Looking for a way to add some colour and a statement to your garden? How about an ornamental garden flag? They are most frequently seen during spring and summer, when they are used to decorate porches, patios, and gardens. But when the seasons change and it is time to put them away, what do you do with them until you can get them out again?

Continue reading for some helpful hints on how to store garden flags properly.

Before you think of putting the flag away for another season, make sure you give it a go cleaning; at the very least, it’ll get rid of any bugs who will happily eat a hole in your prized flag during the colder months. Whether they have been hanging outside for the last few months or have been kept away in a box, it is likely that they need to be refreshed. After they have been washed by hand in lukewarm water with a gentle detergent, they should be laid out flat to dry in the air. If your flags can be cleaned in a machine, make sure to follow the washing and care instructions listed on the package.

Once you are sure the flag is nicely dried – this is important, if you put them away wet, they will start to rot –  they should be folded neatly and then placed in a storage bag or box. Before you put them away. To keep the flags in the best possible condition, add some acid-free tissue paper between each flag to reduce wrinkling and fading. You could also consider putting a portable gel-based dehumidifier in the box too. This will remove all the nasty damp from the air.

Lastly, remember to label the box once you are done. Whether you are keeping it in the garage, basement or loft, there is nothing worse than having a shelf full of anonymous looking storage boxes. With a simple label, you’ll save potentially hours of looking through dozens of different boxes.

What is the best way to store a huge flag?

So far our tips have been useful for smaller and averaged sized flags, but what if you like to show off your flag love with a giant flag. How do you go about storing these?

Fear not. The United States Flag Code has specific guidelines on how to store a flag. Following these guidelines will ensure your flag stays in tip top condition for as long as possible.

Although The United States Flag Code is primarily concerned with how to look after an American flag and how to display it properly, there are tips which can be applied to any flag in any location.

The “triangle fold” is generally considered to be the best way to fold a flag. This ensures the fewest creases on the flag and also means it takes up as little room as possible. Unfortunately, there is a knack to doing this so expect your flag to not come out perfect the first time you try. See the video below for a good starter guide.

Once you have a nicely folded flag, you will need to store it somewhere cold, dry and dark. This will not only ensure it doesn’t get damp, but will also reduce the chances of it fading.  Try and avoid storing it somewhere with large variations in the temperature as its can quickly lead to a flag coming out less than perfect when you open the box. Like small flags, where possible, make sure of acid free tissue paper. This is especially true if you plan on storing several flags in the same location; it is key that they do not touch each other.

After that, pop by and check all is well every now and then.

Final Thoughts

A garden flag will offer you many years of flying. If, and a big if, you take care of it. Treat it poorly and you will be spending a lot of money replacing it.  Follow the tips in this article and you will be able to bring the same trusted flag back out year after year and take pleasure in the colourful cheeriness provided all over again.


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