Bedbugs are parasitic insects, which feed on blood. They are nocturnal and usually hide in dark places close to their hosts, where they can remain undetected for long periods. Their flattened bodies allow them to fit into tiny crevices–for example, inside bed frames or mattresses, behind baseboards, electrical outlet plates, and picture frames, under carpet edges, and in upholstery fibers. Bedbugs do not have nests like ants or bees but tend to live in groups once they infest a location (such as a mattress).

How to remove bed bugs from a mattress, Zazzy Home

The first step is to inspect the whole room carefully. The sooner you start this job upon suspecting or finding them the easier it gets. Look for blood stains on sheets, bedding, and mattresses. Bedbugs leave behind black, tarry droppings that resemble coffee grounds or pencil lead. You may also find small white eggs in cracks or crevices.

The best way to inspect is by getting down on your hands and knees to see all the hiding places they might be using around the room.

It is said that it’s nearly impossible to completely get rid of bedbugs without calling a professional but here are some things you can do before calling one:

Strip Your Mattress And Box Spring Of All Linens – Do this first thing! Wash all linens in 120-degree water for 20 minutes then dry at a high heat setting for 30 minutes.

Vacuum Your Bed Frame Thoroughly – Be sure to get all cracks and joints.

Go Over Selected Areas Of Your Mattress And Box Springs With Alcohol – Dab it on with a cotton swab, wait 10 minutes and wipe it off with a dry cloth. You can also soak a Q-tip in alcohol and run it along the crack between where your mattress rests and where the wall begins. This will kill any stowaway bedbugs that might be hiding out there.

Place Fabric-Safe Dryer Sheets Around The Foot Of Your Bedding – This will help keep bugs from entering or crawling around inside your bedding while it’s hanging in the closet.

Do Bed-Bug Extermination Professionally If Necessary – No sense trying to do this yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing. Be sure to research any exterminators you choose to hire to make sure they are reputable and do not use dangerous chemicals in your home.

Here are some things you can do if you want to attempt the task yourself:
Use A Vacuum To Dispose Of Any Adult Bugs You Find – Suck them up in the vacuum cleaner then immediately afterward take it outside and dump out whatever was sucked up. This will both help prevent infestation within your house, plus it will keep the bugs from crawling out of the machine into another room (or onto your feet.)

How to remove bed bugs from a mattress, Zazzy Home

Place Plastic Or Glass Containers Over Exposed Mattress Corners Or Seams – Place some tape over the opening so that bedbugs cannot get out. This will stop bugs from traveling on your mattress during sleep and crib babies from crawling/rolling on it.

Wash All Linens In 120 Degree Water And Dry At High Heat Setting For 20 Minutes – Be sure to do this with anything you may have brought back with you from a hotel, as well as any clothes that were laying around that weren’t in use at the time of infestation.

If there is one bug or 10 bugs; you can spray them with alcohol (100% not 70%) and kill them instantly. It won’t be easy because they run fast but if they are exposed then they are vulnerable. Alcohol evaporates quickly and they will become disoriented, especially if you spray it in their hideaway.

After you kill the bugs with alcohol; clean your home with rubbing alcohol too; all surfaces; floors, furniture, countertops (or whatever it is on) doorknobs, etc. Let everything dry or use a fan to help. Be thorough! If there were any dormant eggs left laying around; this will kill them as well as any other bugs that come back after you are done. But they won’t come back because all their food source has been eliminated so don’t let them stay long enough to return!

If You Do Call A Professional – Ask Questions! What is the product that your company uses? Is it safe for use around my children? Do you have a guarantee on your work if reinfestation occurs? What is the product’s active ingredient and what company manufactures it? How long does this treatment usually last before I need to hire your services again?

How to remove bed bugs from a mattress, Zazzy Home

If There Are Any Bugs On Your Body – You can kill them with alcohol or make sure they are dead by smacking them off. It won’t hurt much since their mouths are designed to pierce through the skin; not wood; but you can also choose to leave them alone and let Mother Nature take its course.

If the bugs only crawled on your body then chances are there won’t be any eggs laid or anything left in your body that will lead back to where they originally came from (like hair).

Dust All Drawers And Closets With Diatomaceous Earth – DE is a powdery white mineral that is composed of fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton (diatoms.) Its sharp edges cut into the exoskeletons of insects and cause them to dry out and die.

Use Tight-Fitting Plastic Bags To Store All Clothes And Linens – Be sure to place clothes in bags right away, instead of letting them sit overnight. Seal everything in a plastic bag and store it all in your freezer for at least 3 days to be 100% certain the bugs are gone.

Use A High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Purifier In The Room For At Least One Week After You’ve Cleaned It – They will help clear any existing bed bug allergens left behind.

Many new products for bed bug extermination are now available. The most common of these include electronic devices that emit radio waves designed to electrocute the bugs(Bug zappers) or heat them up (toasters, hairdryers). You may also find pesticides sold at your local hardware store. Be careful with any chemicals you use as they can be harmful to humans, pets, and plants if misused.

There has been some controversy on whether or not it is necessary to wash all items that come into contact with them before placing them in the garbage. Some people say you need to while others don’t think it makes a difference since they’re just clothed/bedding which will be disposed of anyway. If washing everything first isn’t possible then at least if you decide it’s too difficult for you to do yourself, then find a reputable exterminator and use non-toxic methods! Anything else could end up poisoning your home or further ruining your health. You can start by doing some web research as this article suggests! Good luck, god bless and stay safe!


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