We get asked that a lot. Mainly because what is typically bought isn’t really a Minky; it’s the cheap polyester fleece version with nothing but “Minky” in the description. A real Minky blanket generally has at least 30% mink and/or merino wool blended with cotton or rayon fiber.

This creates a soft, lightweight batting that will last several years if cared for properly and is machine washable. A big selling point of any baby blanket made from mink or merino wool is that they hold their shape and don’t stretch out over time like most traditional cotton quilts tend to do. These blankets are truly heirloom pieces that can be passed down through generations, cherished by all.

How to wash a minky blanket, Zazzy Home

Minky is a man-made fiber that has been in use since the late 1950s. Minky was designed to mimic the feel of real mink fur. All over soft, incredibly plush, and addicting to touch! It can be found in almost any color you can imagine and even some shades not found in nature.

When cared for properly, it will last forever (if not longer than you). If cared for improperly, it may pill or fade after a few washes; but considering how inexpensive they are compared to other high-quality blankets, replacing them won’t break your budget if they do become pilled or fade with age.

Minky’s tend to be more expensive when comparing cotton, flannel, or fleece items. But you get what you pay for, and with a Minky, this means years of use from a high-quality breathable blanket that won’t stretch out over time as other cotton quilted baby blankets tend to do.

How to Wash a Minky Blanket

Washing your Minky blanket is very easy, but how often you should wash it depends on how often you use it. If you use it every day, you might need to wash it after about three uses; if not, after five uses would be enough. How dirty the blanket gets will also determine how long you can go without washing it. If the blanket does get very dirty and has lots of stains, give this article another read before continuing with how to do it.

The most important thing that needs to be done before starting this process is finding out how delicate your Minky blanket’s material is. Stripes, polka dots, and any other designs that are on the blanket should be taken off before washing it. You can take them off by cutting them, or if you buy a new one, how it would come off should be how you do it to take the old design off.

How to wash a minky blanket, Zazzy Home

Do not use regular detergent when doing this process, so look for special detergent for blankets, don’t worry they sell these in most department stores like Walmart or Target. If the label does not say that it is good for blankets, then don’t use it because all of the fibers that make up your blanket will get washed away and leave your blanket with holes in it.

The first step after establishing how delicate your blanket material is is to get the washing machine ready. Make sure that you get fresh water in the wash, no soap, and make sure it is on cold; if not, then your blanket will shrink up. Next, put your blanket into the washer, making sure that it gets completely wet before shutting it.

Next, you want to let it agitate for 1 minute, this should be how long it takes for the water to get all over your blanket, after this time, take out your blankets one at a time and wring out all of the water.

Now get out another clean bucket or just fill an old milk jug with lukewarm tap water, but not too hot because then it may melt some of your fabric or other materials that are in your blanket. Slowly then, put all the pieces into the bucket of water, making sure that all of it gets wet.

After letting it sit for a minute, you want to take them out one by one and wring out as much excess water as possible without hurting how soft or how small your blanket will get after washing. Try not to twist how it is because this might start to make holes in your blanket.

Now line dry your Minky blankets, if you have more than one, they should be able to dry faster when they are separated, so try and keep them apart from each other, so it’s not too time-consuming. It may take up to 8 hours for a good quality Minky blanket to dry properly.

Your washing is dry, get them out of the dryer and inspect how they look, if there are some that didn’t come out very good, then consider washing it again but changing one of the steps or two. This will usually help how it becomes better than before; however, if it’s still not how you want it to look, try ironing them on low heat with however many blankets you have in each one separately. This should make how your Minky blankets look better than before but avoid using high heat because this could melt how thin some Minky blankets are.

How to wash a minky blanket, Zazzy Home

You can choose to line dry however many blankets you washed, or you can use a dryer on however low of a heat. If how they look is how it was described before in this article, then congratulations, how your Minky blanket came out should be how good you wanted it to look.

If, however, after this process, they still do not come out the way you want them to, then try washing them with different detergent or using a high setting instead of low for drying them. These steps should help get how your Minky’s appearance back to normal.


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