I would like some advice on painting a tray ceiling. I’m considering whether to paint it the same color as the wall or change the color slightly, perhaps by 3 shades.

“Terra-cotta and earth tones (like rust or terra-cotta) look better with white walls and off whites look better with these more intense colors.” The reason for this is because it draws out the intensity of the other colors in your room, which can be visually jarring. If you are considering changing up your ceiling’s color slightly, consider doing something like freshening it up by painting it a shade lighter than your wall color – meaning if your walls are painted peach, then go with an off white or cream for your tray ceiling.

However, if you don’t want to commit to a new color, another option is painting it the same white shade as your walls. The only issue with this technique is that because of the high contrast, it can look very stark and sterile.

So which option would you recommend if I’m considering whether to paint my tray ceiling the same color as my walls?

If you are considering painting your ceiling white like your wall, consider using a semi-gloss so the sheen isn’t too flat or matte – adding some luster will soften up any sharp lines caused by the contrasting colors and add depth.

However, if you do not wish to commit to a new hue completely, then simply adding a soft coat of off white paint will suffice and give your space anare thinking about painting your tray ceiling then you’ll want to think about the room’s current color scheme.

For example, if your wall is painted in beautifully bright hues of yellow then it may not be best to paint your tray ceiling in an equally passionate purple tone. The reason being that this would create too much contrast between two features within one room. Itwould be best to choose a shade of paint that is either the same tone as your wall or one shade lighter. For example, if your walls are painted in beautiful bright hues of yellow then it may not be best to paint your tray ceiling in an equally passionate purple tone.

In addition to all this advice, you should also take into consideration the material and style of your tray ceiling prior to painting it a new color. If you have a plaster tray ceiling then it will need special attention because these surfaces tend to soak up any moisture which can result in bubbling or even rot.

To avoid this from happening, use only high quality paints that are specifically designed for plaster ceilings. For more tips on how to paint different types of ceilings, check out other posts on the topic.






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