Have you recently renovated your kitchen, and the outdated faucet has been bugging you? One way to modernize your kitchen is by replacing the old faucet with a new one. When choosing a new faucet, make sure it complements the décor in your kitchen. Several styles and brands of new faucets will add more style to your kitchen.

The three-hole sink commonly found in most kitchens can be transformed into an uncluttered workspace when equipped with a pull-out sprayer. Pull-out sprays usually cost less than $100 and offer full-range motion. In addition, some models come with built-in soap dispensers for added convenience.

What if I told you that you could enjoy all of these benefits from a single faucet? The Touch2O Technology from Moen gives you the convenience of a spray head, the power of a full-flow, and the precision of hand control. In addition, you can dispose of your old single-handle kitchen faucet with this high-tech faucet.

Modernize your kitchen with new faucets, Zazzy Home

You might be thinking that all touch faucets do not match well with a modernized look in your kitchen. However, elegant designs are available for touch faucets to add more style to your kitchen. In addition, you can enjoy complete access over water temperature, flow volume and even activate the child safety lock on some models.

Touch faucets are very convenient when washing dishes by hand because they automatically shut off when not in use. This will prevent water from leaking all over the place when not in use.
If you want to add a little accent to your kitchen instead of updating the entire place, try replacing your old faucet with one in a different color. Faucets are available in many colors, including stainless steel, black, white, and chrome.
Are you looking for a budget-friendly way to modernize your kitchen? If so, replace your old faucet with an economical touchless model made of plastic. Most touchless models cost less than $50 and will still give you the convenience of having no hands on deck when doing dishes or cooking.

Touchless faucets work by activating sensors that detect movement near the fixture. Many sensors offer motion detection up to 16 inches away from the faucet, making it easy for anyone to activate water flow. If you are looking for the cheapest way to modernize your kitchen, consider replacing your old faucet with an electronic faucet with push buttons instead of levers.

Modernize your kitchen with new faucets, Zazzy Home

Electronic faucets can easily be installed by following these simple steps:
(1) Shut off the water supply to the existing faucet.
(2) Remove the aerators from both ends of the lines supplying water to the new sink.
(3) Disconnect any hot or cold lines from under the existing sink and attach them to their new counterpart on top of the new sink using standard Teflon tape or a similar product to not damage the supply line.
(4) Once all of these steps are complete, attach the existing lines to their new counterparts on top of the faucet.
(5) Turn on the water supply to test for leaks or faulty connections. This would normally be done through your main shut-off valve located under your sink cabinet. With this done, you can now install your electronic faucet by just screwing it on top of your countertop with no extra tools necessary.

Once you have performed these simple steps, you will have a modernized kitchen working for you in just minutes!

Modernize your kitchen with new faucets, Zazzy Home

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