How to Make Faux Fur Blanket Soft Again

If you have ever touched a used faux fur, you know how it feels like. How can we make them as soft and smooth as when it is new? Please read this article and learn the ways on “how to make faux fur blanket soft again.”

How to Make Faux Fur Blanket Soft Again, Zazzy Home

  1. The first step: Prepare water and laundry detergent

You need a large container to soak the fabric in it for about 10 minutes. To remove dirt from the fabric, use laundry detergent (the best choice) or shampoo (second best). Use hot water but not boiling water, which will damage the fabric further. The temperature should be about 40 degrees Celsius (100 Fahrenheit); otherwise, this method has no significant effect.

  1. The second step: Agitate the fabric to remove dirt

After soaking the faux fur, you should use your hands or an agitator (mixer) to rub it against itself. This will help remove tiny dust and dirt on the surface of the faux fur. If your machine is big enough (about 5 kg), you can try using some detergent added to the water. There are several ways to do this; first, dry clean them with a professional cleaner; second, wash them by hand; third, send them to a laundry service; lastly, buy high-quality new faux furs that come already cleaned from stores like Fabricate.

How to Make Faux Fur Blanket Soft Again, Zazzy Home

  1. The third step: Put the wet faux fur into the dryer

Before putting the faux fur in the dryer, you should first lay them out on the floor. After that, use clothes hangers to hang them up. You must leave enough space between each piece of faux fur so that they will not get stuck together while drying. In this step, you can add fabric softener with a cup of water into the washing machine if you have one. Fabric softener is now available in powder form, which does not affect the environment as it used to be when using liquid fabric softeners with phosphates and other chemicals.

  1. The fourth step: Dry your faux fur by tumble dryer or air dry

After hanging them on wire hangers, put them into a large tumble dryer. The dryer’s temperature should be low to medium, about 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). Heat will damage the fur, so keep it at a low temperature. If you do not have high-capacity dryers, let them air-dry on hangers for several hours.

  1. The fifth step: Brush the faux fur with a hand brush

Use hand brushes to remove any remaining dirt and fluff that might be leftover after drying your faux fur fabric. Hand brushing is an important step because it helps restore the fluffy appearance of the fabric, besides removing specks of dust hidden in its fibers. You can try using “fur saver” for long pile fabrics like mink.

How to Make Faux Fur Blanket Soft Again, Zazzy Home

At this stage, you need to check your faux fur carefully for any remaining dirt and fluff and places where the color has been transferred from one part of the fabric to another during washing. In case there is proof of transfer, you have to repeat the whole process.

In case you notice tiny folds and creases on your faux fur fabric after washing it (which can be caused by static electricity), use a hot iron with steam function at the lowest setting possible – about 40 degrees Celsius (about 100 Fahrenheit) – and press both sides of the cloth using a cotton towel between them.

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