, tuck them tightly underneath edges where they won’t slip around, or place them right up against furniture if that’s what works best in your space.
So now you know the basics — but don’t stop there! Play with different setups until you find something that really works for you. The more time you spend trying different solutions, the better feel for your room you’ll get and the easier it will become to build a functional bedroom no matter how small or crowded it may seem at first.

If you’re still feeling cramped, don’t forget about good old-fashioned folding. Rather than trying to stack everything in your closet together so there’s no floor space unoccupied, fold everything neatly and put it away in drawers or cabinets. You will find that by giving yourself usable surface area inside your closet you’ll feel much more comfortable than if it were cluttered with unused items.

Another important note about maximizing storage in your bedroom is that it’s often a good idea to buy clothing and shoes in natural fabrics like cotton or wool over synthetic fabrics like polyester or spandex. These can be much easier to fold and store when they’re clean, dry, and fresh from the laundry, which saves you time and energy!

If everything else fails, it may be time for a change of scenery. Giving yourself a new perspective on how you use your room will help lead you to ideas for improvement!
Solve one problem at a time, though; if you try to do too much at once there is a greater chance that something won’t get finished properly before your interest wanes.

Simple tips to make the most space in a small bedroom, Zazzy Home

The best way to ensure that you maximize your bedroom and get the most out of your space is to stay determined and to enjoy it! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or change your mind; figuring out how to turn a small room into a big one can certainly be a challenge but it’s much more rewarding than giving up!

Good luck!


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