How to turn a small bathroom into your own personal spa retreat without breaking the bank

The key is creativity and thinking outside the box. You don’t need fancy things like a hot tub or water bed: there are tons of easy DIY projects that can turn any space into an oasis for just a few dollars (or less!) First of all, if you’ve got a big bathroom with a tub, it would be pretty tough to turn that into a spa retreat. Sure, you could use that tub to make a homemade bubble bath or try some of the other spa recipes I’ll share below. But you’re probably better off saving your money and creating an oasis in another space if it’s at all possible.

How to turn a small bathroom into your own personal spa retreat without breaking the bank, Zazzy Home

One of the best things about being able to create a personal spa retreat is that you can do it basically anywhere without too much hassle. So let me show you how!

A hot shower or bath on a cold day.

There’s nothing more relaxing than a hot shower. And to make it even more spa-like, add a homemade bubble bath to the mix!

Bubble baths are fun to use in addition to a shower or alone, depending on your mood and time.

Make your own bubblebath

Bubble bath supplies: glycerin soap*, distilled water (tap is okay), 1/4 cup of baking soda, 5-10 drops of essential oil (peppermint oil would be refreshing for the skin and senses), a jar with a cover

If you’re using glycerin soap flakes, add one tablespoon to boiling water until it dissolves. Or, if you want just regular bubbles, take one-quarter bar of regular soap and grate it into some boiling water. Let it cool down first before adding the other ingredients. If you want bubbles that last longer than ten minutes without popping, use a combination of one part baby shampoo to 3 parts water.

Bubble bath mixtures with soap often leave residue on the floor because of their high sodium content, so be sure to clean up any spills immediately.

Pour 1/4 cup of baking soda in the jar and add 5-10 drops of essential oil. Cover and shake until mixed and fragrant. You might have to experiment a bit with the amount of oil you use to get the right mix for your nose.

How to turn a small bathroom into your own personal spa retreat without breaking the bank, Zazzy Home

Once everything is well-mixed, pour in 1/2 cup distilled water (tap is okay), or whatever amount will bubble up into a mountain on top when shaken. Add more if needed. If using glycerin flakes, dissolve one tablespoon of boiling water and pour into the jar. Add 1/2 cup distilled water, shake, and enjoy!

The baking soda acts as a skin exfoliator while drawing toxins out through your pores (it’s effective if you leave it on for a while). The essential oils add a nice scent – peppermint is great for your skin, but feel free to experiment with others, such as lavender. If you use baby shampoo, it has a lot fewer chemicals than regular soap, which can irritate your skin. Dr. Bronner’s soap is also good because of how well-rounded its ingredients are. It foams well with just plain hot water too!

Always have enough liquid in the jar before shaking so that there aren’t any bits of dry baking soda that are hard to dissolve. Then, when you take the lid off the jar after shaking, hold it over your head so that any excess liquid falls back into the jar instead of all over the floor!

As with anything you make from scratch or mix your own ingredients together, discontinue use if you have an allergic reaction to something in either the bubble bath or just a regular bath without bubbles.

A hot shower on a cold day is relaxing and fun to add bubbles too! Baths can help draw toxins out through your skin pores while leaving behind essential oils for their wonderful scents!

How to turn a small bathroom into your own personal spa retreat without breaking the bank, Zazzy Home

A cold shower on a hot day

Instead of turning up the heat, cool off by taking a nice and refreshing cold shower – or relax in your tub with an ice bath! It’s perfect for recharging your batteries and waking up after a long night. And it’ll get you clean as well: just remember to moisturize afterwards to avoid dry skin.How it works

It’s a well-known fact that exposing your body to cold temperatures, such as those in an ice bath or a cold shower, are incredibly refreshing. The key is that when the water first hits you, it’s actually colder than your skin temperature (33°C/91°F). But as you soak in the water, heat from your body transfers to the surrounding cold air and then starts warming up the surrounding environment. Because this happens fairly quickly, we feel cooler temporarily – for example, if someone splashes cold water on our face. But once we get out of the bath and cool off in the surrounding room temperature air, our bodies start losing heat again just as fast – which makes us feel warmer!

