They’ve been used for centuries to purify and heal-but we’re not sure how they work. This is a brief rundown on some of the most popular reasons people use salt lamps, what they’re made of and why you should buy one!

What are salt lamps and how do they work

Salt lamps are blocks of natural, unrefined salt with a light bulb inside. When lit, they give off an orange-ish glow that many people say gives a sense of peace and serenity to a room.

They also work to purify the air in your home because the salt emits negative ions into the air. These ions help reduce dust and allergens in the air. These negative ions also assist with reducing eye strain from using screens all day long.

Salt Lamps are made of a large chunk of natural, unprocessed salt that’s been hollowed out to hold a light bulb. The light bulb heats the salt, which then emits negative ions. These negative ions are said to have a number of positive health effects on those who breathe them in!

Is a salt lamp really good for you?, Zazzy Home

How do you use a salt lamp?

Salt Lamps can be used in all areas of your home. They’re much larger than candles-most are anywhere from one to two feet tall and weigh up to 10 lbs. You can place them on your desk, dresser or nightstand for nighttime use-or anywhere you want extra focus and calmness during the day!

They don’t give off much heat at all, but they last a long time-some have even been running continuously for decades! When lit, many people find that they emit a peaceful orange glow that’s perfect for creating a sense of serenity in any environment.

You can leave the salt lamp on 24/7 for consistent energy or turn it off when not in use. When using your salt lamp to improve air quality, we recommend that you keep it plugged in 24/7 to receive its maximum benefits.

Do not put a lit salt lamp into storage as this could potentially damage the bulb inside of it. If you unplug your salt lamp at night, be sure to allow it to cool down before storing it so there is no risk of fire.

Salt Lamps filter through the air and collect all the dust particles inside them, including allergens like pet dander, cigarette smoke and other pollutants that are floating around your house or office space.

If you have pets, don’t worry-the salt lamp will not collect any of the salt from their fur, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming a dusty mess.

The best way to take advantage of your salt lamp’s air filtering abilities is to place it in the areas where you spend most of your time-such as your living room or bedroom. Since they’re designed for close proximity use, they can be placed anywhere!

They also make great nightlights and are often used as “white noise” machines that provide a consistent level of calming background sound that drowns out other noises and helps lull people into deep sleep states.

If you’re on medication or suffer from insomnia or another sleep disorder, this could be an excellent solution for better quality rest at night. Some people keep them in their offices or even their cars. If you have seasonal allergies, place your salt lamp near the areas where you spend the most time when you’re experiencing symptoms-this could be your living room during winter months or next to your desk at work during springtime.

Generally speaking, it’s fine to use a Himalayan salt lamp without its base, however, this will limit how many outlets are available nearby since the cord is designed to plug into a standard outlet. It is possible to lift up the base of the unit and move it closer to an outlet if needed, but generally, they are designed for short-range proximity lighting with all cords hidden behind them so they appear more like sculptures than functional lamps.

Since there are no moving parts in a salt lamp, they’re extremely durable and can last for many years if cared for properly.

Is a salt lamp really good for you?, Zazzy Home

The benefits of using a salt lamp in your home or office

Salt lamps are a proven method of balancing the air quality in your home. Salt lamps help to reduce negative ions in the air, which can cause many illnesses and worsen allergies. The mechanism that makes salt lamps work is that when the low-voltage bulb inside of them is turned on, it heats up a piece of salt. This produces ions in the air from the salt, which then help to cleanse indoor air from pollutants and allergens.

If possible, placing a salt lamp directly by your computer can help you feel better at work. This is because many people spend so much time working on the computer that they breathe in its pollutants over and over again.

We all know how important it is to be careful about what we are breathing into our lungs, so consider getting a salt lamp for your desk! It helps to reduce negative ions from other electrical appliances as well, so it will prove beneficial no matter where you choose to place it.

Salt lamps look good anywhere too- whether you have an antique table or modern desk, there will always be room for one of these lovely lamps! Plus their glow is much more pleasant than that of the fluorescent light you receive from your office’s overhead lighting.

Salt lamps can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

If your office or home has a window in it where you receive sunlight for at least 30 minutes per day, consider placing a salt lamp right in front of this window. The dirty side of the salt lamp should face outside so that none of its negative ions is emitted out through the window. Since this will be considered an artificial source of “light,” it may increase your chances of combating the winter blues.

