Kitchen shelves are much more decorative than you might think. You can easily spice up your kitchen with some small changes. There are many nice decorations that are easy to use, look great and cost little money.


Believe it or not, flowers are a fantastic decoration for the kitchen shelf. They come in all kinds of colors and types so there is surely one that will suit your taste perfectly. Believe it or not but even though they have no smell, the wonderful colours spread throughout your kitchen will cheer you up! Plus, they can last for weeks if cared for properly. Flower pots come in different shapes and sizes so why don’t you go down to a store near you and take a look? If you’re worried about caring for them, you can always buy fake flowers.

Potted plants also make great kitchen shelf decoration and they come in many varieties and shapes, so there will surely be one for your taste. If you wish to add a bit of greenery to your home while giving it a personal touch, why not buy an indoor plant? Once again, there are fake ones that look just like the real deal!

Ceramics / Photographs

If you’re more into traditional decorations then perhaps some nice ceramics or photographs would do the trick. You can even use both at once! Either way, they will definitely help you create that picture-perfect atmosphere in your very own kitchen! Of course, if these two aren’t really your thing (or they are but your kitchen is tiny) you could always go for something else. Just try to make it personal, people love when things mean something!

Simple ideas to decorate kitchen shelves, Zazzy Home

Comics / Postcards

One of the most personal ways to decorate your kitchen shelves is by using comics or postcards. You can find some really cute ones that will fit your taste perfectly! These are also great if you want to add some humor into your décor, just think about matching them with the rest of the new things in there! It’s very easy and cheap too so there’s no reason not to get started right away. There are also many other options for this particular kind of decoration so get creative!


When all else fails, vases are always a good way to go! You can find some really nice glass vases that will help you transform your kitchen shelf into something special. These are usually small and often too big but they do come in many different shapes, so you’re bound to find one that suits the rest of the décor perfectly. When choosing them, make sure you pay attention to their weight as well. If they are too heavy, it might be dangerous for people (especially children) who live in your home since they could easily break them if not handled properly.


Lastly, candles are among our favorite kitchen decorations because they offer a wonderful glow that makes everything seem warmer and cosier. These will also offer your kitchen shelf an unusual touch that will make it more interesting. There are many different kinds of candles, so perhaps you could invest in some scented ones? That would really help create the right atmosphere!

At the end of the day, there are no hard and fast rules about how to decorate your kitchen shelves. Just remember to try and be creative! It’s all about personal taste after all! If you’re not sure what to decorate them with or which items would look best then just go for something small that will bring color into your home. Flowers are usually a safe bet but if you want something specific, why not ask your friends or family members? They might have some great ideas for you! Another option is to check out local stores as they often sell wonderful decorations at a small price.

With these tips in mind, your kitchen shelf will finally have that amazing decoration it’s been waiting for! So what are you waiting for? Go and get started… right now!


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