The bathroom is often a place we want to keep simple and uncluttered. The use of wrought iron in the bathroom might seem like a contradiction. However, if your bathroom does not look cluttered or dated and you would like to add some classic character, using wrought iron fixtures may be the answer for you.

Wrought iron is usually undecorated but sometimes can come with decorative details such as leaves or scrolls (though these are more common on fencing than bath hardware), which will give it an ornate appearance. Another benefit to wrought iron in the bathroom is that most pieces do not corrode when exposed to moisture even though they oxidize; therefore, they will endure for many years without rusting and looking old and worn out. Some will even darken and develop a more rustic appearance over time.

How to make wrought iron work in your bathroom, Zazzy Home

Wrought iron has traditionally been used to make bath hardware such as towel racks, shelves, and robe hooks which can be an elegant decoration for your bathroom. However, some people might not feel comfortable putting wet towels on or hanging anything but dry things from these types of fixtures. If this is the case with you, consider using some other type of wall-mounted storage such as open shelves. Even if you don’t decide to decorate them with wrought iron, they will look nice paired with simple cabinet hardware. Another option is a door-mounted rack that is fixed to the door with hinges, so it swings out into the room when needed then flips back around when not in use. Finally, if you feel like using more than one of these types of fixtures, consider using a mix and match approach.

For example: if your bathroom has a cabinet with doors on it, you could use the same style door-mounted rack to hold supplies above it. Instead of getting shelves inside the cabinet or painting it all one color, add another touch by adding some wrought iron pulls that will match the other fixtures in your bathroom. For example, wrought-iron finishes such as black and brass go well with white cabinets, while oil-rubbed bronze would look nice against antique white cabinets. When choosing finishes, one thing to keep in mind is what else might be in or around your bathroom. For example, if there are other metals such as copper or chrome trim, you should select finishes that will match well with all of them.

When trying to figure out what style to go with, consider the overall theme and look of the room. Using wrought iron fixtures in a traditional or antique-themed bathroom might be a must because they will fit in so perfectly. On the other hand, if your bathroom has contemporary rustic decor, perhaps go with simple designs and a dark finish for a masculine look. Otherwise, if you don’t have an immediate idea about what style would look best in your space, speak with someone at your local hardware store or home improvement center for suggestions on how you can use wrought iron to bring some old world class into your modern day bathroom.

How to make wrought iron work in your bathroom, Zazzy Home

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