Salt lamps are great to help fight off colds

If you or a loved one has come down with a cold, flu or virus, place the salt lamp near the area where you sleep. Some people keep them on all night long while they are sick to help speed up recovery time. Once the infection has passed, it’s important to maintain healthy sleeping habits by turning your lamp off at night and not sleeping in past when sunlight comes into your room .

Salt lamps help to increase “good” feelings

If you’re feeling stressed out during the day, keep your salt lamp on as a source of stress relief. Some people even find that their mood improves after spending time near their salt lamp during those stressful times. Many users consider it an effective way to combat anxiety and depression since negative ions help to uplift your mood and balance your emotions. The warmth from the bulb and lack of any loud noises makes them a great option to place right next to your chair or sofa-even if you only turn them on for an hour at a time.

Pregnant women can benefit from using a salt lamp in their bedroom at night

If you’re pregnant, consider keeping your Himalayan Salt Lamp in your bedroom at night if possible. The benefits of negative ions have been known to reduce morning sickness during pregnancy since they help to reduce nausea and encourage sound sleep. It may take some time for you to adjust to sleeping without your salt lamp, but it will be well worth it soon enough!

Is a salt lamp really good for you?, Zazzy Home

Salt lamps are often used to treat insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping at night, then placing a salt lamp directly in your bedroom is an excellent idea. Nearby windows should be closed though so that the negative ions from the lamp do not escape. You can also consider keeping it on overnight, even if it does make you feel slightly warmer at first.

Many sleep experts say that the warmness of a room before bedtime helps people fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. If you must leave your room during the night to go to another part of the house or into another room, then turn off your salt lamp first! This will ensure that none of its particles escapes into other rooms where you may not want them. Salt lamps can help to increase serotonin and dopamine levels

If you’re feeling the winter blues, then a great way to deal with it is by turning on your salt lamp for an hour or more each evening. The benefits of negative ions that are emitted from this source have been known to improve moods while also encouraging higher production of certain chemicals in your brain, such as serotonin and dopamine.

This helps to reduce anxiety and depression over time, while also elevating any feelings of sadness associated with seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It may take some time for these effects to occur though since the body needs some time to adjust. But seeing results is well worth it!

Salt lamps are an effective way to purify the air in your home

Negative ions from a Himalayan Salt Lamp can help to reduce allergens and pollutants from the air around you by attracting them toward their surface. This includes smoke, pet dander, pollen and even mold spores!

If your home or office is frequently filled with these types of irritants, consider keeping a salt lamp on as much as possible to keep the air clean. It may take some time for all of the particles to be drawn into it, but this should happen over a wide range of surfaces within a few weeks’ time, However, if you have any pets or are thinking about getting a new pet, then it’s best to wait until the lamp has had time to work before bringing them into your home. The salt lamp will not harm your pet at all but can cause irritation if they try licking it since its shape is similar to that of their favorite chew toy!

A salt lamp may help reduce the effects of allergies and asthma

Allergies can be triggered by many things- dust mites being one of them. A study in China found that by placing a Himalayan Salt Lamp in rooms where dust mites were present helped to reduce their growth significantly. But this does not mean that just because you have an allergy means that you must give up your salt lamp

Since the benefits of negative ions from a Himalayan Salt Lamp can help reduce symptoms associated with allergies and asthma, there’s no reason not to try it out! It may take some time before you start to notice results, but soon enough it should be able to help you breathe more easily!

Those that have used them have found that they are best for preventing respiratory infections over time by keeping the air around you clean. They also provide other health benefits too though- such as increased levels of serotonin which helps improve moods overall! Keep in mind though that even though these lamps can cleanse the air around you, this does not mean that if someone smokes cigarettes around one then their health will greatly improve. There are many

The benefits of owning and using a salt lamp

Standard benefits:

– Increase your concentration and reduce stress.

– Improve the quality of your sleep

Emotional benefits:

– Create a space that feels like home.- Increase the sense of security.

– Reduce anxiety and stress.

– Be a wonderful addition to any space where you want to relax or meditate

Physical benefits:

– Helps to purify the air by emitting negative ions.

– Inhibits airborne bacteria, viruses, mold spores and other allergens from replicating

The most interesting benefit for me is that my salt lamp helps me with various skin problems such as irritated skin or redness. It is great for puffy eyes in the morning too 🙂

Salt lamps help my daughter’s asthma and hay fever symptoms – she has less coughing at night compared to previous days when we didn’t have a lamp in her room! Also, my daughter loves it very much when she can turn off the light in her room and still see the lamp in the dark.

Thank you for reading! If you have any comments or questions below, I’d love to answer them.


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