Bathrooms are an excellent place to play around with your design aesthetic and try out various looks before settling on one that is right for you. A modern bathroom will give you more flexibility to create a space that is more suited to your individual preferences, in contrast to conventional bathrooms, which can be overly formal.

Both of these designs provide water-related services, so there isn’t a huge amount of differentiation between them in terms of their practicality. However, the similarities end there because showers and bathtubs have very different features that, depending on a person’s way of life, may be more appropriate for some individuals than for others.


If you want to relax after a long day at work, a bathtub is the ideal place to do so because it allows you to spend a few hours to yourself without interruption, during which time all of your concerns and strains can be washed away down the drain along with the water. Keeping this in mind, individuals who like to unwind after a long day at work are likely to favor taking baths rather than showers.

For some reason, people still have the misconception that baths are reserved for children and adolescents; however, this is no longer the case. There are no restrictions placed on who may use a bath or how frequently one should be taken. You can either let them soak while you brush your teeth, paint your nails, or do whatever else you need to do while they are in their bathroom if they don’t want to share yours (just make sure the tub is deep enough for your legs!). Alternatively, you can pop them in their bathroom if they don’t want to share yours. They are also wonderful for providing you with some time to yourself away from the company of other people, which is yet another advantage of using them.

In terms of the installation, putting in an en-suite in your bathroom will give you the option of taking a shower in one room while soaking in the tub in another, which will make it easier to prevent the spread of bacteria. When it comes to your regular routine of taking a bath or shower, there shouldn’t be any competition for space if you have a large enough bathroom to accommodate two distinct rooms outfitted with bathtubs and showers.

Baths are also wonderful because they raise the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it; consequently, an en-suite bathroom is very likely to continue to be in demand among prospective purchasers. The only potential drawback is the increased cost of installation, which may be necessary if your bathroom hasn’t been finished being fitted and therefore needs significant remodeling work before a bath can be installed there.


A shower might be more your speed than taking a bath if you’re not a fan of soaking in the water for an extended period of time. They are also excellent for water conservation, so if you live in an area where there is a scarcity of freshwater, this may be an alternative that is worthy of consideration for you.

Showers are not only simple to install because they can be installed in virtually any bathroom without the need for significant renovations, but they are also very cost-effective in the event that you decide to move to a new residence.

Imagine that you have a large family or that your friends are the type to drop by more often than not. If this is the case, then showers are the best option because there will be sufficient space for everyone to wash their hands comfortably, and because they are located in separate rooms, there will be no competition from other members of your household!

Showers and bathtubs each have their perks, but the mode of personal hygiene you choose should be dependent on what is most practical for you. For instance, if you like to relax after a long day of work and prefer long baths, installing an en suite bathroom will accomplish the task at hand while simultaneously providing excellent value for the money spent. On the other hand, if space is at a premium in your bathroom and you don’t want to make any significant structural changes, then a shower could be the answer if that is more suitable. If you want to learn more about this topic, check out this article.

It is up to you and your individual preferences and requirements to decide whether you would prefer to take a shower or a bath. If you are unsure which option will work best for you, why not try both of them?

Share with us in the comments below whether you prefer to take a shower or a bath, as well as the reason for your choice.


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