Spray paint can be found in any household or hobby store, and it comes in a variety of colors. Most types are oil-based, which makes them very durable once applied to a surface.

They are also difficult to remove from surfaces after drying, especially when the spray paint has dried on top of another coat for some time. It is not uncommon that some spray paints will stay on hard surfaces for months before they become too hard to handle.

Often, people who have put multiple coats of spray paint on their garage floor have used many different brands of spray paint over time without success. Combining several different brands of oil-based paint with each other can make it extremely difficult to get old layers off of surfaces.

Several methods can be used to remove spray paint. However, it is essential to note that the longer the paint has been on a surface, the harder it will be to try and get all of it off.

Step 1: Heat the paint

The first and most effective way to remove multiple layers of oil-based spray paint from a garage floor is by heating the dry paint with a small handheld blow torch or another similar type of device.

This method works best if done in smaller areas, as wear and tear can cause damage to items such as wood floors if not done carefully. Heating the dried layers enough will allow them to start cracking and peeling off quickly, especially on the first layer or on joints where two layers of paint meet.

Although this is an effective way to remove spray paint, it can be hazardous if not done correctly and should never be used without supervision.

Step 2: Use Acetone

Another way to remove dried layers of oil-based spray paint from garage floors is through acetone products. Acetone can be found at most hardware stores, although not all kinds are created equal.

Please avoid using any everyday household items for this process, as they will typically contain additives that may damage the surface you’re trying to clean. This method works by allowing the chemicals in acetone to dissolve what is known as the “top coat” of paint on the surface, releasing the spray paint underneath for removal.

This method effectively removes dried spray paint, although it takes a bit longer to do so on larger areas of a floor compared to using a blow torch.

Step 3: Try Goo Gone.

Goo Gone can be found in most stores that sell household products and is a very effective way to remove small layers of dried spray paint from garage floors without causing damage to the surface itself.

Although Goo Gone will not harm wood or other surfaces over time, it can contain harsh chemicals that may cause staining problems on porous materials such as concrete.

To properly use Goo Gone, first soak a rag with the product, then completely cover the area of dried spray paint until there is no more visible sign.

When using Goo Gone, it is important that you use a rag to do this, as simply spraying it on the surface can cause damage, so be sure to soak a rag and press it all over a single area before moving on to the next one if you choose to go with Goo Gone.

Step 4: Cut out the paint from the concrete.

In extreme cases where all other methods have been tried and failed to remove spray paint from a garage floor, it may be necessary to cut out areas of dried spray paint from the concrete itself.

This method is not recommended under any circumstances because it can completely ruin an entire garage floor made from concrete if done incorrectly, causing uneven surfaces and issues for people who have cars in their garages.

If done incorrectly, this process can also cause the garage floor itself to crack. On the other hand, cutting out areas of spray paint from concrete can be done with a diamond saw blade if done very slowly, making sure each cut is only an eighth of an inch deeper than the previous one.

This will keep the surface level with what is left of the existing concrete floor; however, it will take a bit of time to do it correctly.

Step 5: Use paint stripper.

If all other methods for removing spray paint from garage floors have failed, it may be necessary to use a product like a paint stripper. Although this can cause damage if not used correctly, it is an incredibly effective way of removing dried layers of oil-based spray paint from all types of surfaces.

This method works by using strong chemicals that dissolve the top layer on the surface where the spray paint has been applied, allowing it to peel right off easily after being evenly softened up.

Once again, be sure to avoid using common household items when trying to remove spray paint, as they typically contain additives that may damage the surface you’re trying to clean up after.

Step 6: Wait for the weather to cooperate.

The weather can be your best friend when it comes to removing dried layers of oil-based spray paint from garage floors. If you’ve tried all other methods without any luck, leaving it outside in the rain will cause the water to dissolve what is known as the top coat of spray paint, allowing the rest of the layers underneath to come right off after being softened up by rainfall.

This method should only be used if no other options are available, though, because, once again, depending on the surface type, it may leave behind permanent staining issues for people who have cars in their garages.

If none of these methods works for you, consider hiring a professional company specializing in cleaning garage floors or painting garage floors to get the job done quickly and properly.


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