You have recently purchased a salt lamp and are now curious about whether or not you should try to lick it. Let us dig more into this topic, given that we are not in a position to pass judgment.

It will not hurt you to put your tongue on a salt lamp. However, you must be certain that the lamp in question is made of genuine salt, as there are several lamps on the market that instead emit colourful glass beads for decorative purposes. If you lick these coloured beads, you could potentially ingest metal that is poisonous. 

Since you now know the quick response, let us delve a little more into this topic and determine whether or not there are any advantages to licking a salt lamp. For it is not up to ask why…

In the last few years, the market for salt lamps has exploded out of nowhere. Go back five years, and no one had one; these days, they have been the must have accessory for home offices and bedrooms across the land.

It is not difficult to see why salt lamps have become so popular. They release negative ions, which are supposed to provide relief from seasonal depression, asthma symptoms, allergies, and other respiratory problems. Negative ions are also said to provide a natural mood boost and deliver a natural mood boost. 

There is nothing remarkable or mystical about salt lamps; they are merely large chunks of salt that include trace minerals like magnesium and sodium. Salt, on the other hand, has the ability to attract airborne particles thanks to its ability to conduct electricity. These airborne particles include ions, molecules of smoke, pollen, dust, pet hair, and even mould spores.

If you find yourself in a stressful situation and decide to lick your salt lamp, you should know that you will not be causing yourself too much damage by doing so. It is crucial to avoid licking in the vicinity of water since, if salts become wet, this can cause skin irritation by producing sharp crystals that hurt sensitive areas such as your tongue. Licking in this proximity to water can also cause skin irritation. And, of course, don’t lick too close to where the power cable runs!


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