You know this intuitively when you are out in the sun on a hot day and decide to jump into an ice bath after getting burned. The water seems very cold for a few moments, but it feels quite pleasant as soon as you get used to it (or warm up again).

How to do it

-Fill your tub with cold water. Use some fresh ice cubes if that’s what you prefer – unless you have a fancy cooling gadget like Hydro Chill, which is basically an inflatable mattress with built-in ice compartments! If there is one thing I can say about this product after seeing the video demo online, it’s: never try this at home.

-Get comfortable by sitting or lying down in the tub/shower for a few minutes until you get used to the temperature.

-Start enjoying your new colder state of being!

-You can also mix in some hot water – this is known as a contrast shower, which has more health benefits than just cooling down.

Use more mirrors

Mirrors on the bathroom ceiling are a very popular way of creating an extra dimension to the room; mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so why not put them on the ceiling?

This idea, which has its origins in Hollywood movie sets of the 1940s and 1950s, is not as far-fetched as it sounds. The benefit of having a mirror on your bathroom ceiling is that you can make the room seem bigger than it really is by reflecting light from windows; this also creates the visual illusion that there are windows all around the room which has an open feeling.

Mirrors also help reflect light onto dark surfaces such as tiles to improve their appearance, therefore, increasing your home’s value. They are also great for creating the illusion of depth and making any room look brighter.

However, suppose you don’t fancy having mirrors on your bathroom ceiling. In that case, there are other alternatives such as wall-mounted rectangular mirrors, which create a horizontal reflection along the long side of the wall, making it appear longer than it really is; this would be ideal in narrow bathrooms or where the space between windows (if any) isn’t sufficient to accommodate one above each of them.

How to turn a small bathroom into your own personal spa retreat without breaking the bank, Zazzy Home

If you want to try this fad at home, then you’ll need to consider a few things before going ahead with installation: Mirrors should be placed above eye level so that reflections are true and distortion-free. It’s important if you’re using small, decorative mirrors to place them symmetrically on each side of the window.

You also need to check that your ceilings are strong enough to support the weight of the mirror and keep in mind factors such as ventilation; some rooms such as bathrooms have natural ventilation, whereas other areas may not so use a fan or make sure windows can be opened when required.

Once you’ve satisfied that it’s safe and practical, you should choose a suitable mirror, e.g., frameless for quick and easy installation – simply push up from underneath to secure to ceiling joists with toothpicks or screws (not included). Another tip is not to get too carried away; don’t cover more than half of the surface because otherwise, it will lose its impact and risk looking garish

glass bathroom door

The glass bathroom door is a very vital part of the bathroom. It helps to create an illusion like you are entering an art gallery or something. The glass looks extremely smooth and makes the room look bigger than it actually is.

At the same time, it makes the bathroom look brighter and is a good addition to any home.

This glass bathroom door comes with all its panels in one box. It’s about 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall, and 0.75 inches thick. Before you get started, carefully review the instruction manual so that you know what tools you need before starting.

The first step is to install the hinges at 1/2 inch from each edge of both left and right doors that will swing outwards and on top at 1/2 inch from each edge for those that swing inwards or are stationary. Next, two fixed panels should be installed similar to how they would be mounted on a piece of furniture but much more precise since these are glass.

The next step is to put the glass panels into the hinges and top fixed panels. It may be a good idea to get somebody else to help you with this, but if not, it’s possible for one person to do it alone. Just take your time because these are glass, so you don’t want any of them to break.

In addition, only hold them by the edges because fingerprints will show up easily on clear glass. Then make sure they slide in smooth and evenly, or you’ll have some problems later when locking at least two corners into place. The most difficult part here is that there seems to be bad quality control from the factory as some of our door pieces were completely scratched when we received them even though they were bubble wrapped and protected well.

The last step is to install the doorknob on either side, one of which you will probably have to take out if it’s a double door.

Once this is done, you should be able to open and close your glass bathroom door without any problem.

All in all, the glass bathroom door is a nice addition if you don’t mind spending about $300-400 per unit. Of course, it has its pros and cons just like anything else, but at least it looks good from the outside, so it gives somebody looking in an impression that they made the right choice getting a house with this style of bathroom setup instead of having what seems like separate rooms for the shower, toilet or sink.

