How to remove lint from a blanket? This is a common question among many people. The answer: washing your blanket will get rid of the lint and fluff buildup. However, knowing how to wash blankets properly will produce less damaging results for your product. Here we provide you with easy instructions on how to wash a blanket.

1. Prior preparation:

The first step in effective ways on how to clean a blanket is using 1 cup of white vinegar and 2 cups of warm water into your washer’s steam basket or compartment. Fill the remaining space with water before placing your blanket inside it and set the temperature at hot. It is recommended that the hotter temperature will remove more stubborn dirt and stains compared to machine washing at cold temperatures which can only remove light dirt and stains.

2. How to wash a blanket/comforter:

It is easy to separate a blanket from the rest of your laundry before washing it because most blankets are too large for the washer drum, so you can throw them inside the washer by making sure they are totally submerged. Do not overload your machine with more than what will allow water to run freely through your blanket due to poor circulation which may cause damage. Add 1 cup of white vinegar and 2 cups of warm water into your washer’s steam basket or compartment then set the temperature at hot. Allow this setting to run its course until finished then reset your machine at a low heat setting for an additional wash cycle just in case some spots still remain after both cycles.

3. Preparation for drying:

Remove the blanket from the washer and place it inside your dryer at low heat setting with half a cup of white vinegar. It is recommended that you set the timer at 10 minutes so you will be able to check if all wet spots are already gone, then continue drying it until it’s completely dry. Remember that blankets may take longer than other laundry types to dry depending on how thick they are because of their fabric composition and fiber density which makes them absorb water very quickly during the washing process.

4. Additional tips:

Blankets can easily attract lint due to their nature and also often results in pilling over time as well as accumulation of dirt and dust along its elastic bands which is a common issue faced by many people. You can rid your blanket of these using a pill shaver which you can purchase at a local supermarket or departmental store near you. It doesn’t cost too much which makes it pocket-friendly and easy to maintain while keeping the lint at bay.

5. How to remove lint from blanket without a machine:

While this washing method is quite uncommon, it can be done by hand instead of through machines such as washers and dryers. Fill your bathtub with cool water then add some fabric softener prior to placing your blanket inside it and allow it to soak for about 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly in clean running water Return the wet blanket into the bathtub again and rub gently on its surface with your hand or fingers then rinse it in clean running water until all soap bubbles are gone. Repeat the rinsing process again but this time use cold water before placing it inside your dryer for maximum fluffiness and softness.


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