How to remove led strip lights from a wall without damaging the paint

The led strip light is perfect for lighting up your deck or garden; however, the sticky backing on this product is robust, and no matter how hard I try to remove it without damaging my wall, it just won’t come off.

I used a blow dryer to warm the glue so that it would become soft enough to remove, but all it did was melt the plastic coating around the LEDs. Is there anything else I can use?

How to remove led strip lights from wall without damaging paint, Zazzy Home

It would be best if you had something that would soften the glue so that you could pull off each individual led strip from the adhesive surface. Got some 80-100 grit sandpaper? It works wonders on removing glue residue during refinishing floors. Just fold up about 4 or 5 layers of sandpaper into a square with the adhesive side out.

Hold each end of the sandpaper in each hand with your thumbs on the top and forefingers on the bottom. Press down with your thumbs while you gently run your fingers up against the glue. The entire strip will slowly dislodge from its adhesive layer, leaving behind a clean edge where it was attached to the wall and perfectly intact LEDs ready for installation somewhere else!

How to remove led strip lights from wall without damaging paint, Zazzy Home

Anytime you’re dealing with sanding or grinding something with glued surfaces, working in sections is key to not accidentally sand away more than you planned and ruin an area that should be untouched. The same goes for removing paint (see how to remove paint without sanding ). And make sure you get actual sandpaper instead of trying to use a regular piece of paper – you’ll end up making your project even more difficult by using the wrong tool.


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