How to upcycle a bathroom cabinet

A bathroom cabinet is a perfect storage unit for your on-the-go beauty and grooming supplies. This tutorial will show you how to upcycle a bathroom cabinet into a console table that can be used as an entryway piece or in any other room (like the kitchen or dining room) of the house.

How to upcycle a bathroom cabinet, Zazzy Home

Step 1

Remove the drawers, shelves, and cabinet doors. You may remove the mirror if you want to have more space on your console table, but it’s not necessary. It also depends on how thick your cabinet is – if you use a wooden or metal sheet that is 2cm thick, then the back of your console table will look more polished if you do include the mirror.

Step 2

Arrange your drawers in the order they were in before removing them from the cabinet. Then, measure and mark out where each drawer goes using a pencil.

Step 3 

Cut out the outline of each drawer using a jigsaw, being sure to leave about 1cm around each pencil mark. You can use a metal file or sandpaper if there are any sharp pieces that shouldn’t be touching the body of your console table, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

Step 4

Sand all your cut edges to smooth them so they are safer for handling and don’t snag on clothing or scratch anyone who may come in contact with them. This is not necessary if you have already filed off any sharp bits. Wipe away the dust with a lint-free cloth before proceeding to paint your cabinet drawers/shelves/doors.

Step 5

Paint one side of the cabinet doors, then let it dry (2 coats if needed). Flip them over and paint the other side. Once they are dry, attach hinges to the door and drawer fronts of your choice (I used decorative brackets because I like how they look). You can also make your own using small picture frame hangers if you want a more customized look – this will be easier to assemble afterward.

How to upcycle a bathroom cabinet, Zazzy Home

Step 6

Attach dowel supports where you measured out in step 2. Use wood screws and washers on both sides of the support piece, and pre-drill each hole for a secure fit that isn’t at risk of falling apart once fully assembled. Attach these supports with two screws (one on either side), so there is less chance of the screws coming loose with time.

Step 7

Attach drawer pulls or knobs to your drawers using wood glue, then let them dry overnight. Next, attach short legs to each end of your consoles (or feet if you prefer) using wood screws and washers. Pre-drill through the leg into the bottom of the console, so it doesn’t break once fully assembled. You can also buy small wooden boxes or crates, in which case you could skip step 8 altogether – just attach a handle.

Step 8 

Paint your tabletop – this is optional if your cabinet doors are mirrored on both sides but will give more polished results when used as an entryway console that isn’t seen from behind or underneath. Wipe away any dust with a lint-free cloth before moving on to the next step.

Step 9 

Attach your tabletop to your cabinet using wood screws, washers, and two hinges on each end of the console. Make sure it is level for both aesthetic reasons and to avoid anything falling through any cracks or gaps between where your tabletop meets the body of the drawers. Let these dry overnight before attaching knobs/handles/shelves…etc.

Step 10 

Now all you have to do is put everything back in their respective places – put all your smaller personal items in the drawers, plus larger items like watches in the top tray (if you choose one) or just secure them against one side, so they don’t roll off. Finally, add your favorite photos, candles, and flowers to make it more personal (and add that non-cluttered look if you like).

The best part about this project is that if you don’t like it after a couple of days, you can always pull it apart and sell some of the pieces for profit while using the rest in the next upcycle. The only thing you will need to keep is your tabletop – unless you want to repaint or buy a new one that fits your color theme.

You could also use different types of wood stains for an even more unique look. Another option is to cover the entire table with thick fabric instead of paint/stain, which would give a completely different look but requires a stapler/staple gun, scissors, and fabric to achieve.

Since this was my first upcycle project, I would love your ideas on how I could have spent less money or made it better. Please don’t hesitate to leave any thoughts in the comments section if you feel so inclined! It will help me with future projects. Thank you for reading!


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