How to properly clean gaming consoles

In this day and age, video games are big. Video games are bigger than blockbuster movies. Video games have made more money in a year than Michael Jackson did his entire years on tour combined. As a result, video games have become a part of life for many people worldwide, which means it needs to be cleaned just like any other thing in your house.

Of course, when we think cleaning, we don’t usually think about our consoles because it’s very natural to clean itself by simply turning off when you’re done playing or watching something. However, there will come a time when it’s necessary to properly care for your video game console if you want it to last as long as possible without having issues such as overheating problems.


Before we get to the cleaning, let’s have a quick look at some of the most common problems that every console owner should know.

How to properly clean gaming consoles, Zazzy Home

– Overheating: Probably one of the worst things that could happen to your console. If you leave your console on for long periods, it will overheat, causing different issues such as error codes popping up or even corrupting your data. Sometimes this can be fixed by leaving the console off for a longer time, but if you want to be sure,, it is best to avoid playing excessively or keeping your console turned on for days in a row.

– Dirty Disc Drive: When discs are left out after being used, they often become dirty with fingerprints, scratches, dust particles, and more. While your console can handle a few of these things, they are all bad news for your disc drive which will require cleaning sooner rather than later.

– Cracked or Damaged Discs: Although usually not as common as dirt on discs, cracked discs happen more often than one would think. Even the smallest crack in a disc means that it is time to replace it before you end up losing hundreds of dollars over an unnecessary repair over something that was avoidable

Now that we have seen some examples of what can go wrong with our consoles, let’s see how to fix them.

How to properly clean gaming consoles, Zazzy Home

Step 1: Turn Off Your Console And Unplug It 

If you want to clean anything related to electricity,, the best thing to avoid it at all costs. Unfortunately, we can’t really do that with our consoles, but what we can do is simply unplug them so there’s no way they can be damaged by electricity. To turn off your console, just press the power button on the front of your system or remote; unplugging it should be self-explanatory.

Step 2: Blow Off Dust 

When you take apart most electronics, you will find a lot of dust inside; this is one of those problems that are worse than they seem because most people don’t know how to deal with it properly.

For cleaning purposes, you want to use canned air instead of using a vacuum cleaner which might actually cause damage to certain parts. By simply removing any dust, you can make sure that your console will work properly. #

Step 3: Clean Your Disc Drive

Every time you put in a disc, even if it is brand new, the chances of having to clean your disc drive become much higher because of how many times a day you use it. Usually, when a problem arises because of a dirty disc drive, no games will be read, so you have to use the finger technique or something similar. The finger technique involves pressing on the bottom middle part of the disc and letting go to see if it gets read again – if it does, then there’s likely dirt on your console’s lens, which just needs to be cleaned.

If that doesn’t work, then try cleaning up all the visible dust by using canned air, the method is the same as it was for dusting your console. If that doesn’t work, then it’s worthwhile to get your disc drive cleaned professionally – however, this will also be true if you clean up all visible dirt and nothing changes.

How to properly clean gaming consoles, Zazzy Home

What You’ll Need:

– Isopropyl Alcohol

– Cotton Swabs/Cotton Balls

– A Small Brush (Optional)

Firstly make sure that you have isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs/balls ready before anything else; these will be your main tools for cleaning. Make sure that the isopropyl alcohol you use comes in a sealed package so it doesn’t evaporate or dry up – if it does, then you’re going to have a hard time trying to clean out your console.

If you do not follow this advice, then there might still be hope, but it’s recommended that you at least buy some isopropyl alcohol from a local store; if possible, try getting medical-grade sterilized isopropyl alcohol which can simply be used by putting a little onto a cotton ball and wiping down whatever needs cleaning.

Step 1: Turn Off The Console

Before we start anything, make sure that your console is turned off and isn’t plugged into a power source – if it is, then this could be very dangerous for you. I can’t stress enough how important it is that you don’t try anything here unless the system is off. Otherwise, you might accidentally electrocute yourself, which can cause serious problems.

Step 2: Take Apart The Console

Ensure that everything’s off before starting to take apart the console, so nothing gets damaged or broken during any of this. To safely keep the screws from getting lost, have a screw bowl ready which you can put in as soon as they’re unscrewed; this will save a lot of time later on once we start putting things back together again.

There should be some plastic clips on the sides that you have to pry open, do this around the console and try not to break anything – if there are any broken pieces, then you’re going to have a hard time trying to fix them.

Step 3: Wipe Down The Console

Once everything is taken apart, it’s time to finally start cleaning out what needs cleaning; as mentioned before, make sure you use some form of isopropyl alcohol (preferably sterilized medical grade) with either cotton swabs or balls for wiping things down- make sure they don’t leave behind any lint which could scratch up your system.

If you can’t get sterilized isopropyl alcohol, then at least use some form of 70%+ pure rubbing alcohol as long as it isn’t rubbing alcohol with anything extra mixed in to make it better than what you already have.

Step 4: Clean Out the Vent Holes

Now that everything’s finally taken apart make sure to use cotton swabs or balls for taking out any dust which might have gotten caught inside the vent holes – if this is not done, then your console could be overheating and causing itself serious damage.

Though there are many different ways of doing this, one simple way of doing it is using a small brush for getting all of the dust stuck on top of the fan blades away from them without hurting anything – this will ensure that your system can stay cool while running smoothly no matter how strenuous something else might be running on it.

These tips should help to keep your console running as best it can. You’ve no excuses now to not that that top score!


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