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Setting Up a Clock In A Living Room, Zazzy Home

Setting Up a Clock In A Living Room

One item you have decided that is a must in your living room is a wall clock. Of course, you must be complimented as your choice is excellent. Wall clocks can work in any style of living room and make for a timeless and decorative tool. Whether you already have a clock that is ready to be hung or probably are in the process of picking one out, here is a quick guide on how you should place it in your living room.

Setting Up a Clock In A Living Room, Zazzy Home


As I have said, earlier wall clocks can come in a variety of styles. Your living room can give out a certain vibe, but even so, you can find a wall clock that will fit in. If you have not decided on a clock yet, do not feel that you are being pressured to do it. To help you visualize that clock in your home, you need to consider some options.


Two things need to be considered when deciding the height at which you will hang your wall clock. The first is its vertical placement. Clocks are best viewed at two levels. One is at a level that is between the chest and the eye. If you want your clock to be higher, it needs to be higher than any item that acts as an obstruction in your living room. The best position would be over a window, doorway, or mantel.

The next thing to be considered is the size of the clock. An oversized clock, especially one with large hanging pendulums, must be at eye level. This will help balance the visual weight and not allow your clock to dominate the decor in the rest of your room.


It is not only the height you need to consider while hanging your clock but also its location. recommends that a clock be hung at least 4 to 6 inches away from any other art, furniture, or light fixture.

They say for good luck, your clock should be opposite a doorway or window, and preferably face, east, north, or northeast. Your clock will be in the right position if it is above bookshelves, tables, or couches. You must be sure that it does not vie for attention with the other items you have in your living room.


Now is the time for you to hang your wall clock. Now that you have picked the spot, you will hang your wall clock; you need to follow the steps needed to ensure that your wall clock fixing to the wall is safe and secure. Call on a friend or family member to help you.

Step 1: If the clock you have is large and heavy, you will need to find the stud position in your wall with a stud finder. If you are not going to take the help of a stud, the suggestion is that you must use anchor screws or nails that can hold the weight of your clock. If your clock weighs less than 20 lbs, then you may not need a support anchor.

Step 2: Hold the clock against the wall in the place where you are planning on hanging it. Mark its topmost point with a pencil. If the clock is heavy, you may need the help of your recruited helper to either hold the clock or to help in marking its position. God for you if your helper is named Mark.

Step 3: Your clock will have a hanger at the back, and you need to measure the distance from the top. Now mark out that distance down from your earlier mark. So, if the hanger is 4 inches below the top of your clock, your second mark has to be 4 inches below your first mark. This is the spot where you will need to put in your nails or drill for the screws.

Step 4: A screwdriver or drill can be used for securing the anchor onto the wall. If you have a light clock and use a screw instead of an anchor, make sure that 1/3 of the screw is still visible.

Step 5: Now, you can hang up the clock and get congratulated for its great looks.

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