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How to upcycle a bathroom. A fun beginner’s guide, Zazzy Home

How to upcycle a bathroom. A fun beginner’s guide

This post is part of a series I call “how to upcycle,” meaning how to repurpose something you already have for purposes other than the thing’s original intended use. The idea behind this series is that there are infinite possibilities when it comes to turning something old into something new. We only really need creativity and the will to try in order to make awesome things happen.

I’m doing these posts to inspire you guys because looking at awesome examples is another way of getting ideas. And who knows – maybe sometimes an awesome example will look so awesome that it’ll inspire you to go out and find your own awesome example!

How to upcycle a bathroom. A fun beginner’s guide, Zazzy Home

Today’s post is about my hometown: El Paso, Texas. Now, I just bought a house here in El Paso, and I’m currently doing renovations on it as we speak. So as you can imagine, there’s some major upcycling going on around these parts.

Well, anyway, today I went to the public library to print out some stuff for my upcoming trip (which I will be talking about in another post). While waiting for my things to come out of the printer, I browsed the internet looking at various sites – including Wikipedia – where I learned that two mayors of El Paso were murdered over politics! Good times.

Anyway, the thing about upcycling is that it costs next to nothing. For example, the bathroom pictured below was not professionally done or anything like that; it was decorated by a girl who had some water-resistant paint from when she painted her bathroom and thought, “hey, the color is nice. I should use this in my bathroom.”

This is a great example of how you can take items that would otherwise be thrown away and turn them into something useful again. In this case, the upcycler used simple water-resistant paint to achieve a very cool patterned look which she then enhanced with seashells, starfish, and other coastal decors. The finished product looks really good, actually – it’s not just a random pattern with a few dead things stuck on it for decoration or anything like that. She did all the hard work of painting the pattern herself, so she definitely deserves credit for her vision and craftsmanship.

On that note, I encourage you guys to try your own bathroom makeover. Nothing is stopping you from using an old can of paint and coating your walls with a pattern! If the end result is crappy, then it doesn’t matter because nobody else apart from you and your friends will see it (hopefully).

You should also think about painting the floor; this is very cheap and easy to do – pretty much the same as painting walls except on a larger scale. As long as you can mix colors together, there should be no problems whatsoever. For example: if you mix orange and black together, you get something that looks like dried blood (not really, but sort of).

Such a color would definitely look better than just plain white (or whatever color your bathroom is).

Another thing you could do is put some shelves up and make a little storage area on top of them. Shelves are very cheap and easy to find, so this shouldn’t be hard at all. You can use old mason jars for storing stuff such as soap bars, tissue paper, or even shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Mason jars come in several different sizes; I suggest getting small ones, though, because they’re more versatile than big ones – there’s more you can do with them, which will save you money and time. These things cost next to nothing, and they look really nice too:

If there’s something else that relates to coastal decor, like, say… driftwood, then you should definitely try your hand at putting that up on your shelves or anywhere else in the room. Driftwood really is good for coastal-style bathrooms; it looks great and gives off an atmosphere of either…

A beachy environment (if you choose to just leave it as driftwood) A beach scene with palm trees, seashells, etc.

Another really cool thing you could do is buy some water-resistant wall stickers. These are not that expensive (~$30 on eBay ), and they’re very easy to put up. So why not try something new out? 😀 Here’s a few examples of what you can get:

As far as I know, wallpaper is still available so if you want to give your bathroom walls some color, then feel free to use some of that. Just make sure you don’t get too much color on it because the whole point of decorating is to make things better; in this case, if your walls are completely black or red, then there’s no point, is there?

If you’re really good at making these sorts of abstract patterns, then that’s another thing you can try out. But, of course, my advice is to not go overboard with this sort of thing, if you know what I mean. It has happened before, actually – when people have gone a bit too far and made their bathrooms look like a mental patient’s cell:

The above bathroom isn’t very well decorated, but it gives an example of going a little too far with this sort of thing.

So that’s about it for now. Just remember to have fun doing this! 😀

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