So, you’ve just got a new salt lamp and are wondering ‘can I lick my salt lamp?’  As we are not here to judge, let’s explore this further..

Licking a salt lamp is actually safe. But, you have to be sure that it’s just actual salt because there are some lamps that emit colored glass beads for decoration. These color beads may contain metal which can be toxic when licked. This safety risk goes away once the beads are removed from the lamp.

Is it safe to lick a salt lamp?, Zazzy Home

Now you’ve seen the short answer, let’s have a look into this in more detail and see if there are any benefits in licking one’s salt lamp.

There’s been a boom in salt lamps in the last few years. You’ve probably seen them at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. They’re pretty popular these days! The popularity of salt lamps is understandable. They emit negative ions, which are said to create a natural mood boost and provide relief from seasonal depression, asthma symptoms, allergies, and other respiratory problems. But can you really lick a salt lamp? Let’s explore this question further.

The real safety concern with licking a salt lamp comes in the form of its electrical cord. Lamps need to be plugged in directly to an outlet, and cords must NOT TOUCH water or moisture in any way, or they could become damaged and create electrocution hazards.

It’s also important not to lick near water because if salts get wet, this can cause skin irritation by forming sharp crystals that irritate sensitive areas like your tongue.

Is it safe to lick a salt lamp?, Zazzy Home

Salt lamps aren’t special or magical; they’re just big chunks of salt containing minerals like magnesium and sodium. But, because salt is electrically conductive, it can attract particles in the air like ions, molecules of smoke, pollen, dust, pet dander, and even mold spores.

This is what gives salt lamps their negative ion effect. Negative ions are created when an electrical current passes through the salt crystal, which causes positively charged sodium atoms to lose an electron.

The liberated electrons then attach themselves to nearby airborne microscopic particles, causing them to stick together in clusters that are too heavy to stay in the air. Once dumped out of the sky onto surfaces where they accumulate – your clothing included – these clusters are washed away with water or brushed off.

Is it safe to lick a salt lamp?, Zazzy Home

Salt lamps give you the ability to produce negative ions in your home, and they’re pretty stylish and cute too! In addition, salt crystals release subtle, natural scents that are said to have therapeutic benefits, which can help with asthma sufferers or people who are stressed out.

So, next time you are stressed out and decide to lick your salt lamp, know you won’t be doing yourself too much harm. You might get some strange looks, on the other hand!


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