How to remove latex paint from wood floor?

Paint is one of the most popular types of paint because it’s easy to work with, but getting rid of it cannot be easy. The best way to remove latex paint from wood flooring is by sanding down the surface and applying a thin coat of petroleum jelly to protect the fresh wood underneath.

How to remove latex paint from wood floor?, Zazzy Home

The first step in removing latex paint is to sand away as much as possible. This will help expose any remaining bits that may have been missed earlier and also reduce the risk of creating scratches on your flooring when you’re trying to scrape off what remains with a putty knife or scraper later on. If there are already some scratches, you might want to cover them with a few coats of stain-blocking primer before starting this process.

Once the surface has been sanded down, use a clean cloth to wipe away any dust created by the sanding. Then apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly over the entire surface and let it dry for about 30 minutes. Petroleum jelly acts as a protective barrier between your new wood floor and your cleaning solution. It also prevents stains from setting into the wood. This is important because even if you end up scratching or gouging some of your hardwood floors during this process, you’ll be able to refinish them easily without worrying that they’re permanently damaged as long as they haven’t been stained.
You can now start working on removing all of the latex paint from your floor with an environmentally friendly paint remover. There are many options out there, but TSP is a safe and effective one. First, mix a quart of TSP in warm water until it’s dissolved. Then dip a cloth into the solution and start applying it in small sections to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Once your entire floor has been treated with the paint remover, let it sit for about an hour.
Then use your scraper or putty knife to scrape off any remaining latex paint that has been loosened from the area. You can also utilize a wet/dry vacuum to suck up all of this debris so you won’t have to deal with a hazardous mess on your hands when you’re done.

We recommend covering any newly uncovered spots on the floorboards with some wood filler so they can be sanded down and stained with the rest of your flooring. Once the filler has dried, you can apply a coat of stain-blocking primer to protect them from getting nicked or scratched up before applying any more coats of paint.

How to remove latex paint from wood floor?, Zazzy Home

Finally, apply a few coats of fresh latex paint over the entire surface and let it dry for at least 24 hours before walking on it again. Letting it dry for this long will allow time for any fumes that may still be present to dissipate, as well as ensure that your hard work doesn’t get smudged or dinged while you’re moving around heavy furniture.

Now that you know how to remove latex paint from wood floors, you’ll never have to worry about another color change in your home letting you down. You can use this process on all types of wood flooring, including hardwood floors and laminate ones, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different finishes. Just remember to do a test in an inconspicuous area first if your flooring has been sealed or treated in any way that could affect its effectiveness.


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