Use candles and incense in the bathroom

Candles are a must for spicing up the bedroom. But what about lighting some in the bathroom? That’s right, you read correctly! Not only is an enchanting bath enhanced by pleasant fragrances and slight moisture in the air – as opposed to dry air produced by heated air conditioners and standard humidifiers – it also helps to use candles that can be disposed of after soaking in water (for safety reasons).

The candle should ideally have a flat bottom so it won’t roll around on your tub or sink, which could result in a nasty accident if there is already some water present.

Here we will look at the different options available when planning to create such an atmosphere with candles, from various aromatherapy candles to candle holders and candle stands.

Incenses are another way of creating an inviting atmosphere that can be used with the bathroom candles. It is best not to burn incenses that have resins in them – as these will smoke a lot and might irritate eyes & throat. Stick or cone incenses are ideal for this, although you should avoid using too many powdery substances (they tend to stick to everything!).

A few tips on choosing incense: Instead of buying large quantities, try finding small packets at discount stores or local shops and buy several of them if necessary – you won’t end up throwing away your money! Note: You don’t necessarily need all different smells since mixing two scents can create a unique aroma.

Candleholders or candle stands are a good way of stabilizing your candles, so they don’t fall over and spill any wax or get lost in the water in the bathroom. These can be improvised by using a stable plate, bowl, or saucer, although types with a metal stand would work best for stability and safety reasons. Another option is to use an ashtray as a holder (although this probably isn’t the most hygienic approach).

Candles that will dissolve in water are very popular these days – especially when you want to add a touch of sensuality and romance (or humor) to bathing time. Of course, all kinds of special body paints can also be used in this context, but keep in mind that some may stain the skin and/or tub!

There are several different types of bath candles available – not just for bathing, but also to be used in the bedroom:

Flameless floating candles have a light inside, which creates a “flame” that looks like it’s coming from below the surface. As a result, the candle floats on water and works without any fire hazards or chemicals. Examples of such candles can be found at specialty stores or online shops that deal with aromatherapy products.

Determine how many candles you want to use (you can also estimate by filling your entire bathtub with water). If you want them moving around in the water as they burn, try finding some small glasses or bowls that will work as holders for your aromatic candles. Place the candles in their holders or saucers (or improvised ones) and place them around your bathtub. Fill the tub with warm water, get in – and enjoy!

Aromatic candles vs. aromatic gels: Some aromatherapy candles give off a pleasant aroma that is then diffused into the air by the heat created from the candle itself. Other such products use a wax-based ‘gel’ that melts when heated, giving off its particular scent when it mixes with the hot air inside your bathroom. Usually, only one candle is necessary to create an inviting atmosphere.

Use fragrant body lotions or oils before getting into the bath to enhance the effects of scented candles and relax even more! For shower-lovers who like to pamper themselves, aromatherapy candles can be used in the steam room or just before getting into bed.

Instead of putting it out by covering it with water, which will cause a sizzling sound until all that’s left is white ash (or your candle runs out of wax), you can also let it burn completely down and reuse the glass holder for another time. BONUS TIP: If you pour cold milk or juice over one out of two candles when they have almost burned down, this will make the other candle burn faster!

And last but not least – if you use scented bath salts or oils after bathing, try using some fresh flowers as decoration. It looks nice and smells even better!

Get a massage Wand

Having a massage wand is very beneficial, especially if you are stressed out. In addition, a bathroom would provide privacy and comfort, allowing you to relax better. This article will explain the benefits of owning a bathroom for relaxation as well as how to use your new bathroom massager for maximum effect.

A bathroom with a bathtub or shower provides more opportunities for relaxation techniques than any other room in the house, making it one of the best rooms to add a bathroom wand.


There are so many ways to turn your bathroom into a private sanctuary without breaking the bank. You can use furniture and decor to make it feel like more than just a bathroom, add extra mirrors for more light and room, or install a glass door so that you can watch the rain while relaxing in your own personal spa retreat.

Have you tried any of these ideas? What other creative solutions have you come up with on how to create an oasis within four walls without spending too much money? Share them below!


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