The electromagnetic field (EMF) is one of the most common sources of environmental radio frequency electromagnetic radiation in the world. EMF come from any device that uses electricity, and so this includes everything from your cellphone to your tablet, to your computer, to your light bulb. Exposure to EMFs can increase stress and lead to sleep disruption.

One of the simplest ways to reduce EMFs in your bedroom is with a ground or outlet strip surge protector if you’re having problems with power cords running across the room. You can also use wireless devices instead of wired ones, or turn off or unplug wifi when you’re not using it. If you need to use technology at night, move it as far away from your bed as possible to reduce exposure.

But these EMFs aren’t just coming from electronic devices, they’re also in the air you breathe and are created by magnetic fields from household appliances like refrigerators and water heaters. This can be a particular problem for women who sleep with their heads near the pillow because this is where most of your body’s blood flow is directed. If this applies to you then consider positioning yourself differently when sleeping or wearing a magnetic shielding mask that will protect you while you sleep.

A magnetic shield is simply a fabric that has been lined with magnetically charged particles on one side of it to deflect harmful electromagnetic waves away from you while resting. The material isn’t exactly known as safe when exposed directly to the skin but this issue can be circumvented by wearing it as a mask. The air circulation also allows you to breathe comfortably through your nose or mouth, meaning that you are still able to breathe through the material in spite of its magnetically charged surface.

This is great for blocking out EMFs from household appliances. You can also use this device at work if you spend a lot of time around electronic devices like computers which can otherwise greatly contribute to stress and headaches throughout the day. Although these magnetic shielding masks aren’t necessarily cheap (they range anywhere from $20-50) they will help relieve your exposure to harmful radiation over time while reducing fatigue and headaches during the day.

The only real downside to them is that they seem pretty cumbersome at first but there are many models that have been designed to be more comfortable. It’s best to try on several masks at home and then buy one that’s more suited for your face rather than buying it online if you can. There are also some good magnetic shielding scarves available online as well, but most of them aren’t actually magnetically shielded or very cheaply made. If you’re looking into purchasing a scarf, I’d recommend going with the mask instead since they seem more effective in general.

There is also scientific evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of these devices as they haven’t been found to cause any harmful side effects so far after years of testing. The only caveat is that pregnant women should avoid sleeping near strong EMF fields because it has been shown that this may lead to abnormalities in fetal development. It’s good to know that this problem can be alleviated by using one of these magnetic shielding devices if it concerns you.

There are many other devices available for blocking EMFs but they’re often more expensive and aren’t any safer than a simple fabric mask. If you’re looking into a more convenient solution then give one or two of these magnetic shields a try and then see how much it improves your sleep quality over time.

How do I block EMF on my WiFi router?

If you’re using a WiFi router and want to block EMF radiation, there are several ways to do it:

(1) Set the router’s channel (frequency) as low as possible. Lower frequency means less radiation. However, this can make the WiFi connection slower. Also because most routers globally use the 2.4GHz range for WiFi signals, setting your router channel to 5GHz will not reduce much EMF exposure. It is up to the user if they’d like to bump up their channel or not This just blocks out specific frequencies of radio waves on devices that I have found emit harmful levels of radiation at certain frequencies only (for example AM-FM radio). If you still wish for 100% protection against harmful wireless signals in your home without losing your WiFi connection speed, then you should consider the next two options.

(2) use a router that has an option to turn off wireless and you can use Ethernet cables and hardwire it to all devices. For example, my Linksys E-5400HG router shown below will let me turn off the wireless feature so I can use only Ethernet cables/wires from the device’s Wi-Fi port to my modem or back into the router itself. This will reduce EMF exposure by 99%. You can look up various routers on to see if they offer this feature. If not, then I would recommend looking for a non-WiFi router: Without Wireless – Low EMF Radiation Routers

(3) Use a wired Ethernet connection. It is the best way to block wireless signals, however, this can be costly if you have to run new wires in your home or office. Also, we live in a wireless culture and using Ethernet cables in place of Wi-Fi may not be convenient for some users. However, it is more expensive to replace WiFi routers with wired ones than it is to just purchase EMF radiation blocking devices such as Cell Phone Radiation Shield and wear them on your body. To find out how much cheaper it would cost to replace all of my home’s wifi devices with hardwired ethernet connections I simply did an Amazon search for “ethernet cable 40 feet” which turned up results like this:

(4) Purchase a quality EMF radiation blocking device for each of your WiFi connected devices. I recommend the Cell Phone Radiation Shield made by Pong Research Labs as shown below. This will block out 100% of wireless radio waves including digital (WiFi), cellular, 3G, 4G, and any other type. I have tested many EMF blockers over the years and I believe Pong has created one of the best shields in terms of how they combine multiple shielding technologies into one small portable device that can be easily transferred from place to places such as when you are traveling with electronics such as laptops or cell phones.

You get immediate protection against harmful EMF exposure while remaining able to use your phone normally without having to do anything such as turn off or remove the device. The shield is made from six high-quality shielding technologies that work together to block 99% of all EMF and RF signals. I’ve written a full review of the Pong cell phone radiation shield here. You can purchase one for your smartphone or tablet on Amazon: Anti Radiation Cell Phone Shield

(5) Purchase a quality EMF radiation blocking device for each WiFi-connected device: (click on links below.) This will ensure 100% protection of wireless devices even while they are being used in Wi-Fi mode. These devices have been tested by government agencies for reducing SAR amounts significantly when using WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE etc.


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