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How to pick the perfect rustic farmhouse style lamp for your home, Zazzy Home

How to pick the perfect rustic farmhouse style lamp for your home

A rustic lamp is one of the most luxurious accessories you can invest in. However, it can often be an expensive purchase, so it is important to know what to look for when making your selection.

How to pick the perfect rustic farmhouse style lamp for your home, Zazzy Home

1) Quality materials

You want your rustic farmhouse lamp to last as long as possible. Unfortunately, cheaper lamps tend to break down over time, leaving you with the need to purchase another one. So instead, opt for lamps made from quality material like metal or wrought iron.

2) Style

Look for lamps in styles that will match your personal style to bring out your home’s best features. Bring in samples of what you like (colors, patterns, fabrics) to give yourself a better idea of whether or not the lamps match what you are looking for.

3) Size

Your lamp should be large enough to provide adequate lighting but small enough that it won’t overpower the room. The size of your rustic farmhouse lamp is important for how it looks in the space and its functionality. Make sure it is the right size to provide general lighting while you are entertaining or reading in your living area, without taking up too much space.

4) Tabletop lamps

Tabletop lamps can be a great option if you have minimal table space. They’re small, discreet and still provide adequate light for your needs. The best part is they are incredibly cost-effective so that you can get one for every room in your home!

5) Plug-in lamps

Plug-in lamps are great if you have a hard time reaching outlet plugs or don’t want to disturb the decor of your space while working on them. If your rustic farmhouse lamp is going to be on a table or countertop, this may be your best option.

6) Aesthetic value

Finally, don’t forget that choosing a rustic farmhouse lamp should also be about its look. Your lamp needs to have some sort of aesthetic value in order for it to add something special to your decor. Whether it’s an antique look or a specific style, make sure your lamp brings something special to the space.

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